Friday, September 30, 2011

Today's Tip – Networking without a net is not as dangerous as you think;

Networking without a net is not as dangerous as you think; Try standing up for your career by introducing it to new faces. Set a plan to meet at least 10 new people a week. Goals = Direction.

Networking, sounds scary doesn't it. Sounds like what how Skynet took over the world. Well it is, and isn't that what you want to happen? You do want to take over the world after all don't you. If not then I have to question what it is you are doing here reading our blog. This place is all about world domination so get on board or get off.

So get yourself away from that wall you are holding up in the club. Get your ass off the chair you have glued yourself to. Get out there and meet some people already. Set a goal on how many people you will meet, make it realistic and stick to it. No need to say things like “I will mett 200 people this month.” That’s fine but remember networking is more then meeting people its building relationships with them. I'm pretty good at this and I would never set a goal like that. Ten people is a good number it can be represented by the letter “X” which marks the spot and its more manageable. Ten will get you where you need to go. Think it through how many people are you friends with now that you actually know anything about? Not many I bet. So 10 a month is 120 in a year and that is a nice jump.

So get on out there little trooper and make yourself some new contacts, turn them into new friends, and use those friends to get more. Soon enough you will be taking the world by storm, or cybernetic implants. The choice is entirely up to you. You are after all the one with all those new contacts in your bag.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today's Tip – Marketing done with style;

Marketing done with style; Facebook, you're doing it wrong. Stop sending out invitations unless you stop deleting them as soon as you get them yourself! Try emailing people personally with a little touch of TLC.

So Facebook huh? Yes well Facebook is a great tool for social networking, if you stop doing it wrong that is. How many invites did you send out to that show? Oh all 345 of your friends got it, fantastic! Wait no.. what did you do with the last set of event invites you received? Ahh yes deleted, wow and you didn't read them either! Nice so let me ask you then, what are the odds your invites were treated the same way? I would suggest that it's a fairly good chance that they were deleted as well, hence you're doing it wrong.

So now what do you do? Well, there are a few things you can do differently and still get a head count of who could be coming. The event invites is pretty handy for that, tracking people who will be or may be attending. Sending out email messages might be a better choice, so could smoke signals and a carrier pigeon. Much better odds that way. Send out those personalized emails, it takes longer that’s why it's more effective. to put thought into it so that it is more personal. Still use the event invite on Facebook for tracking purposes if you want but make sure it's in the nice email you sent out. Phone calls are a very good idea as well. Call those who you really want to attend but would normally put you off if you don't reach out to them personally.

There you go, a better plan. Really, it is all in the planning. About the people you want to come out and tailor your request to their needs. Your odds will improve greatly with a bit of planning and forethought.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today's Tip – TAC – Don't devalue yourself or your bi-projects;

Today's Tip – TAC – Don't devalue yourself or your bi-projects; If you don't believe in it, how can anyone else?

Don't devalue yourself, remember you are the product in this case. Be that cool shiny new thing that all the kids want for Christmas and you will be on your way. IN other words leave out the part about batteries not being included or some assembly being required.

When someone pays you a compliment say thank you! Don't do what so many people do and say something to downplay it. “Hey nice shirt.” you should say thank you not, “It's not as good as the one the monkey stole.” People do this all the time so stop it already would you. Never ever devalue yourself in others eyes I know its hard to do cause your silly like that but stop it already would you. Humans are shy for some reason about accepting any type of compliment. I’m not saying be a raving lunatic like a spider monkey on crack. You can still be humble without being an idiot. Accept the compliment thank them for it and if you can compliment them back, just make sure your authentic.

By the same token don't downplay your bi-products either. They are just as important as the product itself. You are the product right and anything you make or do is a by-product. So be the master of accepting a compliment. Who's the Master? I said Who's the Master. What you don't know that movie ah well. Your merchandise is awesome, stickers, shirts, cups, pens, mugs whatever it is it's amazing! Also, never attack yourself on stage during a show. If the crowd doesn't get what you are doing it is not their fault. Don't point it out unless it WILL HELP YOU, otherwise you are taking away from yourself, others and the venue you are playing at. Which in turn doesn't help your case. If a song or joke goes bad, don't say it sucked on stage. Don't say you are new, don't say this is a new joke, or the first time you are playing THIS song. Be strong about your performance while up there, off there and anywhere. Con-fi-dence!!!!

What else could you need to know about this subject? Well there isn’t much to it really just learn to accept a compliment and play up your skills and products and don’t be ashamed of yourself. so let me just say this, I really like the way you read our blog day after day, you do it so well and with such dedication. Now you say “Thank YOU!” and that’s all folks!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Today's Tip – It Is not a wise career move to cancel;

It is not a wise career move to cancel. Cancel on canceling when possible is what you should do. It is your business to accomplish things be it a schedule a meetings or a performance. I know sometimes its fun to cancel things. Don't do it though it makes you look dimwitted and slow. OK maybe not, but it does make you look like an unprofessional slacker so avoid canceling things.

Canceling is a really, really awful idea. Not showing up is a bad plan, bad, bad VERY BAD! Especially for you! Ya you the one on the left trying to figure out why a screen door on a submarine is a bad plan. Just saying. Look canceling on a show is not good, chances of you being put on with whoever set it up again isn’t good. The venue owner is going to be pretty ticked off and overall you will have a really bad day at that point. You just cut off your nose to spite your face, you the baby out with the bathwater and finally you made yourself look like an amateur. That is definitely not the goal right? Amateur hour is the line to your right, go get on that line if you want. Comes with a paper hat and a name tag.

If something truly awful happens you still don't cancel get someone else to cover it for you call another comic or a band or someone to try and get them in to the show for you. Then call the place and tell them you can't be there, and that whoever it is you have covering will. Give them the replacements info so they can contact them and then deal with whatever life crisis has struck you.

That's it folks, now no more cancellations. Use your networking to give yourself some back up at all times. Remember you owe people to be there when you say you will and you owe yourself.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today's Tip – Relaxation can lead to a greater sense of understanding;

Relaxation can lead to a greater sense of understanding. Take a breather if you are feeling run down. I know we say all the time that you work 24/7/365 and its true the trick is learning when to slow down a bit so you don't burn out and that’s a simple matter of paying attention to your life.

What do we mean? Well if your friends stop talking to you because you punch them all the time out of frustration it might be a good time to slow down. If you actually say LOL in conversations with people who you are speaking with face to face that’s another good indicator. Take breaks during your day to admire things. Watch a movie, pop some popcorn and relax. Go for a walk and clear your head of all the things bouncing around in there. I know I have to do this or I end up dwelling on exactly what type of monkey I am going to get when I am rich.

Being able to take a break is important. Leave the laptop off, shut the phone down, unplug the house phone and disconnect the doorbell. Then just do nothing for a bit. Play a game on the computer if you want just not some social media game or the people will find you. Get absorbed in a role playing game for a while perhaps. Just do something that will help you get your head out of your own life. Right now I’m planning a costume for next years Reconnaissance fair, because it would be fun to do. See what I mean FUN TO DO! That’s the key.

I know you have fun at work too, or I hope you do anyway if not find a new job. You still need to take time just for yourself so you can be all there in your life and career when it counts. Most companies will make you take your vacation time for just this reason, being a burn out helps no one. Since you work for yourself you hurt only yourself in the long run so be smart and take care of your self physically, mentally and emotionally.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Today's Tip – Practical thinking always will lead to more than Perspective thinking can;

Practical thinking always will lead to more than Perspective thinking can; Perspective thinking = When I show up the room will be crowding me for an autograph (Never happens)... Practical thinking = When I get there I am going to talk to everyone I can and see what networking possibilities I can make.

Practical thinking will always lead to more than results than Perspective thinking can. Perspective thinking is believing that when you show up the room will be crowding you for an autograph. Practical thinking is believing that when you arrive that you will talk to everyone you can and see to maximize what networking possibilities are available.

See the difference, it is similar to wants vs needs. You want people to crowd you for an autograph. What you need though is to make them want that. So keep things practical until it becomes in-practical to do so. You do not get to decide when that point has been reached it decides itself. Being practical is all about driving toward your goals never about imagining them. (OK you can because its fun but keep it down would you all those party s are loud).

Perspective thinking is all about imagination. Imagination has its place it is where your creativity comes from. Something entertainers in all areas have in abundance. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be doing what they are doing. Just don't get sucked into the madness and be unable to keep things in perspective. Practical is what's going to get you past the hurtles you face and how you are going to be able to set realistic goals for yourself. Being practical has also been called boring, un-fun, lame and several other mean spirited words by people all over the world that now have paper hats and name tags as part of their work uniform. See what I did there? Good.

So start working on yourself to be able to think Practically about everything, add in some dispassion to the mix and you will do well with this. Perspective thinking is useful for building your craft and your art not for building your business and yourself.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today's Tip – Stop working hour vs money and take control of your finances;

Stop working hour vs money and take control of your finances; $10 an hour x 40 hours = $400 a week... or .16 cents a minute. Are you worth only .16 cents a minute before expenses are taken out?

Many people forget what money is about when they are just trying to pay bills. If you work all week, you may think “I am bringing home $400!”. But after you take out what the government gets, health insurance, lunch, gas, other random bills, going out and having fun money, you are left with nothing. This is the process of working to pay your bills. You should be trying to live. How can one live if they have to work all the time just to pay their bills before fun time? Well, go back to our “08.14.11 – Today's Tip – You're a business so make it your business; Incorporate your company and make a difference starting with running you like one.” about Incorporating yourself. Owning a company name is very helpful in starting this.

Where next? When trying to turn your life from “Hour vs Money” you must look to the 8 physical assets you can possess. What is an asset vs a liability? If you own something and are paying to have it, that is a liability. If you just sit on your couch all day and earn money through your ownership of something, that is an asset. A stock, Bond and Mutual Funds are the most common form of assets. So, take what money you have and start learning how to invest it into going from “Hour vs Money” to “Money vs Hour”. Let your money work 24 hours a day instead of you working 8 hours a day just to pay your bills off at the end of the week.

Another advantage to taking control of your worth of life is never spend over your totally budget. Don't live over your means. If you can't afford it, you don't need it right now. The same goes with working to make something of yourself. You are barely making any money so why spend $1,300 on 144 shirts when you can spend $130 on 500 stickers. You just spend 10% on 66% more bi-product/Marketing. You are worth a lot more than .16 cents a minute. Now start researching all you can on making that a reality. OR, if you can't find the time, direction or ability to do it, then find someone who does know what they are doing. Like a Consultant Firm...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today's Tip – Master your Past, present and future to make the best of your now;

Master your Past, present and future to make the best of your now; I should be famous after 10 years of this, why am I still in a bar performing? Be conscious of what you have done, are doing, and what you can do differently.

Everything you do in every part of your life regardless of what time of your life you should be the master of. Bet your wondering how you can do this without a time travel device. Well its simple really if its in the past remember it, learn from it and let the experience inform all of your decisions in the present. Doing that will ensure your future.

Wow, that’s some great advice up there isn't it. Profound even. Implementation is a pain in the ass. How do we learn from our past? Easy, pay attention to it, think about it and decide what if any course would have been better for you. It doesn't need to be ten years ago, it can be yesterday. Think of something you did yesterday that really just didn’t turn out well at all. Got it? Good now figure out where the wheels came off the bus, and why. Got it? Excellent now what could you have done differently that may have changed the situation in order to have a better outcome? See it was simple. You learned from it, now if that situation ever arises again you will have a better knowledge of how to deal with it. In the future you won't make that mistake again and thus you have prevented a tragedy.

Using the bar example, you work there every weekend. You see the same people, the regulars. They all know you and what you do. No surprises nothing changes week after week month after month year after year. Kinda bad huh, so what could you change? Well for one thing you could change the nights you play, you could do a bit of advertising, you could talk to the other patrons and see if they can get others to come next time.

You could do a lot of things to get out of the time stasis box you are trapped in. Here is the question though. What will you do?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Today's Tip – Spending money can help you earn money;

Spending money can help you earn money; Fear only is useful in haunted houses and marriage, don't let fear scare you away from opportunity.

Yes indeed sometime you have to spend money to make money. You have certainly heard this before and yet parting with your money is scary. Not spending the money might seem like you are more secure but in the end your still right where you were and unable to accomplish anything more then you already have.

Lets use an example I happen to like its from the bible. Spooky huh, even more spooky is that the item of value is referred to as talent.

A man going on a journey, summoned his slaves and entrusted his property to them. To one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, each according to his ability. Then he went on his journey. The one who had received five talents went off right away and put his money to work and gained five more. In the same way, the one who had two gained two more. But the one who had received one talent went out and dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money in it. After a long time, the master of those slaves came and settled his accounts with them. The one who had received the five talents came and brought five more, saying, ‘Sir, you entrusted me with five talents. See, I have gained five more.’ His master answered, ‘Well done, good and faithful slave! You have been faithful in a few things. I will put you in charge of many things. Enter into the joy of your master.’ The one with the two talents also came and said, ‘Sir, you entrusted two talents to me. See, I have gained two more.’ His master answered, ‘Well done, good and faithful slave! You have been faithful with a few things. I will put you in charge of many things. Enter into the joy of your master.’ Then the one who had received the one talent came and said, ‘Sir, I knew that you were a hard man, harvesting where you did not sow, and gathering where you did not scatter seed, so I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground. See, you have what is yours.’ But his master answered, ‘Evil and lazy slave! So you knew that I harvest where I didn’t sow and gather where I didn’t scatter? Then you should have deposited my money with the bankers, and on my return I would have received my money back with interest! Therefore take the talent from him and give it to the one who has ten. For the one who has will be given more, and he will have more than enough. But the one who does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. And throw that worthless slave into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth’” (Matthew 25:13-30).

Good story right? Well it is to me anyway I edited a bit so it would flow better but left the link in case your interested. Slave in this case to me is you! Slave to fear, don’t be just do what we have been suggesting all along. Research network, advertise, make connections and then... reach for the stars. Staying with the theme, invest both your Money and Your Talent wisely, hoarding either of them will get you no where at all and you really will be out in the darkness weeping and gnashing your teeth chances are you will gnaw on your own liver as well.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Today's Tip – Paying Attention;

Paying Attention; Ice cream is a helpful tool... oh wrong blog... Pay attention; It'll save your life and career. Don't just do, take in information than utilize.

So its SUNDAY!!! and your faithful friends at BBR are up at the Renaissance fair promoting people who took the initiative to contact us and help them make their dreams into a reality. So if you have been paying attention then you should realize that there wont really be a blog on Sunday. This is Sundays. It's all about you paying attention. So dig deep find a dollar and go pay him already we will wait.

No actually we won't. Because we are likely either in a car driving to the faire, at the faire looking at the wenches, oh that’s right looking at the wenches. So back to this attention thing. There really isn't anything worse then people thinking your an idiot because you have to ask a question that was already asked. For Example “Hey why isn’t there a BBR blog today this is yesterdays” Things like that will make you look like an idiot. So don’t be that person.

Take some notes we have gone over this before, notes will keep you from screwing things up. Ask intelligent questions that will help you re-enforce what you have learned. Most of all We are at the faire looking at the wenches. So leave us alone.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today's Tip – We can show you, but we can't understand it for you;

We can show you, but we can't understand it for you;; Is more important than But I don't understand, though is more imperative while doing all two! (wink)

We have a sign in our office that says “I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you”! I've had it for years now from when I was a Trainer in a retail company. I've looked around to find out where it originated but I haven't been able to find out. Simple saying but also true.

So here's the trick you have to listen more than speak, you have to comprehend whats being said. If you can't then it is imperative that you ask questions until you do. So now what, well it comes back to listening, absorbing and framing it in a way you can understand what is being explained to you. Think back to school and that irritating kid that always asked questions and always got A's, went on to college and now owns half the planet. Worked for them right, maybe it bugged you in school but that kid blew the curve for everyone else for a reason. The reason is when they weren’t sure they understood they asked questions until they did and they did so their entire life. It paid off for them, why not you!

What you need to do is get yourself in the mindset of being comfortable enough to ask questions when you are unsure of yourself. Its imperative that you can listen to absorb the information and then speak if needed to get the clarification that you need. Become that kid in the front of the class that used to bug you and things will get better for you quickly. Yes it still does irritate people if your constantly doing it but over time you will learn to understand more easily without the constant questions.

So go out and irritate people today

Friday, September 16, 2011

Today's Tip – Setting up lunch meetings;

Setting up lunch meetings; “I got ya”; Ask people out for lunch, as your rapport with them grows. Then offer to pay the bill. This action will payoff in the end!

Wanting to sit in a more relaxed atmosphere will very often result in “Let's do lunch”. Hey it is cliche for a reason people, We don’t make this stuff up, well not much of it anyway. It is an effective way to get to know someone with less pressure since for whatever reasons mammals equate daylight with safety. Sorry side tracked a bit there. Anyway take that new contact out for some lunch, if its to soon for that then shoot for some coffee.

Here comes the tricky part. It's so tricky, so read this very slowly. Offer to pay for lunch. Yours, theirs and the next table over. Whatever you are comfortable with this should give you a good idea of your standing with the person plus, at some point they will say no, its my turn you can get it next time. Or something very similar to this. Guess what that means? Your going to be meeting more, meeting up is good to discuss mutually beneficial things like say a great big HUGE show that you are going to headline. Those kinds of things.

Another thing you can do is invite them to dinner, no wait that's nocturnal, poor mammals. Well anyway you can also once you have a fairly reasonable expectation of this person agreeing to meet with you whenever you call ask things like “Do you think so and so would like to join us this time”, or “I was thinking of having so and so join us what do you think” this way you can open that networking lunch just a bit and help you and others achieve your goals.

So rush right out and get me a sammach... Umm I mean rush right out and have a nice sandwich.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today's Tip – Know your limits when getting work;

Know your limits when getting work; Don't over commit to an already full schedule; Take work as needed not as you feel obligated.

Know what your limits are, its good to have stretch goals and things to reach for. Just don't put yourself in the position of constantly failing because you over reach all the time. You should keep very good track of your schedule and know where you are supposed to be at any given time so you don’t end up in the position of having to be in two places at once. Unless you are Doug Kinney its going to be pretty tough to pull off.

So get a planner and keep it on you. I don’t suggest a phone, while its a good thing to have and sure you might as well duplicate it, having an actual planner is much better for me. Its quick access unlike your phone, easier to update and has the added benefit of not making it seem like you are doing anything other than checking your schedule for the person you are speaking with. You wouldn’t want them to think you were playing video games or texting would you.

If you do by some wacky coincidence end up over extended then be honest with the people involved don’t make up some crazy story about aliens and Chiclets and a monkey on a rampage. If your honest about what happened and willing to make some compromises then not only will the person who is being let down not feel taken advantage of but they will also be more likely to work with you again because of how professionally you dealt with the situation.

If you keep track of what your doing, stay organized and on top of your schedule you will at some point still run into a conflict. Just remember to be a professional about it and you will be fine.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Today's Tip – Should you eat before a show?

Should you eat before a show? Eating a good meal beforehand is healthy; Eat but not that much; It is always good to eat a nice meal before performing, but don't over stuff yourself.

Eat but not that much; It is always good to eat a nice meal before performing, but don't over stuff yourself. Nothing worse then butterfly’s in your stomach, except maybe dragons. Besides the roaring they also breath fire so your stomach is all twitchy and burning at times too.

So eat a little something before you perform a small snack something light, Like a MUFFIN, get me one too, blueberry please and thank you! Some fruit is a good choice too. Nothing wrong with having a nervous stomach everyone does, has to do with Adrenaline which is good for you. So don't worry the more you do what your doing the more accustomed you will get to it and eventually this instructional reaction to fear will go away. So take heart little trooper everything will be fine soon enough.

Fruit, a muffin just something light to help settle you down a bit. Candy works too. Avoid the coffee until your more accustomed to it. Unless your me then feed the dragon more coffee he likes it. Demands on it in fact. Really though, eat something. Some other good things especially if your stomach is really going crazy would be some saltines. Helps with nausea as well. A piece of bread, whatever you think is a good idea likely is so long as it isn’t some kind of heavy meal. That could cause you some problems you really don’t want to have to deal with on a night you are going to perform.

You can even ask others what they do, everyone experiences this at first and we all have different ways of dealing with it. Certainly someone you know can help direct you a bit. It's also reassuring to know you aren’t the only one that’s very nervous before performing. Next time look around you before a show if other people are on with you. Some pace, some drink (not recommended) some get real quiet. Talk to them the conversation will help you take your mind off it, maybe offer them a snack it will be appreciated.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today's Tip – There are no walls only solutions, find solutions by thinking;

There are no walls only solutions, find solutions by thinking; I can't, but what if; Thinking in no phrasings makes your brain stop, think what can you do or how you can get it done.

There are no walls only solutions, find solutions by thinking, Thinking of what you wonder. Ya me to I'm not a big fan of the whole thinking thing especially not today. Today’s my Birthday let others think, I just want to wallow in birthday cake!

No no just kidding about the wallowing, I’m really going to swim in it. Really though how many different ways have you heard this “There are no walls only solutions”? How about this one “Attack where your enemy is not” Know that one, it means the same thing even though centuries span between the speakers of both those sentences.

Go around the wall, over it, through it. Whatever you need to do to defeat your enemy is what you must do. That wall its your enemy, if you can't out think a wall you are in so much trouble. Lets do some exercises what do you say? Now there are three monkeys in front of you and one of them has your favorite yo yo so what can you do to get it? That’s right you offer a banana to the one with the yo yo and since the other two have nothing to offer you will get the yo yo. (I swear if your asking who walks around with a banana I'm going to worry about you, that’s like leaving home without your towel). So simple yes you trade for what you need. Or barter, or bribe, or learn, or do research. Whatever it is you need to do to overcome that wall is what you do.

Here is what wont work, ignoring it until it goes away, it doesn’t work stop it. Staring at it and trying to make it melt with only the power of your stubborn refusal wont work either. You cant dwell on the wall, only on the way around it the wall is so big if you try to focus on it it could overwhelm you.

The secret of finding your wall vanish is by not seeing walls in the first place. It is easy to say “I can't”, or “I have no money”. It is harder to say “How can I?”. Why is it harder, because we don't question things as people. We complain about problems. It is your time to change this stereotype into something brilliant. Beat your old habits out of your system to reintroduce yourself into a lifestyle of thinking. Thinking changes your walls height, length and shape. Do make your brain think. Even saying “Don't forget to bring in the garbage.” Saying “Don't” is actually telling your brain to ignore that situation. To not even take it into consideration of an option. Maybe change it to “I have to remember to bring in the garbage.”. This gets your brain thinking toward growing. You can do it...

That’s it folks... I’m not beating a horse again for you all the ASPCA is still ticked about the last one and that was a hobby horse with a stripper on it. Be well!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Today's Tip – Creating opportunities in entertainment;

Creating opportunities in entertainment; Make time for possibilities; Your craft is a night gig, work a day job... More auditions during the day, work a night job.

Being able to create your own opportunities is at the heart of what you do everyday. If its not, then we are back to “You're doing it wrong”. No one wants that. So the question is how do you create them?

Well as we have repeatedly said time and time again, networking is the way to go. The more people you know the more opportunity that will come your way, it is a simple equation. So your already networking you know all these wonderful people who know other wonderful people who know..... Ya time to start asking questions isn't it. Questions like, “whats your slowest evening?” to get someone to let you do shows on a dead night. Suddenly they have more business and you could have a new best pal. Look Opportunity created TA DA!

See not so hard at all is it, what other ways can you think of? Where are your strengths? No anyone who has weakness's where your strengths are? Look another possible opportunity in the making and just for you thinking. That thinking, it can really open some doors can't it. So what else can you think of? How about whats your best talent? Could you use that to create an opportunity? I bet you could. Put some thought into it. Its our job to help make you think not think for you.

Sometimes when everything feels stale it can for you to be unmotivated to accomplish things. By creating opportunities events can spark your motivation back into speed. Human brains need to be stimulated to continue thinking. This is called "Growth Forward". The more you do, or change up your current situations, the more opportunities will awake around you. As before, make things happen by making things happen.  

So that's it folks, make yourself some opportunities today. Plan and attack.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today's Tip – Clearly you forgot how to call people;

Clearly you forgot how to call people; A radio station has open lines. Call in during a show and become a regular caller.

Trying to get some air play cheap? Looking to get your name out there? Once again we are building relationships, you remember this right? Its called networking. I know it's like beating a dead horse isn't it. Simple solution stop beating the horse and ride it, you will move faster if you just ride it instead of beating it.

So what do you do? Call that local radio station you like to listen to get to know the people who answer the phones on the way to the host. Get to know the host and little by little you will be known to those people. The better they know you the more likely you are to get on the air. Don't call in to pitch your stuff, call in to make new pals. They will ask what you do at some point, guaranteed might take a while but it will happen. Then you get free radio play maybe, or plugs for your shows or upcoming events. How does that sound? Good right! Sounds that way to me too so go make a list of who you like listening to on the radio and figure out what the best place would be for you to court.

So the objective is to become a regular caller of known quality in the area on that station. You can even call several stations just keep in mind if they are competitors that you could cause yourself some problems in the long run so be careful. Another thing you can do after building up that relationship is show up when they have an event. Many radio stations do outside events all over the place so show up from time to time so they can put a face to the voice on the other end of the line.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Today's Tip – Exposure; HEY PUT SOME PANTS ON!!!

Exposure; HEY PUT SOME PANTS ON!!! And get outside to hand out some shirts, stickers or whatever people will take for free.

Exposure hey put some pants on, and get outside to hand out some shirts stickers or whatever for free.

Yah you heard me right, put some pants on and get out there already. Nothing like the smell of fresh merchandise in the morning, I love it and so to should you. You should go back and re-read that, its a nice turn of phrase meant to make it stick in your head like Ice Ice Baby, or It's a Small World. Or even better Lamb chops Song that never ends.

OK stop singing.. no really STOP already. OK so now back to the topic at hand. Putting on some pants and getting out there to hand out some merchandise to the masses. Shirts, Stickers perhaps even a pair of pants if you would like. This helps you in several different ways. First you get to go outside which from the looks of it you really need to do more often. Second you will get more exposure from handing out your goodies. Third its fun! Come on its fun to walk around talking to people you don't know. Its easy enough to do when you have free stuff to give them since that’s an ice breaker all on its own. Yes that’s right its FUN. Its a simple and easy way of practicing your networking skills and advertising as well.

So get that Star Trek backpack out load it up with all the goodies you have and increase you fan base quicker then Tribbles in a cafeteria. Make a route of it, stop for some coffee perhaps talk to the barrista and give them a shirt too (not your star trek shirt) . Hand out cards with it so they can go to your fan pages and help increase word of mouth for you.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today's Tip – Call back no touch backs;

Call back no touch backs; When you have a call back date, time and reason do it on time and get to the point. They asked you to call.

Lets get one thing clear in all of our minds. A call back is not the same as a follow up. A follow up is for after you perform at a place and want to say thanks, or after you send out a resume, things like that. A Call back is used when you meet someone make a quick connection and then they say “Hey that’s awesome no time to get into it now but call my office Thursday at 4 pm”

OK got it now? Good. So what do you do with that information. Well first off you need to remember it and be punctual otherwise you just wasted a big opportunity to show someone which can help you that you are a professional. Before you call though there are quite a number of things that you can do to increase your chances of being impressive rather than just a sad sad little trooper all alone in the world. Research the person or the company so you have some idea of where they are coming from, that way you can tailor your pitch to them specifically rather than talking in broad strokes. Again be on time for your call, and don't forget they told you to call them, so they are already interested. Don't bore them rehashing what got you the call in the first place.

The information you are going to be giving to them will be varied depending on who it is you have the call back with and how you got it in the first place. We can go over some quick things but the possibilities are pretty endless so. Know your topic of discussion, know who your talking to, know what benefit you have to each other and be professional. If you can do those things you will be working with them much quicker than you think.

So be sure of who you are, what you do and take pride in doing it and you too could be making callbacks soon. Now if you will excuse me I have a callback to make.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Today's Tip – First Rule; Be nice to everyone, you never know who someone is or knows.

First Rule; Be nice to everyone, you never know who someone is or knows.

So who doesn't understand what this means? Ah yes you, there in the back with the goofy look on your face and no future. Someone show that person out please. OK now that we have that settled, listen up. Be nice to people, you never know who they might know.

Simple to hear, simple to understand very hard to implement at times. Feeling fake? Perhaps, but the benefits outweigh the cost of a feeling. Eventually you won't feel that way so long as you are making an honest effort to be nice. Trust us it comes across that way so don't dwell on it to much.

This particular blog entry and tip is difficult to write. Such a simple thing should be an easy topic to discuss, it isn't though. Be nice! See topic covered. The benefit to you though comes back in so many different ways. People will like, trust and admire you for it. Since they feel those things towards you they will be much more likely to hire you or bring you on to a project they have. No one would ever be unwilling to introduce you to people you should know for fear of being embarrassed by your lack of social skills. See, so get on with it, BE NICE!

Since I like old movies, remember this though “Be nice, until its time to not be nice.” There will be those who will confuse your being nice with naivete and try to take advantage of that. Don't let them. You can still do it without yelling screaming and carrying on. Not certain how ask a really good customer service rep they deal with it all day everyday and the best ones are nice while still putting people in their place. Watch and Learn.

That's it folks, just be nice.

Monday, September 5, 2011

09.05.2011 - Monthly Newsletter September 2011

Been a busy month for us here at BBR more and more people have discovered just how much we can help them realize their dreams. Martyrd is working closely with us as is Erin Chase. Erin is working on her single now so stay tuned for more on that soon. We have had 3 very successful MARLH TV web-casts so drop on by every Tuesday from 7-10 pm at You can also follow us at

This Month
We will be holding a free seminar on the 15th starting at 7pm. For more Info please call our offices at 631-599-2263. If anyone needs head shots done please make arrangements with us to set up a date here in our offices. As always we can be contacted at

Performers Where?
Jessica Collazo- Sept 10th 8-930 at Behind Bars
Joe's Cause- Sept 24th more info to follow as we get it. (@ Behind Bars)
Erin Chase- Sept 9th 8-midnight at Bruno's

As we get more we will let everyone know.

This months special and not so special guests to include... assuming they say yes. Key Fitz, Mike Sandora, Moe Diggs, Pat Hart, Martyd and perhaps the local zookeeper Plus a special appearance by Sock Man. Also new games to be played, and great segments.

Next Month
Yet another free seminar as well as weekly MARLH TV shows. Look forward to seeing Erins song “Keep on Breathing” to be released in early October.

Ed's Notes
So another month and another slew of information. Working with Erin is a blast. The MARLH TV show is so much fun to do. Martyrd was a great deal of fun to sit down and talk with. We have 2 more commercial business's working with us now as well as new script sitting in the in-box. All in all a great month past and all signs point to another just starting.

Tom's Notes
We still have yet to get Ed his pet monkey, but I am sure by the years end we'll have to get a cage for it. I am looking forward to hearing “Keep on breathing” completely recorded. That should be very exciting. We have been working with a few new people in our office as well. It looks like a wonderful working relationship is going to come from this. If you have anything you want to bringing into development, let us know and we'll work with you to see it come alive.

Today's Tip – Make things happen by making things happen;

Make things happen by making things happen; “I want” can only go so far. Soon you'll need to take your first step of many.

One of the first things we learn is wanting. I want that cookie, I want that cracker I want a pet monkey. As time goes on we learn that sometimes to get what we want we have to take steps. When we are young we usually cry then we whine, some people continue to do this as they age. Don't we love those people.

A better way to accomplish achieving your wants, take steps. Saying I want is a good beginning but it requires nothing but wanting. Setting up the steps to achieve that want requires some conscious thought however. So you know what you want, what is the first step? It could be research, it could be changing your outlook perhaps getting rid of some dead weight. We usually start with research it helps answer questions as well as making you consider things you hadn't. So you start to write it down and little by little you can see the steps you need to take to implement your want into a goal. Goals of course should be what you set your path toward and all journeys begin with the first step.

Most all of this can be accomplished on your own, you can speed the process by bringing in help. Using your network of friends and colleagues you can get ideas and narrow your focus. Hiring an outside consultant to help you is always I good option as well. They will know many of the pitfalls and traps along your path. We encourage you to call us actually we are very good at goal setting and steps. Do your research and start taking the steps you need to bring reality to what had only been a dream before.

Get started today, make things happen in the world by making things happen in your mind. Step by step you can make that want become a goal and set your feet on the path to it.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Today's Tip – It's a crying shame that crime doesn't pay;

It's a crying shame that crime doesn't pay; But please don't cheat people out of a great experience. Give them your all.

Time to perform, time to shine, put your all into it your fans deserve nothing less. There are times in everyone’s lives when the weight of the world just seems to crush them down into itty bitty caricatures of themselves.

Whenever you are going to the stage make sure you are ready to put everything you are into it. Never have a lackluster night always shine and do your best. For whatever time you are on stage you must be everything your fans expect. That’s hard sometimes when you have a bad day, are sick or tired. For that little bit of time you are up there on stage its imperative that you are giving it your all.

Have you ever gone to a performance and been disappointed? Why was that? You wanted to go, you spent money, you spent time and then? BLAH, it was bad, awful, horrible, you feel cheated now. You got ripped off. The band didn’t play originals, they took a lot of breaks, the actors didn’t know their lines. The list goes on and on think of a few more I'll wait. You back? Good, so now you know what we are talking about today right. Don't rob your fans of a great experience, don't cheat them from enjoying what they have come to see. Be the best you can every time!

Now everyone will have their own ideas on how to achieve this. Here are a few of mine. Remember these people came to see you they LOVE you. Drink some coffee, no particular reason I just love it. Mostly though, if you can remember why everyone came you will be able to make it through even if you have anthrax poisoning, they came to see you perform. Don't let them down.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Today's Tip – Can it, listen to what you are hearing;

Can it, listen to what you are hearing; Then respond in kind. To listen is just as important as to be heard.

Listening is as much an art as it is a skill. Some people are just better at it than others. You can learn to be a good listener though, it takes some time and practice. So lets begin the learning process.

First, its not about you. Keep that in mind and your off to a good start. Listening is all about them, the person who is speaking to you. Its not about mindlessly standing there and being babbled at however. If all you are hearing is “Blah Blah Blah Ginger Blah Blah.” then you are defiantly doing it wrong, even if your name is Ginger. You should be able to ask questions about what you're hearing. You should absolutely do this, it shows you are interested in what they are saying. Doing this also allows you to interact with the person. Both of these things help build trust and understanding.

Some things to avoid. When the person tells you something you do not ever want to compare what they said or did to something in your own life. Other wise what they hear is “My story is better than yours” and that’s not the objective. In a sales and service type environment you would want to check for understanding by saying things in a similar manner back to them. Don’t repeat what they said exactly just paraphrase it back to them appropriately “I'm sorry that (insert) happened, how are you doing with (insert)” that way they know you were listening and that you care, and you do!

Just remember that a conversation and listening is a two way street. The person you are speaking to may not be as good as you are at it. They may have never thought about it at all. You have now, so start to listen and respond to the people in the world around you. Make more friends network and utilize both to better your results in your life.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today's Tip – Protect yourself;

Protect yourself; Copyrights, lawyers, and even a doctor for those long nights. Get these things taken care of.

Come now, we have all heard the stories haven't we. A friend of a friends cousins Aunt's dogs owner. Didn't copyright there material properly and someone took it and made millions of dollars. Or My aunts son from a second marriage signed a deal with the devil, didn't consult a lawyer and now not only does his soul belong to him but so does all his pet hamsters. Sad huh. Poor hamsters.

How do you fix it though? Simple if its yours and you want to keep it you really need to copyright it. Take the time to do so. It seems hard but realistically its a simple thing to do some of that research we preach about or contact someone in your network and HUZZAH! You have it.

Lawyers while normally in league with the demons of the underworld especially in the entertainment industry are also a fantastic resource for helping you get things done. Do some more of that research and find a good one. They can help you with a myriad of things and if you have contracts to sign or be signed it is absolutely in your best interest to consult one to be sure you aren't giving something away you shouldn't be. As in our first example of the devil owning your pet hamsters. You may think the people you are dealing with are Angelic but remember all the demons are fallen angels anyway so they can be tricksters.

Doctors? Well sure why not, and while we don't wish to offend anyone working with us at BBR some of you are certifiable. Get some help if you need it. Addiction will kill your career faster then a Jerry Springer interview if you need help get it. Same for any of the many other horrible afflictions that entertainers suffer from. Like bloaty head, Delusions of adequacy and an over developed sense of awesome. These aren’t bad things really but if allowed to rage uncontrolled could cause serious long term repercussions. Usually your friends can pop that ego, talk you up when feeling down or help you actually be awesome, sometimes not. Don't ever be afraid to get the help you need to excel in all aspects of your life and career. Lawyers and Doctors can and should be utilized to help you succeed.