Thursday, August 8, 2013

Inside, outside, maybe somewhere today?

Today's Tip • Inside, outside, maybe somewhere today?

As a performer, standing outside while others perform is a sign of disrespect. To that venue, performers and any promoters. The cliché always seems to work itself into a reality; A performer shows up a few moments before they perform, jump on stage, gets off stage and either leaves for the night or hangs around outside while the show goes on. This scenario is a common occurrence in entertainment. These same people who behave like this also get upset when others do the same thing to them while they are performing.

The fix; watch the whole show, arrive early enough so you can meet other performers and “network”. Most importantly, each venue or promoter may have things to go over with you. Like, set time, pay or no pay, what's going on, etc. How amazing you may or may not be on stage is canceled out by your respect factor before and after that show happens. Having a bad set, but being supportive is more powerful than having an amazing set and being disrespectful. It gets you less work.

Work with people and it will help you get further than you are today. It isn't a race. This world of entertainment is looking for the right people. That is determined by your professionalism. Where you stand is more than a metaphor for inside and out of venue, it is about where you stand in the world of professionalism. Take other people serious and they will do the same in kind. Think of your performance as a job, if you are late you could possibly be written up or fired. Give yourself that respect to run your business properly.

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