Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting started on the correct path; Mailing is more than caring

Today's Tip – Getting started on the correct path; Mailing is more than caring -

When you have time, which you should always make time, remember to mailing out thank you notes – or postcards. To whom? Everyone you ever made a contact with. Of course people you deal with on a weekly bases should also get something nice in the mail. It shows you care about them being your life. It is also a nice follow up, and network builder.

Emails are nice, so are text messages, but nothing really says thank you like a hand written postcard. You can even make custom cards of your own design, then write on the backs of them. This is also a great way to get people's attention when you are looking to cultivate new relationships with individuals... or companies. Every card sent out is a possible new ally in your arsenal.

Plus, mailing out a postcard is cheaper than normal mail. There also companies that help you with mass mailings so you can get it cheaper. BBR Productions Inc, does tons of research to figure out options for people. Life is filled with opportunities, thus it is important to research every angle.
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Erin Chase "Keep on breathing"

BBR Productions Inc, signed Erin Chase to a Marketing and Development deal... This is her first single "Keep on breathing"
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today's Tip – Getting started on the correct path; Follow ups and call backs -

Call and follow up on people when you meet them, or work with them. If time goes by, don't forget you have to call them again to remind them you are around. Most people get nervous with a situation like this. So, today I am going to explain some options you have. First off, a follow up helps you keep in touch with a client, friend or businesses working with you. Take into consideration that most people are indeed busy. So when you don't get a replay, stay calm.

When is the proper time to make a follow up happen? There are a few cases; Just meeting a person(s) for the first time. Wait between 1-3 days to contact them and thank them. I try to get back by the second day. Waiting any longer than 3 days usually places you in the forgotten stage. Another great way to stay in a person's mind is handling an email or follow up call once every month.

What if you respond in the correct amount of time and nothing comes back from it? Fear not! All you have to do is email them or call them to say “hi, just wishing you a great week!” or something in that field. You are writing to let them see your name, as a personal reminder that you had a conversation going on. Just be nice, stay away from asking them about what you originally wrote to them about. Give them the floor. It will help.

A little side note; Always contact those on blogs, social medias, and other online avenues. Keep in touch with simply making your name available. On Facebook, like status, or comment. On blogs, read and respond to their blogs or any comments left on your blog. Always respond, keep in the eyes of people to keep in the motion of possibility! You get one change to meet someone, you have a lifetime to make sure you are remembered.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today's Tip – Getting started on the correct path; Growth and awareness -

Keep solid records, track everything that comes in and out of your company. To figure out your growth as a person, as a company, since you are running your life like a business, you will see progress. Watching your numbers change helps motivate you. Even when numbers are down it shows you that you must push on and try harder. When those same numbers are up, it can motivate you to be sure of your direction. Giving you new energy because of your great work effort. That is why a company keeps quarterly records. To establish direction while following its growth or decline.

Why do I say run your life like a business? If you worked for a company, as a “store manager”, and that store was losing money and over spending, you would get fired. If you have no company, no brand, no anything, then you are just considered a person living life. Okay, with that said, how does this help you? Well, if you are losing money and over spending, but didn't get fired from your life, because you are your own boss, you would find yourself stuck in poverty, or lost in a pit of having no cash. Run your life like a business and stay in the black with your finances.

Keeping track of your growth also gives you awareness of what is going on. The more aware you are of your business, life, the more control you have over it. What is your budget, your goals, your money in, your money out, who is aware of you, who is not aware of you? These are all very important questions that asking yourself would greatly improve your life. I say this not as a person advising a company or entertainer to better themselves, but for a person to live wisely. To live to their full potential in a secure manor. You want security in your life, be aware of your growth.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting started on the correct path; Marketing and Networking

Today's Tip – Getting started on the correct path; Marketing and Networking -

Step two! You are now Incorporated had have done your research, so where to now? Marketing and Networking. While getting ready to open a store front, or make your mark on the world with whomever you are, you need to Market and Networking everywhere. Even while you are growing your company's voice (branding) it is essential that you constantly marketing and networking. There are free avenues to market, while there are also free avenues to network. Take a look around your town, newspapers, listen and take note to events. Go to these events and start working your magic.

Have some business cards around to spread the joy of your company's name to anyone and everyone. Most of these events are free, though, since you did all your research and know your marketable area, you can concentrate on that. Take time to talk a little with each person there. Make sure you exchange cards with anyone you happen to talk with. Remember their cards as well. Grab and place and follow up no more than 3 days after and just say “Hi, it was nice meeting you the other day. Let's meet up one day next week.” Then follow up on that too.

You just Marketed and Networked a little. By having your card you have marketed, by being nice and following up, you just networked. It is that easy. The hard part is keeping up with it a little everyday. If at first you are not comfortable with your new way of life working everyday, then work every other day. Or even once a week, just to get your social and business muscles working hard for you! Take note to one other thing, newspapers have free set ups for their calendar. Utilize that, make up event names to help push your company's voice! I have faith in you!

Get the name out there while you grow your company's voice, and branding!!!
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting started on the correct path; What others do that you do

Getting started on the correct path; What others do that you do -

Learn the field you are in, the competition and incorporate. That's what is needed for any venture to take conquest. While taking the time to incorporate your name, company or idea, please continue to working towards marketing and networking. While establishing what you want to do in life take not to what others are doing who work in your field. Better yet, who are leaders in that field. Who they are, why they are where they are and how they have worked hard to get to where they are. Sometimes to become great we must understand greatness.

Some examples; What kind of comedians are around your area? Do they mostly performer local clubs telling dirty jokes? Who is touring, who is really good but doing nothing? What is the market for your style of comedy where you live? Do you know any comedians that have the same style or contrast as you, start working together more than on stage but as a working group. Helping one another get out there a little more. This also works for bands, writers, companies selling a service or items. Use your brain to think of great ideas through understanding what is working around you.

You can also utilize what competition is going on to create a strategy around their success. Either having a better idea than theirs or something that is missing from what they are presenting to that particular market. Being more aware of your market and those in that market will give you a wonderful heads up on your competition. It always comes down to Research, Research, Research!!! If there is anything we here at BBR Productions Inc, repeat is Research, and make thing happen by making things happen. Now go out there and be the best of who you are!
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Feeling Down, Pick you up; You are beautiful in every single way

Today's Tip – Feeling down, Pick you up; You are beautiful in every single way -

You are indeed beautiful in every way. Live your life, look inward to see outward. With every dream you have you deserve a chance to bring it to reality. Anyone who tells you no, doesn't realize they are not living YOUR life. You live YOUR life, so live it. Feeling down is a part of life. Everyone sees a bad bump once in a while. This only means, you are still okay. It is alright to feel down. It shows you care about your life. You are feeling normal and that is beautiful. Be grateful you can feel and understand your emotions, or that you are down and out. It is normal to feel like this once in a while. It proves you are alive.

Take a moment everyday to look in the mirror and reflect more than your image. Understand your power, value and truth. You CAN do anything you put your mind to. You CAN become that which you dream about. You CAN live the life that you see happening! If you find yourself being down take a breather. Look again into the mirror and give yourself a pep talk. They are healthy to do. “I AM Strong enough, I AM my life, I AM my choices... I AM!” It sets you straight towards you goals. OH, goals...

That's another thing. When you feel lost, down or sad, look at your goals. If your goals are overwhelming you remember you can break the goals down to simpler versions. Work the goals to your abilities, to your needs. When over stressed from a situation, or just yourself being down, look at possibilities. Positivity brings up your inner strength. Also, smile... Smiling adds happy juice to you. Elevating your sense of calm. A method, as a quick remedy, for people who are dealing with depression, are told to smile, or laugh as much as they can throughout the day. It does indeed help, if only a little, or enough to get you thinking forward.

You are... beautiful in every single way!
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Feeling down, Pick you up; Trust, or trust not...

Today's Tip – Feeling down, Pick you up; Trust, or trust not... -

There is only trust. You must trust in yourself, those around you, and in the faith that your hard work will pay off. Trusting yourself first and foremost is more important than any other feeling. You need to be able to rely on your ability to move in and out of situations. Knowing you can get yourself further along no matter what comes up brings confidence. Confidence is a great trust in yourself to take on conversations, or walk in through that door someone opened up for you to sneak into the backstage area to get that one chance out of it.

Second, trust in others. You must be so trustworthy of yourself that you can believe your good judgment on people around you. Those who are with you, around you, or even those you have know knowledge of. Trusting in others brings your balance into effect. Believe it or not, trusting yourself enough to trust others reduces your stress in open group or intimate situations with people. The more confident you are in trust, the less stressful you will feel. In turn, becoming more productive in your life leading forward. You can take chances with people, and yourself to see the best outcome.

Finally, remember this little tidbit; your hard work, no matter how long it may be taking, is going to pay off. You are doing things you thought you would never do. Just being active in the path of a life you want is success. Believe in your motion. Believe in what you want is going to happen. There will be slip ups, and side steps, but your main goal is still in front of you. Be vigilant, steadfast and aware of your trust in you and that vision you had of your life being what it is you want to be. Be true to yourself. For, without trust, you have no captain of your personal ship!
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Feeling down, Pick you up; If the shoe fits, or nice pants

Today's Tip – Feeling down, Pick you up; If the shoe fits, or nice pants -

Self image is an important thing. What we mean is, your personal self image. If you are happy with what you look like, it helps a lot in getting you moving. If you want to dress a certain way, or look a certain way, go for it. Express yourself. Feeling like your dressing for others sometimes takes it toll on you, and your mind. In turn, it slows you down. Makes you tired, brings you down. You feel ugly, or gross. So, learn to love yourself, what you look like is beautiful. You are a perfect human being. Dress as you please, and enjoy who and what you are!

Of course obey the laws. Where pants and shirts where signs inform. Speaking of wearing. Look at your shoes. A good pair of shoes also takes away from the strain on your knees, and back. If your feet hurt, your back hurts, or anything for that matter as aches and pains, you will find your self tired, down and feeling emotionally drained. Pain makes you sleepy. Again, remember to listen and respond to your body... your one and only body. It is okay to spend a little extra money on some good shoes. If you stand all day or walk a lot, take care of your feet. It will take care of you back... and your back!

Bright colors also lend a hand to bringing you up from feeling down. Colors affect the way you feel. They move your emotions around by uplifting you, or calming your soul. Again, take note to what YOU like to wear, how YOU like to feel, and what makes YOU feel good about your self image. After all, it is YOUR self image. So, next time you wear those nice pants everyone makes fun of, just wear them. They are yours, enjoy the freedom of knowing you like how you look in those pants! Let the slackers concentrate on your pants while you pick your momentum up!

Check this link out for some fun insight into color affects on your mood (
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feeling down, Pick you up; Sleep tight, alright

Today's Tip – Feeling down, Pick you up; Sleep tight, alright -

6 hours is good sleep. 8 hours of sleep is much better. 4 hours of sleepy time, not so much. Sleep deprivation is a high cause for demotivate. Lack of sleep depresses the mind. Slowing you down, and bringing you down. If you are on a weird schedule already, then your Circadian rhythm are being tortured. The sun tells our bodies what time it is to wake up, or to go to sleep. You need sunlight in your life. Sunlight brings life to you. So, stand outside a little each day and breathe. Most important, sleep.

If you are a night owl living a life dedicated more towards a normal 16 hour day... at night, then sleep in a dark room. Keep your windows from taking in light. This will help you regulate your body. If you are a day dweller than stick to sleeping in a room that allows sunlight into the windows at the appropriate hours. Whichever lifestyle you have it is more important that you get 8 hours of sleep. Get to bed early enough for that 8 hours of sleep to take place.

Make no excuses sleeps is needed. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger would get to bed early enough for 8 hours of sleep. The body heals during that time. When you drain yourself by working 365 days a year, you need some sleep to re-up on the energy level. Think like the game “The Sims”, if you don't let your Sim sleep, it doesn't live correctly. Same goes for you good human! Sleep it off as one might say. You deserve 8 hours. There is plenty of time tomorrow to get back to working. You need only deal with things for 16 hours, then take a nap, a nap that last 8 hours.

P.S. If you really wanted to try it, here is an interesting sleep-style called “Power Napping”. Thomas Edison use to do this... here is a link (

“ah, van vesua! cummuns nala!”
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Feeling down, Pick you up; V8 to straight!

Today's Tip – Feeling down, Pick you up; V8 to straight! -

There are surely times when a person feels down and out. Lost, confused, or maybe just doubting themselves beyond a will to get up and go. One thing you could be doing is eating right. A healthy diet will get your body listening back to you. Filling you up with strength. That strength guides your mind and body to a comfortable place. Your body is talking to you. When you feel rundown, it is saying “Hey, remember me, take care of me too, slow down, breathe a little.”. There is no better time in your life to always give back to your body. You only get one, so listen to it.

If you can't afford a nutritionist, take to the internet. There are many pages dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Some good advice is find multiple sources before landing on one particular source. The more information you have to work with, the more of an educated decision you can make. Remember your diet and body need to work together. So, know what you are allergic too, and what you should and should not eat for yourself. You could take a visit to the doctor and see if your diet is indeed slowing your body down.

Pick yourself up by eating every 3 to 4 hours. Always eat within 2 hours of waking up. Even if you are going to chop down on an apple. It is something, and something is better than nothing. So, when you feel like you are leaning over because the world is leaning on you, take to a healthy meal... meals. Eat right, breathe right, and listen and respond to your one and only body asking you to work with it not against it. Most of all, eat at the right hours of the day, best you can of course, and don't over eat. Over eating can slow you down as well.

Bon Appetit!
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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The best way in is out; Outside, that's right, now go!

Today's Tip – The best way in is out; Outside, that's right, no go! -

Go outside at least once a day. No matter how long you are outside you'll always see something. Either it will inspire you or you'll end up having some form of interaction with another person. Now, when going outside, I mean looking around at things, maybe take a breather, take life in. I also mean, if you want more adventure than go and do something. Go to a place where people are. Interact with life. Each day we should be working. That's 365 days a year. Every time you go out you will find motion forward.

Yes, you should be on the computer networking but nothing beats the old fashion human interaction! Listen and respond with people, find or grow relationships. Learn to be a part of the world around you. Being outside is beautiful. Sometimes it snows, but besides that, you have so much to gain from being aware of what is going on outside your four walls, and your little box! Even if you are just listening to what people are saying and doing it will give you an opportunity to understand where your market for growth is heading. What people are into, or want. Even their needs.

So, for this week, take your time walking around outside. When you go to the store, or a park. Let your life be filled with a pause so you can remember why you are alive. Live so purely true to who you want to be, to who you are. Find solace in life, in your actions in your dreams. Let not one person tell you “No, you can't”. Let your life prove to yourself that you can become anything you put your mind to. Stop saying NO! Start saying “I CAN!”. I know you can, we here at BBR Productions Inc, know you can. Have faith in your chance, and take it to the top!
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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The best way in is out; 10 years of constant rhythm

Today's Tip – The best way in is out; 10 years of constant rhythm -

There are people set in their ways. They have been doing the same thing for 10 years with little to no results. How does one person, or group, become successful while another person, or group, is still fighting to make something happen? The truth is, some times you have to change it up. If you are scared to attack the 3 needs of success; Networking, Marketing and Practicing, and your way is to do it... your way, maybe we could look at some other ways. Try breaking free of what has not been working for you. It is time to step “out” of your comfort-zone and into the “in” zone.

Research, research, research!!! Take our word for it, you can research a person's success. How did they do it? None of them had anything happen over night. I promise you, if they did, it took years to maintain that same success as well. We always explain how to do it, or give you an opportunity to think beyond your walls. So, here is a chance to think beyond your own walls. Break free of what holds you back by looking into what others have done, how long it has taken them, and where you can find yourself with hard work!

Everyone has a shot at bring reality to their dreams with the right motivation, and dedication. While looking into your options, remember knowing information is not the same as implementing that information. Learning is important, doing is a necessity. There are websites dedicated to learning about people, BIO shows, novels on these people, and helpful books on learning the system. It is easy to find this information, not so easy to get up off the bed and look it up. I have faith in you, you should have faith in you!
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The best way in is out; Make it happen... NOW!

Today's Tip – The best way in is out; Make it happen... NOW! -

“I don't have the time!”, “I don't have the money!”, “I don't know where to begin!”, these are all valid reasons to feel lost when trying to figure out a plan. Let's think positively, because “There are no walls, only solutions”. First, figure out what it is you are looking to do. Then, get ready for Goal-Setting fun! Once you listed out How, when, and why you are heading where you are going, then you can set up a nice budget. Are you working now? I am sure you are. The whole idea of “I have to pay my bills” has set into your mind. Causing you to work long hard hours.

Again, you only get once life to live, so let's figure out how you can live it. You know you need time, and money, so with that said, Quit your job. OH wait, not yet... hold on. We have to get to a plan first. Add up all your bills to survive for 6 months. Those bills include everything to keep you going, from phone, rent, car, food, travel, etc. Let's figure, for argument's sake, you need about $1,200 a month to survive. $1,200 x 6 months equals $7,200. It seems like a lot, but let us look at it this way. In one year you will have $7,200 if you save $150 a week. Can't save that much? Well, take the time to save what is needed then.

If it takes you two years, which is $75 a week, than so be it. At least you are heading to an end date to begin! I'd save at least 30% more than what was needed to survive, so now we are looking at $9,360 for a 6 month period. The point is, find a number to survive for 6 months at minimum. If you want to survive for a year without work, then go for it. The point is, give yourself that chance. Save a little to earn a lot. You could even start investing some of that money while saving it. The idea is you are coming up with solutions to earning your needed money for survival.

Why? Because no, you have the time, and the money to take a chance at making your life happen. A job is just a means to an end, make it the means to the beginning! Remember to also start researching what you need to get done while saving this money. So time is not lost. Also, network and market as you can while practicing. Make the best of this time while you save up to survive taking a chance! If you think, well, that's a long time to save... think about this... “How long have you NOT been saving money for, how long have you NOT been taking a chance at what you want to do with your life, How long have you been waiting to make something happen?” Answer those 3 questions, then take steps forward to possibility!
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The best way in is out; The secret to success

Today's Tip – The best way in is out; The secret to success -

Networking is more important than anything. Marketing is valuable without a doubt. Image you got your name in everyone's mind. Having them thinking about you. You talked with everyone. People knew who you were. The more people hear of you, the more people like you the more people will buy into what you are selling. Remember the rule of 10%. It just works that way. Math is a beautiful thing. How can you sell something to a person who doesn't know anything about you? If you say buy this for $15 dollars, why would they buy it? If a person knew all the above of who and what you were about, they will buy anything you sell... within reason.

Success comes when people are coming to you and asking you for something. You going to them means you are trying to force things on a person. Forcing things is a form of “Talking To”. We are teaching you to talk with. Creating a situation where things happen for a reason. That reason is your ability to convince a person to listen to what you have to say, without you actually saying it. Branding, voice, want, demand... all these things are important. In this day, people need a publicist to help get their name out there. What use is a publicist if you end up doing nothing yourself? You have to add to what a person, or group, is doing for you. They open doors, you hold the door open.

The secret to success is Network, Market and Practice; both your craft and the two aforementioned necessities. No more thinking... Start doing! Become your dream. What do you want to do with your life? Is there something you have always wanted to do? Figure it out and allow yourself to set some goals. Even if it is something as simple as being a teacher, you still have to network with people to get a good job plus have them like you enough to keep you around. You have to marketing how well you are doing with reports of your students doing well and getting your students to talk about all the great things you've been doing... and you truly have to practice being able to teach. Everything, and everyone, and every career is the same...

You'll hear us talk about Networking, Marketing and Practicing a lot... since it is all you need to make it.
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Monday, April 2, 2012

The best way in is out; The door in leads to four walls

Today's Tip – The best way in is out; The door in leads to four walls -

Thinking outside the box leads to wonderful ideas, inventions and possibilities. Though, the way people have been doing it for years and successfully making something out of their lives does have its ups. What we say is; Take on the way that has worked, but add your own flare. Thinking outside the box in a world that is filled with multiply versions of “individuality” makes it harder to find your own path, your own style. So, think outside the box. When coming up with a way to make your particular idea standout from all others, think about what others are NOT doing, and what you should be doing.

If over the last 10 to 15 years you have been doing the same thing, only to realize you are still in the same place, it is time to change it around a little. What you know as a person may not be what you need to know to become successful. Listen a respond; this brings us to something special. You've heard us talking about “listen and respond”. So, listen and respond to what you see out there doing things in a successful way. Take notes, and respond accordingly. If someone is marketing, look at how they are marketing, but add a little something to it that is your own.

Work inside the usual only gets you trapped in a room. Think outside the box means to brainstorm and come up with radical ideas. 1 out of 10 radical ideas are bound to work in a great way. Place time into something and you'll get a good amount on the return. When I come to a wall I write down about 10 ideas, some good, some bad, and take it from there. Pros and Cons, so forth and so on! You only need one good idea to come from it, but the process of writing things out gives you a sense of growth, creation and most of all, allows your brain to start working. With your brain thinking you are learning more and more how to see passed those four walls holding you back.
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