Thursday, November 29, 2012

Marketing : Lay it down, throw it out

Today's Tip - Marketing : Lay it down, throw it out

We have many rules of thumb when it comes to all areas of the “Triangle of life”. One of our main rules for marketing is “Lay it down, throw it out”. A great philosophy to understand about marketing is you are spreading your “Brand” while growing relationships through “Networking”. Marketing comes down to getting people interested in your Brand. This is done with interacting with people. If you are handing things out you want to speak with people.

If you lay down post cards or fliers you are taking away your opportunity to get people involved with who you are. What your brand is, and what they can get from you. So, when you lay a marketing item down you are essentially, leaving it there to be thrown out. People looking at a table filled with more than one thing normally pass it by. A good reason for this is a person's mind is easily confused with massive information at once. Simple, to the point.

Try two methods if you are going to just leave it laying around. Talk with local mom and pop shops that deliverer. Tell them you will post something on one side of the marketing item for them and on the other for you. Have them deliver it with their orders. You are paying for it anyway, so why not barter for their services while offering some advertisement to the company. Get three or four companies and that's about 800 people in a day on average.

Another method is mass mailing the items to homes. There are many programs out there through your carriers that offer discounts at bulk. It cost us, as a company, about $300 to mail out 2,000 post cards directly to houses. Plus the post cards, which comes out to about $250. Marketing is one of your “3 Needs of Success” to any goal. Keeping that in mind, it is completely worth your investment of both time and money. Marketing, Networking and Practice!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marketing : Amazing marketing campaigns

Today's Tip - Marketing : Amazing marketing campaigns

In “Marketing” you can only blow your mind coming up with ideas or have your mind blown by other company's ideas. Take a moment to look at this Gorilla Style Marketing → (Link) Now that you took a look, it is about imagination. Coming up with grand ideas. Think outside the box while trying to get people interested in buying into your “brand”. “Voice building” comes from allowing others to add their voice. If someone likes what you are doing, they will look.

Thinking outside the box is fun. Selling your brand to a sea of individuals is a wonderful feeling. Getting a person to look at your brand and say “I can relate”. How about just getting a message out there? Your brand is a message. So, here are some more ridiculously awesome marketing concepts. → (Link) An artful touch to a brand building adventure. Getting people's imagination involved helps connect a part of their soul to your voice.

Inspiration, that is the point of these two links. Let your mind be inspired to inspire interest from others. A little thought into your marketing campaign will go a long way. We'd love to hear, or see your examples, for marketing. Show us your major ideas through examples. Help inspire inspiration! Or even place links in the comment section of marketing examples that inspired you, or wowed you. Working together is the best form of marketing.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Marketing : Free Marketing

Today's Tip - Marketing : Free Marketing

Where to begin if your pockets are deep but filled with fuzz? Free Marketing is all around you. A quick list of free marketing; Word of mouth, Social Networking, Cross Marketing through building networking relationships, etc. When your penny is all you have it is time to brainstorm. Your brain is your most powerful tool for marketing. Creating outlets to get your “brand” out there starts with idea growth. Where to place your time, and money, or lack of both.

It is imperative that "Marketing" be a priority. Your brand is the life-force of your success. So place some effort into this area to help propel your brand into open arms. Everyday sit down for an hour and come up with ideas that will benefit the growth of your brand. Even “Paid Marketing” should be on this list. Let your ideas see what you are working on. Even paid marketing could be done for free with a certain networking connection.

Another free form of marketing is handouts. Giving your fan-base free items may cost you some money up front, however in the long run it will comeback to you tenfold. Free items gives customers a sense of connection. “this company is awesome, they gave me free things.” Let the free items be helpful to their every day life so they are using it. While using it, your brand is being seen. Free for them, cost for you, everyone wins!

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Marketing : Paid Marketing

Today's Tip - Marketing : Paid Marketing

This is a great option for those looking to use quality marketing. Paid marketing is direct, in the face, and helps take a load off your hands. It cost a pretty penny for good marketing. Great marketing is worth every cent. You can find out past results with paid marketing through simple research and questions when dealing with a marketing company. There are individual firms, and independent companies who all focus on “Brand” awareness building campaigns.

If you have money, it's worth putting into marketing. It is one of your 3 Needs of success. Awareness brings your product into the eyes of the public. Letting anyone who might be interested, actually have a chance to become interested in your brand. A good rule of thumb is: 40% of what you want to earn a month should go into marketing. Which basically means: if you want to earn a $1,000 a month you should place $400 into marketing.

40% is a good chunk of any company's budget. Thus, “Brainstorm” for results. Let's look back at your “Business Plan” to see what your target market is. Where, who, and why: are wonderful questions to look into. Where will you spend money marketing your brand? To whom will you present your brand to? Why would a person be interested in your brand? Research your opportunities. In whole, Listen and respond to your own personal needs for your company.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Marketing : Advertisement and Exposure

Today's Tip - Marketing : Advertisement and Exposure

Your “Triangle of Life” consists of 5 major sides. The 3 Needs of Success; Networking, Marketing, and Practice. Is one of those sides. Let's look at Marketing. The sole purpose of marketing is to bring awareness to your “Brand”. As you build a “voice” for your brand more people will connect to it. Once you figure out your brand it is now time to Market that brand. For learning purposes we'll break marketing down into two forms; Advertisement and Exposure.

“Advertisement” is compiled of Billboards, posters, even TV Ad's. Anything that is stationary where a stream of traffic flows pass. Your accumulated Fan base comes from the amount of people who walk pass your advertisement. Real Estate is important for Advertisement. More importantly, we mean location. Study your “Market”, where you want to grow your awareness. See what kind of traffic, foot or driven, flows pass your designated spot.

A more aggressive form of marketing is “Exposure”. You'll find this with shirts, stickers, fliers and even shopping bags. Getting your fan base to advertise for you is a very powerful tool. This is why products such as SAMSUNG have their brand on all their monitors. So when a person buys their product, they are marketing the brand. This is also done through handing out free promotional items, such as free shirts or stickers. Saturate your area with smart marketing.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Branding : Slogan / Tag-line / Melody

Today's Tip - Branding : Slogan / Tag-line / Melody

“I'm lovin' it!”, “Just do it.”, “They're magically delicious!”, are all slogans. They bring a “familiarity” to each brand's “voice” helping to grow a broader “image”. Slogans are easier to remember over a company's name, (unless that name is in the slogan) and what a company has to offer. A slogan's purpose is to shrink the need for extended explanation. Keeping it simple and short allows a human mind to focus it to memory much easier.

Melodies are also a wonderful way to connect to your audience. PC Richard and Son has a catchy melody. A melody is what makes a musical single sell. That catchy “hook”, or chorus lyric. Easy and simple melodies are great marketing tools when it comes to branding your idea. Get something stuck in a person's head and you'll increase your chances for a life long consumer.

Some of the best Tag-Lines are a mixture of slogan's and melodies. Take “Empire Carpet's” brilliant branding campaigns. Their style of tag-lining combines a melody that includes their phone number and slogan. Giving you an opportunity to remember their phone number and that they deliver today! Mastering the ability to come up with a superb branding campaign only takes a willing mind to sit down and think it through. Three things to consider:

One : What are you trying to convey?
Two : Is your image and voice being presented?
Three : Are you hitting your desired target market?

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Branding : Familiarity

Today's Tip - Branding : Familiarity

Easy to say, see, and remember. These are key factors when finding a brand. You want people to have the ability to become familiar with everything you present. Hard to read logos, images, even difficult slogans can corrupt any chance of an individual taking your brand to heart. In the beginning a brand must hit them emotionally. With Geico, it's easy to see how their branding is very familiar with the masses. Think about what they have done. It's a great starting point.

You want to workout something original. Copycat branding confuses onlookers. Though, when working on your brand, some similarities may help bring you closer to finding your brand's strengths. As if you were learning to draw comics. A great exercise would be to trace comics already drawn. Get your eyes and hands to work together. Once you have figure out the technique it will make it easier for you to workout your own style of drawing. Same goes with branding.

A nice barometer is you. What things do you enjoy about company brands? When you see or hear things, what stands out best? Get familiar with your comfort zone. What you like is a great beginning to what others may like. Trying to figure out what others will like is a harder way to work your brand. What they are thinking is out of your reach. What you are thinking is right in your head. Start with you and others will most likely find a connection to familiarize themselves with a wonderful new brand!

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Branding : Voice

Today's Tip - Branding : Voice

What are you trying to say to your public? This is your voice. What your brand represents to a mass audience of individuals. Getting a good sense of what you want to say to people through your words, image, sound, and products are import when establishing a strong long lasting brand with a growing community. Your possibilities begin with branding, and end with how much your voice cares about speaking to people.

A great place to start is with your “Image”. From there you can take your look and find your Voice. Secondly, building your branding Voice will represent a great deal of what you are saying to the public. Growing an honest reputation with people, and leaving your doors open so clients can add to that voice. Connection with people is all about talking with them, and less about talking to them.

Your authenticity should be as genuine as your direction is. Be who you are as a company. Keeping the humanity in your voice by staying focused on connecting on a personal level. Less “buy me” points and more “about intelligent conversations”. Feel out how your reflection of life's culture is touched. Consider your brand's “personality”. It goes hand in hand with presenting a human identity, online/physically.

The two most important things to remember is Credibility and Consistency. Credible sources earn respect. Respect gets you meaningful relationships (networking). Your content can come from other credible sources, just ensure those sources are representing a part of your voice. Finally, your consistency is vital to maintaining a connection with your market. How you speak with your brand must flow consistently on all online, physical, and personal outlets.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Branding : Image

Today's Tip - Branding : Image

Your company's life starts with "Branding". Client's buy into your brand. Once you have someone's interest there is only a small chance they will become a life long client. Earning their trust, keeping them, and finding new ways to bring in clients takes a lot of calculated work. Adjusting your brand every few years is a good way to start, but what is your brand? This comes from your “Business Plan”. Read the company's “Mission Statement” to get an idea of your branding direction.

Image starts with your look; Colors, stylized photos, building, etc. Your branding image should express your mission, company's ideals, and even personality. With M&M, they are all about fun. If you take a look at their brand you'll see how they created a playful image for the children in all of us. Even their message is all about having fun. Take a moment to realize your image. Ask yourself

“What am I trying to convey to the audience?”

In a few words or less, branding is a "Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. Branding began as a way to tell one person's cattle from another by means of a hot iron stamp. A modern example of a brand is Coca Cola which belongs to the Coca-Cola Company. How will you stand out?

Here is a list of things to get you started on. Also check out This Longer explanation of branding. (BLOG)

Logo Design to create the value of your product or service
• Letterhead, Business Cards and Invoices
• Web site and interactive design
• Brochures and Handouts that explain the products and their value to the buyer
• Business presentations, beginning with the telephone
• Exhibits and Trade Show presentation
• Product and packaging design
• Professional Customer Service