Sunday, June 1, 2014

The $100,000 Game

• The $100,000 Game

Rule of thumb: If you don't have it in hand, you don't have it to spend. Just because money is coming in, does not mean it will continue to come in. We must spend as if it is not definite. When you have an interest to purchase or spend money, look at your life in the future. Six months into the future. If you lost your job, stopped earning money through asset investments, had no form of money coming in anymore starting today, could you pay off all your bills to a zero balance and survive for 6 months? If the answer is NO, than it might be a bad risk to take. Invest into an Asset to generate extra income to pay for things you desire. In time, your patience, and your investment will be strong enough to buy anything you so wish for. Why do we invest money, instead of spending money? Rule of Thumb: Spend less than you save. The $100,000 Game. Get out a piece of paper, then write down what you would do with a $100,000 given to you free and clear. Write it out, then come back to this point. below are things you may have written.

• Pay off all my bills, loans and other debt

• Buy a car(s)

• Buy a home(s)

• Treat myself to something special, I've earned it

• Give some money to charities

• Help out family and friends where I can

• Buy the company I work for and fire my boss!

• Purchase an Island and live there

Here is why these are all uneducated purchases. These are all liabilities and cost you money to maintain, have, or do. They are not Wealth generating Assets. If you buy all of these things and pay off all your bills what happens to the $100,00 dollars? Where does it go? Why spend the money till you have none. Then you would have to recoup that income just to get back on your feet. How about using this money as a “Bonus” Take 60% of that $100,000 and divide it into your 3 Needs of Purpose. That's $60,000 you have just created opportunities with. You are left with 40% to do what you wish. I would utilize this 40% to sustain your life through a continuous budget that you have generated. With that mentality, you are still living below your means, surviving and giving yourself protective opportunities.

At this point, you now have money to invest, while having money protecting you. The left over $40,000 is money you are spending wisely to keep you living without worry or fear. Living within your means is a educated move. With money in your Growth need, start investing that money to earn spending money. Because money earned on investments is considered your play money. This is the Shave it off the top money you can delegate how ever you please.

Feel free to ask other people the same questions and compare answers.

Read 3 Needs of Purpose to understand the 60% divide.

PS... Can you find the monkey?

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