Saturday, December 31, 2011

And so the New Year starts; What's new pussy cat, whoa, whoa whoa!!!


To start off, tomorrow is New Year's Day... which means today is the eve of that celebration. BBR Productions Inc. wants to wish you all a safe and healthy New Year. Most of all we want to see you Bring reality to your dreams. You have a lot to offer this world because you a part of this world. Just remember to believe in yourself this whole year and enjoy the fact that you get to live among life!

Some of you may know that we represent a few bands under the BBR Productions Inc. banner. Two of those bands are named Martyrd and Altayon. They are in a wonderful chase to make number one on the national charts on Reverbnation. So we are inserting a competition for you the fans of music to help push to get your favorite band to the top. As of they are both very close. All you have to do is push their band page on Reverbnation and get people to listen to their fist song on the list. So here you go, the two links... ( and ( Let us make things happen!

January is going to bring us some great things for the world of theater. In January and February there will be an open casting call for actors to play in “Hamlet” written by the great Shakespeare. The auditions will be held in our Miller Place office and more information will be present on that soon. If you would like to get in on an opportunity all you have to do is email us at subject Hamlet.

A wonderful thing happen this week for BBR Productions Inc. we had some negotiations for a few more scripts to add to our catalogue. Our writing chapter is growing with every turn on the year. 2012 should be overly exciting for our company.

Don't forget that Erin Chase has given her song “Fraud” to everyone for free on her website, as a present for the holidays. Go download your free song before it is to late. “Keep on breathing” will also finally be out this year for everyone to enjoy!

BBR Productions Inc. is up for helping and working with everyone this year. Let us hear your voice!!! Take your life seriously and make things happen by making things this year friends. Life is anything you want it to be!!!


Friday, December 30, 2011


Today's Tip – You want a contract in any situation just to protect yourself. I am going to explain this tip in a way for a performer, particularly for bands. “You will get the 3rd spot from the top if you sell this many tickets”. Have you heard anything like this before? Then you get there and you are stuck with 10 bands playing, of which you are going on at 3am in the morning. Plus originally there were only 4 bands on the bill and so on... Avoid this with a contract.

Having a contract which would state important must such as, time you are going on, tickets to be sold, and all the other arrangements involved. Protect yourself, always. You are an entertainer, they are business people. Get on fairground. You are both businesses so act as such. Even in life's everyday activities you need to see your life as a business. THE BUSINESS OF LIFE. Thus you have your employee contract (an application is a contract), your TV, phone, mortgage, lease on car or apartment, all these things are contracts. Why should you jump into something without it?

Take your life and business seriously. Protect yourself by asking to have a contract signed. It can be as simple as stating the facts on one slab of paper. You sign and print your name, they sign and print their name and bam, done. Do they have to keep the word of a contract? Yes, they do. Will they always? No, they won't. But at least it is there for your safety if you so desire. Rule of thumb; business/places don't want a contract signed means something is shady. Don't work with shady because shady leads to the shadows of corruption. You'll never see the light working in shadows.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

How did I get into this predicament?

Today's Tip – You might have to get out of a bad situation, or even a corner you pushed yourself into. Don't worry, even in the worse situations you can still make a chance for the better. Everything can be fixed with a little work. Change your rude to kind in a matter of a few months. A tarnished name doesn't mean the end of a days. (fun movie, great song by Fozzy)

Listen to your gut before you speak. This goes back to another tip that hit this week. Your words and emotions control your fate in the business of life. Be aware. Do your research if you can about people. You never want to catch yourself talking openly about something another person has an issue with. Unless you are a master of TAC (The Art of Conversation) hold your wits about you through knowledge gained.

If you find yourself on the weak end of the stick remember this... Build rapport with people slowly but surely. Remember to stay positive with your intent, verbiage, actions and incite to people. Learn to lean into conversation when your name is tarnished. Don't jump into conversation. Make good with a person here or there until you have found yourself up the hill of recognition in a positive way.

Stay true to yourself and your path, but be nice. There is really no reason not to be nice. If you don't believe in something and you can walk a way, then do so. It will help you in the long run. Stand up for yourself, but present your debate with a respectful calm about you. Don't fear the dark (another good song) when you know there is easily a light ahead of you. Be prepared to make things happen through effort and helping others.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mom... Pop...?

Today's Tip – There is more going on than a basic mom & pop shop down the road. This is a great opportunity for you to open up more avenues to get your “product” out there. Work with these businesses and not against them. Help them out and you'll see a strong welcoming hand open up right back at you. They care an avenue to help promote both your product (you) and their own brand. Let them know you are out there. Go in to these wonderful mom and pop stores to bring them business through ordering and buying there yourself.

Telling people about these places helps you spread the word. “So and so told me about you guys!”... the favor will be returned on your turnaround with that company. When it is time to use their window reality for advertising an event, or a product. If you are trying to raise money, they might let you keep stuff in the store, or even use their store front to bring awareness. This all comes from working “with” companies. If we bring life to mom and pop shops than much will happen for our communities.

That word “With” keeps coming up. That's right, you want to be working “WITH”, talking “WITH” to finally get to a place where you are working “WITH” everyone in the business of life. Mom and pop shops, if you don't know what they are, are backbones to this world. They are people trying to make a business grow with little to no capital/start up money. All our money get's filter through these small business as we see a lot of them close down. They are very much willing to work “WITH” people to help bring awareness to their company as much as you are trying to bring awareness to you!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You must be sick because you are talking ill

Today's Tip – Talk kindly of people. Online, or in person, you never know who is watching. The reality of any situation is that reality we are not always aware of. Your actions are not a tree falling in the forest unnoticed. Your actions will be seen. Over time people will spread the word, your efforts won't be hidden. If you are writing on the internet, your voice will be heard. Keep in your pants as one might say.

If you want to make yourself grow in this system take charge of your voice. Your voice through media is very important. That is why there are companies dedicated to handling your “Public Relations”. Thus, a PR rep. They make a lot of money because your image is can turn tides from your next big thing or your next fall down a snowy slop. Since there are no walls, only solutions... take a minute to think before you speak. If your voice is comedic than you have little to worry about when just writing random. It is an “opinion” that turns the clock back for you.

Take a moment to figure out the worth of insulting a person, group or thing where everyone can find you. There is no reason to talk negatively anyways. Negativity turns smooth motion into sludge. It is not about kissing butt all the time, it is about that old saying “If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all”. It will protect you. I know companies research their employees. Who wants to hire someone who yells and curses all day long at people? Even teachers cancel their social media pages just in case. You really don't know who is watching, but just because you have a computer screen, paper, or window of opportunity to yell out something colored in blue context doesn't mean you should.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Testing the waters;

Today's Tip – Wanting to try something new? Go for it!!! There is no better time than now to try something new. We talk a lot about making things happen by making things happen. There is no truer statement. You have to do! Just take a leap of faith in yourself, you will be surprised when you find your results are beautiful. Even if you failed, you made yourself take a chance. A chance is life growing. It shows you can do it over and over again.

You may have been involved in one particular craft for years now and to just change up is scary. Changing doesn't mean forever, nor does it mean you've failed at what it was you had been doing. Change shows strength. With change comes possibility. If you are not happy doing something, a job, comedy, acting, doing nothing, then change it up and try something. Even if you are trying it to the point of nothing happening, you've at least tried it. You are growing as a person while taking chances at life. You only get one of these trips so embrace it.

The benefits of chance taking into new waters can comeback to you ten-fold in such a beautifully positive way. Even just placing your foot into the water to test the temperature makes a difference. Since the 3 needs of success; Networking, Marketing and Practice all apply to each part of a person's life there is not much to change on your end. The environment changes you. From a comedy stage to a music stage, or “I'm not happy with this job” to a “This is the job of my dreams”. Placing your foot into the water will show you a glimpse of what is to come.

Plus, if the water is too cold, at least you saw it. You can use that little skip in there to help you with your next chance. You know you can take a chance now, so go in a little deeper. The great advantage to chance taking, even if just testing new ground, is that you learn a little about that area. For everything we learn can be applied to everything else we do. Learn with life, not against it. All knowledge attained is knowledge earned... knowledge earned is learned for future ventures. There is never anything wrong with learning a little more each time. Go learn students of the world, become professors of your life, THIS LIFE!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy holiday eve; Tis the time of year when all there is filled with cheer!


BBR Productions Inc. sends out a great and big happy holiday to all our friends and family. It's been a long year and only one more week till we move into 2012. I am excited to see what you all will bring to life this coming 2012. I have faith you are all going to do great things. Small or large, there is so much you are capable of doing. Here is to us wishing you all that is success!

This week much happened. MARTH TV went off with a great Hanukkah bang! We celebrated the show this past Tuesday to a full audience, new guests and the return of Abby Geronimo. It was nice to have her back. For Make A Right Left Here TV, the new year will bring rotating guess, new games, topics and more colorful interviews filmed in the field. Plus guest spots. If you are interested in being a guest please email us at and let us know who you are and we'll set up a day. (

Martyrd hit their 4th full month working with BBR Productions Inc. as they are pushed through the masses with our Marketing Deal. Adding to their fan-base, getting their name out there and growing as a company themselves. There is much more coming for them, like the video for “Pain of Reason” of their newest album “A Mortal Coil”. There is a lot of great things coming from them. (

This week our blog covered the seven deadly sins of life. How to enhance our lives while embracing such a sinful way. It's not really to sinful, if you are kindhearted and respectful of life. Next week we move on to our basic tips. Next year BBR Productions Inc. we'll be starting weekly blogs set around each entertainment field, life and other areas of success. We're also asking people to write in asking about something they need help in. We'll take that question and base a blog about it every Saturday along with our weekly news letter. Another thing started was our Guest Blogger on Sundays. Last week we had amazing blog from John J Murray. We hope to continue this tradition.

Don't forget to check out a few other things such as “Altayon” ( for progressive doom metal lovers. And of course the last two dates for a play intitled “Murder at the Howard Johnson” playing at the Vanderbilt Museum (

Friday, December 23, 2011

7 Deadly Sins - Envy and Pride;

Today's Tip – Oh my only two “Sins” left Envy, as In “I envy you that spot you got on the upcoming show.” Followed by “Pride” in how you went all Wrathful on their car tires so you could get that slot instead. No no.. kidding of course.

Envy though, come on that's not a sin, its motivational. Envy people find out how they got what you envy ad then do that to achieve it. Then you won't be envious anymore. Now you will be prideful. Envy can be a powerful motivator you know. Using it to help set goal is a common way of doing it. People don't really think about it that way but in reality its there all the same. Envy helps make the world go round and you use it this way all the time to help reach your goals. “Some day when I'm rich and famous I will have a giant golden ball-peen hammer of wrath just like Ed!” Just like that. Then once you reach that, take pride in it. Take Pride in everything you do and accomplish revel in it.

Pride, what kind of wussy sin is that really. Like you shouldn’t be proud of your accomplishments. Big Medium and small take pride in them all. I tied my shoe today, I KICK ASS! Ya ya maybe you tied your shoe too but not anywhere near so awesomely as I did. That's the attitude you need to have all the time. You are better then they are, because you say so. They don't like it? Have them take it up with the society for whiney little bitches. I'm sure they will get to it in 10 years or so they have a lot of requests to go through.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

7 Deadly Sins - Sloth;

Today's Tip – Deadly sin of the day SLOTH! Indeed, this one is more complex then it seems because it has meant so many different things over the centuries. In a nut shell though it's being lazy and not using your god-given talents and skills. So that's how we are going to be looking at it.

In tandem with... Deadly Sin number five Wrath... as in If you don't get off your lazy ass and start making things happen by using your god-given skills and talents, I will bounce a ball-peen hammer off your head at high noon. How is that for Wrath... good right I liked it too. I bet you were wondering how I could fit all the sins into one week. That's right I doubled a few up. Come on though, did you really think I was going to tell you to embrace sloth? Well, I am, to a degree. Encourage it in others. Let them be the lazy bastards. This will make you look better in comparison. However, If I catch you doing it were back to the ball-peen hammer.

Wrath, on the other hand, should be fully embraced, it's not a sin it's a virtue. That promoter sitting on their ass not doing anything? Wrath em, just all out go postal on him. Cry Havoc and all that, let slip the velociraptors of war. It's that simple. Don't let people take advantage of you kick their asses. If you feel hatred and anger towards someone then embrace it, they earned it I am sure. For example, I hate humans. I find them to be two faced, dishonest and mean spirited for no reason. Now if they had reason that would be OK, but they usually don't they just do it to be jerks. See now I got side tracked. So back to the message. Sloth in others good!! Wrath for you Good.

So encourage Sloth in those you can, competitors, bill collectors, people like that. Wrath on the other hand keep that for yourself. Use it when people try to take advantage of you and your virtuous life. See don't you feel better already!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

7 Deadly Sins - Greed;

Today's Tip – Day three.. third sin is... Greed! Yes we do so love greed don't we. Money, money, money... nothing then a big pile of money. Add Gluttony and lust into it and you have a big huge pile of money that you want more of and refuse to share. How does that sound to you really? Does it sound bad? NO! It sounds like something we all want.

So Greed, or as I like to call it MINE MINE MINE is good. It healthy it's a natural part of the world. What we have we want to keep what you have I want to keep and what they have I want to keep and do you know why? Because, MINE MINE MINE. No, really... MINE. Think about it though, when is enough? I can't measure it can you? No one is saying steal to get what you want but trying to pretend you aren't greedy is like trying to pretend that throwing rocks at people isn't fun <see wrath>. You want fame, you want money and if you can help it you want all of it right. SO embrace that, be greedy take all you want, and then you can give back... after you discover how much enough is. I personally haven't found out yet, maybe call Bill Gates or Donald Trump and ask them. They might know.

So what does this mean, well in the immortal words of Gordan Gekko:

“The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed -- for lack of a better word -- is good.
Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms -- greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge -- has marked the upward surge of mankind.”

See, they even know its right in the movies. If you haven't seen Wall Street, then shame on you. Because that whole greed speech will stick with you and help you to embrace it. Remember.. “Greed is good!”

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

7 Deadly Sins - Gluttony;

Today's Tip – Today's deadly sin brought to you by the all you can eat buffet. That's right folks it's Gluttony. This should be an easy one for you to embrace. Supposedly, this covers the over indulgence of anything. Really, I shouldn't sit at the hungry heffer feedbag smorgasbord and taco shack and eat until I explode. Damn, there goes my Sunday afternoons.

Gluttony, yes indeed, once again we recommend that you embrace this sin as your own. Who wouldn't want to keep it all for themselves? Who wouldn’t want to have every single copy of “We are the world” ever produced on a shelf in their basement? Not you, You want it all, fame, fortune chicks, hunks, whatever the case may be you want all of it. Nothing wrong with that at all. IN some cultures, it isn't even considered a bad thing, including ours. We love fashion, cars, status, haircuts... think about it. Pick up one of those gossip magazines and leaf through to anywhere... See Gluttony is good. Leave nothing for anyone else except for what you want to leave.

I know you feel guilty. To bad, you were indoctrinated to feel guilt. Stop, it's dumb. You get what you earn, and you keep what you want and if other people want to point at you as an example of what gluttony is then so be it. Some other group will be pointing at you and saying “I want to be him when I grow up.” Guess what you win. And the people pointing at you saying things like he should share, or he should give back, well they need to get a grip get off their asses and take what they think is theirs, or they need to STFU. Sinners don't whine they sin and move on. One cultures sin is another's virtue. You're an entertainer so soak up all the applause, fame and notoriety that you can you earned it after all.

Monday, December 19, 2011

7 Deadly Sins - Lust;

Today's Tip – This week we are going to have a bit of fun with the blogs. Well, I am at least. The Seven Deadly sins... I think not. Remember everything can be embraced from a certain point of view.

The first supposed, deadly sin is … Drum-roll... LUST. Yes indeed the overwhelming wanting of something that blinds you to everything else. Lust causes you to move from person to person and thing to thing without a care in the world as to cause, effect or consequence. I am sure you are asking yourself, “how can this be useful?” Well, that’s simple enough, embrace it. That’s right, you heard me correctly embrace it, just be smart about it. You can lust after fame and fortune, it's a good motivator for you. It is even an expectation of people that you as an entertainer lack self-control and discipline. SO let them see what they expect to see then hit them from another direction. Let them think you have a weakness and then when they aren't expecting it. BAM!

I know you think this could never work right. Well, it will. It's called misdirection and its an important weapon in your arsenal. In addition to that factor, there is also the actual sin itself “Lust” is a good thing just not when taken to an extreme, see they never tell you these important things do they, that is what we are for to tell you “Lust is good!” <fun too>. So use that to help drive you on your path to stardom, use it to motivate you. Lusting after the spotlight is a worthy path to travel. You should be in the spotlight. You deserve it and by god you will be, come hell or high water. Preferably Hell since we are all Sinners here this week. Reality and your life shouldn't have to much in common anyway. People who live in reality are always worried about bills, jobs and responsibilities. Your only interaction with the word “bill” should be top billing. Jobs are something you stand on a stage to perform, and responsibilities begin and end with you.

For those of you who were hoping for something a bit more biblical when it came to the word lust... Here is some info for you, it doesn’t say lust it says prostitution in the original Greek text which would apply wouldn't it. Plus it all depends on which book you're looking in. So for you, go with the Lust part with a dash of prostitute and a smidgen of Cause, I felt like it that's why, and you will do very well.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just Ask; ---- Guest Blogger: John J Murray

Today's Tip – Just Ask;
Guest Blogger: John J Murray (Comedian / Actor / Producer)

I was asked this week to write a blog about my experience in whatever field I am knowledgeable in. That made me realize that I am not very knowledgeable in many of the fields that I work in (or try to work in). I do standup comedy, act, and produce and host a weekly podcast. Now I’m not saying that I do these things poorly, but I realize that I still have a shitload more to learn in each of those areas before I will feel comfortable giving advice about them.

That’s when I discovered that the number one thing that I’m good at is learning how to do shit. The piece of advice that I rarely hear anyone tell anyone else is “ask questions and ask for things”. Now I know asking for things that you want or want to know may make you feel vulnerable, stupid, or less like a professional. As far as I know it is no one’s job to tell you what you’re doing wrong or how to succeed in the area that you want to work. So you don’t know anything. Big fucking deal, ask and then you will know something.

There has been too many times when I’ve seen a comic tripping over tables lost because he didn’t ask someone the best and quickest way to walk to the stage. Don’t wait for a club manager to recognize your talent and ask you to get on their stage. Be the guy that finds the manager after the show and ask him what you have to do to work in his club. If you’re a writer, write something and ask another writer how you can be better. If you’re asked to do a clean set make sure you found out what that club considers clean material. Sometimes it’s something simple like don’t say fuck or cunt, other times it’s more complicated and you’re not allowed to talk about any of your body parts.

The point is just ask and then you will know. Of course you might become known as the douche bag that asks to many questions, but let’s be honest if someone gets mad at you for asking for something, then they probably didn’t like you very much in the first place.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

This Week; Moving right along


This week in BBR Productions Inc. news; First, I'd like to say we've hit our 103 “Today's Tip” this year. Our personal goal is to hit 365... 366 (it's a leap year) “Today's Tips”. Another small goal we've been discussing is setting up a “Bringing reality to your dreams” Calender and tips book. Closing in on the end of the year our blog is incorporating a “guest blogger” spot. Tomorrow will be the first of many guest bloggers. John J Murray (Comedian / Actor / Producer) has graced us with a nice blog. Here's waiting for another from him in the future.

Erin Chase, (signed to a development deal) is finalizing her new website where you can also listen to her newly released song “Fraud”. Her single coming out “Keep on breathing” is in the works and will blow your mind. Can't wait till it's heard on the airwaves.

Martyrd, (signed to a marketing deal) is done with their video. During these editing weeks, expect random goodness on of their singer Aaron. He'll be arm wrestling women while telling you a little something about Martyrd. Their single “Pain of reason” can be downloaded for free through Martyrd's official website.

Since Altayon has been working on a new album, most of their heavy music will be released in an acoustic version on Youtube. These videos are gifts to their fans. Another wonderful thing going on as of now is “Cold Touch” has been their most listened to and downloaded song of the first album “Finally Free”. You can download all 7 songs for free. Enjoy the gift for your holiday season.

Don't forget this Tuesday at 7pm our weekly live web-show “Make A Right Left Here TV” will have some new guests on, games and we're doing a nice holiday show since it is the week of Christmas and the first day of Hanukkah. So tune in on the 20th of December at 7pm... Do you have what it takes to ?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Look beyond your cants;

Today's Tip – Something that gets you outside of the box of walls is going in looking at all your angles. Look beyond your “cants” means don't stop at NO. Begin at NO. Where to next. How to, why, when, what? Things that make your brain start thinking. It is okay to come up with crazy ideas. Brainstorming is all about getting your mind moving around in circles till you have so much going on you can stop, take a break, and comeback to look with fresh eyes. The best part, you've just opened options for your future of options. Don't shut your brain off with “no” answers. Awake it so you can awake to your possibilities.

Brainstorming is a great means to an end! Or in this case the beginning. Get out paper, find a friend, work with a group, throw darts onto a wall of ideas, anything to get your brain moving. Brainstorming doesn't mean any idea you come up with is final. They are ideas. When you are lost in a standstill, sometimes coming up with randomness helps propeller your mind into overdrive. Giving you options you would have never thought of sitting stuck in a chair.

If you are writing a book and get stuck, keep a pad around you at all times, or recorder, and go do some dishes. This helps the mind relax. While relaxed it thinks broader. You don't confine yourself to “subjected” thoughts. A world of possibilities come to life in a space filled with thinking people. Think, think, think!!! That's your goal when doing anything. Never falter to I cant, be more than “cant” be “POSSIBILITY”!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Potatoes again!?;

Today's Tip – The same thing day in and day out can actually unstimulated your drive forward. Your mind needs to see new things to make a healthy effort to your next accomplishment. It all starts with changing up your routine from one week to the next. Alter your goals for each week, or skip a week and do something completely off par from your daily routine/lifestyle. Keep your mind jumping all over the place. Don't let it expect tomorrow will be potatoes again!

There is no harm in changing your week up from time to time. If you are a person who falls into a rut just pick yourself up through change. There are certain things you have to accomplish for each week. So make sure you get to them. This doesn't mean you have to get to them the same way as last time. Though this helpful tip goes hand in hand with finding motivation, you don't want to spoil your progressive movement forward.

Maybe you have a few things you want to do in life. Or there could be different skills, hobbies, and goals all in opposite directions of one another. These are all good for changing up your weeks. One week take on a hobby. The next week try getting through your needed skills. In the end you'll find yourself going back to moving along nicely each week doing what you love the most. Keep in mind when your head starts expecting potatoes and you look elsewhere you are free to change it up. Potatoes again??? How about mash potatoes? It's the same but different!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Today's Tip – There is a world at your fingertips you need only grab at it with a motivational confidence. How to find that motivation can vary from day to day, week to week and even month to month. It can come down to a simple thing as you are tired, warn out, kaput! Build that energy back up. Eat a little something, nothing too heavy or big, that will make you more tired. Even little notes around your house with positive sayings on it could help. You could even leave notes that you wrote telling yourself things like “Make this the day”, “3 pages today, 3 little pages”. Motivation helps our dedication... dedication helps your success come to life!

In the beginning of an idea it becomes fueled with passion. During your trip of excitement one's passion becomes a daily routine. At one point or another that routine becomes monotonous. These things plant feet into cement causing a slow decent into nowhereville. Nothing ever seems more boring than repetition. This is what makes learning an instrument difficult. Not taking in the knowledge of playing, but getting over that hump of practicing religiously each day.

Take into consideration that just because you have to work at something everyday doesn't mean you have to get to the final results the same way twice. What is your end result? That's the important part. You have to practice guitar everyday? Okay, one day practice picking, the next work on scales, the next handle just playing a song through and finally maybe work on writing a song with what you had learned the last few days.

Keep motivation up through changing your routine. Look at your final goal, not what the means to an end are. You do not have to keep repeating your task day in and day out. In fact, 15 minutes to an hour a day towards your goal will keep you strongly motivated. I've always been talk don't write a novel for more than 2 hours, it will drain you out. Moderation, momentum and mile-stones will all lead to motivation. Be vigilante!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's all about the benjamins;

Today's Tip – It is not always about the Benjamins. You have to love what you are doing. Though, anything you do is just a means to an end. If you are a teacher, a musician, a writer or even a banker they are all means to an end. What end is that? Taking the little moneys you make with these avenues and learning to invest them into life. Money replenished is not money earned.

Do you? Love what it is you do? It so happens that I love what I do now. This wasn't always the case, I sacrificed to reach my goals, so I could do what I loved. Every job you ever have is just a means to an end, but to what end? Just to pay bills? That’s an unhappy thought. You need to work for more than just making ends meet. You need to work towards something, anything you want. For some it's to own a home, and then do what they love because they can. For others, it's to be successful in their chosen craft and the money itself is a side effect. If you invest and plan with your money, it becomes just another tool in your repertoire, no longer a means unto itself but something that helps you get what you need to be successful. For me, it was time to do what I wanted. Just working to pay your bills and expenses is a never-ending cycle it's not a life it's a curse. Break the curse, you think Donald Trump still works because he needs to, or because he is working for something bigger? Steve Jobs, Bill Gates... They all had a vision, and the money was a by-product of it, think about it. Trump lost everything he had several times and is still on top, because he has vision and loves what he does. That is the key.

Yes, you may have to sacrifice short term wants for long-term success, but that’s the price, and a cheap price it is. The alternative is to work your whole life and never actually live.

Yes I know nothing in this was funny... except Trumps hair.. wow all that money and he cant get a decent haircut...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Keep your ego in check;

Today's Tip – Don't forget as you ride up the mountain to success you will surely find yourself falling down the mountain one day again. The more friends you have, and the less people dislike you the more chances you are going to have with people catching you on your way down to help you back up.

Inflated Ego? Better keep it in check or someone might just have to take a pin to it. What goes around comes around and being an egotistical maniac only works in you're successful. Getting to be successful with that huge ego is going to be difficult at best. So I would check that at the curb with the rest of the baggage you don’t need. No one likes the guy who thinks he is better than everyone around him. Just being a legend in your own mind doesn’t mean anything to the people around you and being humble won't ever hurt you. At best you can suffer delusions of adequacy and call it a win.

You need friends to be successful. You have to be likeable. No one likes the guy who acts like he would use other peoples sleeves to wipe his own mouth. So be a nice person, it's the better road to take. I mean think about it. How many people do you know that have an inflated opinion of themselves who you would want to spend more than five minutes in a room with. I know zero! This isn't to say you shouldn’t be confident in your abilities, but other people better have some tangible evidence that you really are all that and a bag of chips, or else they are likely to avoid you.

For example, I know this guy who brags on how great he is at what he does, and yet... he is one bad week away from living on the street in a cast-off refrigerator box. The guy has never been more than a boil on the backside of life. He thinks that he is the most amazing thing anyone has ever seen though. He really needs to see a doctor and have some more shock therapy applied before a mosquito or something comes along and pops his head. I can see it now he flies around the alley where he resides like a balloon that been let go of. That could be his claim to fame, might even make the news.

My point being, be confident but don't be a braggart, no one like them, not even their mothers.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Today's Tip – It is that simple! Exercise your mind and body each day, if only for a few minutes a day. You have to keep your body and mind sharp to get through your work day. Things become clearer and quicker when your mind and body are healthy and working well together.

People don't really consider exercise to be an important part of your life. Physical or mental exercise is important for your well being. You don't need to go to the gym to get physical exercise just be active. Maybe skip to the mailbox instead of walking, things like that. Jump rope is easy to do and believe it or not it's fun. Running, jogging, well these things are good in case of a zombie apocalypse remember rule #1 Cardio. Besides keeping you from being eaten it increases you self confidence and lowers stress both things you need as an entertainer... less stress more self confidence.

Mental exercise is simple, read our blogs. No ok really then. You can do crosswords, read more, learn a new skill, play chess or even.... well you get the idea right. Crosswords are proven to exercise your brain, and make you feel stupid. The latter being more true then the former. Oh that reminds me increasing your vocabulary also help with this.

Having a healthy mind and body will make everything in life more doable. Not only can you outrun the Zombies but you can set up an ingenious trap to take them out by using your mental acuity. Outrun and outthink your opponenets. Sounds good doesn't it.

This part will get Deleted If Thomas see's it. So get off you fat Twinkie eating asses and learn something ya ignorant bastards.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Comfortable seating;

Today's Tip – Believe it or not, a comfortable pair of shoes, chair, clothes, hat or even just a nice comfortable pen. You want to be comfortable for your work day. You can become deterred from continuing forward, or even start feeling fatigue setting in. The concept is to find a comfortable setting both on you and around you.

My god this chair is comfortable. So are my shoes and my clothing and even my hat... I think I will zzzzzZzzzz No no just kidding. This chair is comfortable though. Since I spend much of my time sitting in the chair writing it needs to be. If you spend most of your time sitting, then its important that you have a nice chair. Something with some support, maybe massaging with a drink holder and a TV remote. No, not really but the support thing is important. Same for if you have a job that requires hours and hours of standing. Having a good pair of shoes will really save the day. Standing for hours will wear on your knee's and arch causing fatigue and pain. Keeping an extra pair of shoes handy is a good plan and even a change of socks.

It isn't just what you are wearing and where you are sitting that is important to your well-being but your environment as well. Being in a comfortable setting is important. Having soothing things surrounding you, soothing colors and shapes are nice. White padding and white coats with loooong sleeves. No, seriously though. If you are in an office type environment, they (the designers) do try to put some thought into the comfort of their employees, and if you are working for yourself, then you should as well.

Make your work area a haven from the things that could interrupt. Use colors and designs you like hang things that remind you of your success or motivate you to do more. Whatever is going to make you feel comfortable is what is best for you. No one else can dictate these things for you, decide what works best for you and go with it.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Resume' or Resume;

Today's Tip – A resume has a few important factors involved in it. 1) Your personal information. Things like, height, weight, age and so on. 2) Your experience in whichever field you are working in. 3) Skills that you have that others do not. 4) Is the ingredients people want to know before they consume you into their body of work!

We are talking about a resume' today because yesterday was head-shots. Resume using resume's through understanding their format. Whatever field you are in, they have a different format for each. You can easily go online and look up nice templates for any field you are looking for work in. It is a gathering of information that can help you better represent your qualifications for a job.

A lot of people get lost in the format. A quick look into your resume' and a person is done with it. So you want the information to be simple and to the point. The easier it is to navigate through the better off you are. Section your resume' off when writing things out. Your top half should just be quick personal information of yourself. The second half is your experience. This should also be easy to read through. You want to see the important factors in your resume'.

Towards the end of your resume' should show your skills. Skills help your employer see what you are qualified in. Sometimes a person will look directly at your skills to see if your past work is worth checking out. There are times a specific skill is being sought for that particular job. So be precise in your skills. You never know when “able to whistle” could come in handy. The more skills the better, but don't go over bored.

Finally diction. Your verbiage is more vital in some cases than any information you have written. For example “I know how to pack-out shelves.” may come off more powerful if you worded it this way. “I can take multiple directions for situation to utilize my ability in accomplish any assigned task while keeping a time mannered schedule.” You've just told them you can pack-out shelves with finesse. It also says you can do anything and doesn't limit yourself to one particular task.

This works with all forms of employment. From an everyday job to working in entertainment! Good luck!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Performers equals Head-Shot;

Today's Tip – A head-shot is important because it sells you to casting agencies, mangers, companies, etc. Like your business card, you should always have a head-shot on you. It is your major calling card.

Now we don't want you to get confused with other types of head shots. Those of you that play FPS games know what I mean. If not, well to bad. Then there is of course the fun filled motivational poster. As show above in our “Today's Tip” banner. Seriously though, Go get yourself a nice new set of shiny head-shots. They are very useful. In more ways than one. They even look nice enough to hand out as wallet photos for the family.

The purpose of a head-shot is to help Marketing yourself. (There it is again, one of the 3 needs of success) For an actor, or any entertainer trying to get a “role”, or “performance”, a head-shot is your calling card. It is good to still have a business card, but a head-shot shows your face. Thinking outside the box, you could combined the two... a business card with your head-shot on the back.

Though it is highly recommended you have a separate head-shot as well. Make sure your face is forward in the image so they can see your eyes clearly, a nice smile... unless it is a modeling shot then no smile just a plan face. You would also do well not wearing any clothes with logos on it. There are somethings to get you on your way.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Size has nothing to do with it;

Today's Tip – I've heard over the years that size matters. That the bigger your name the more people will want you. Well, this is only slightly true. The real reason people want you is because of your motion. Your motion forward. Keep pushing until you can't push anymore. Just because you have a big name, or your name is out there doesn't mean you can just lay there like a dead fish. People won't enjoy or remember you. Keep in the spot-light and remain desirable.

Lets take a moment to break that paragraph down shall we? < Evil Grin };-) >

Size has nothing to do with it, regardless of male or female entertainer. People will tell you it does but if you make yourself available someone will jump at the chance to jump on you... and all you have to offer them.

Granted that the bigger your name is, the more known you happen to be, the further afield your reputation for excellence in your passion is... the more likely they will be to work with you.

Slightly true, indeed. If you happen to be a carrier of certain, shall we say sickness’s, illness's perhaps disease, from all of the partners you have been with then maybe they will look elsewhere... so be up front and honest in your dealings and no one will question your value to them because of a bad attitude with others.

The real reason people will want to be with you is because of your constant motion, even in what could be considered “compromising positions.” No matter what or who has you down, you always rise to the occasion and finish the job you start with panache and a huge BANG!, at the end for a more impactful consummation of your relations. Keep at it until the job is done and everyone is satisfied... This way your reputation is intact, and in demand.

Remember just because your big and have a reputation doesn't mean you can't do more. No one wants to have even a short term relationship with someone who is know as a starfish, just lying around waiting for someone else to take the lead, and even when they are participating its obvious they would rather be anywhere else than with you. Starfish are boring they just lie there barely moving just a head two arms and two legs doing nothing... No one remembers a Starfish boring isn't helpful.

Keeping yourself in the spotlight is the key. Be all you can to as many as you can, Walk the streets if you need to someone is always willing to pay for a great service. Remember to market yourself, dress appropriately to the job at hand, be punctual and intimately involved with your clients...

remember success comes with repetition... and for gods sake have some fun with the subject matter.. maybe some role-playing :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Be consistent;

Today's Tip – Work at an effort of 100%. If you are performing in front of people let that show be a great show even if only one person is there or a thousand. If you are work, take that job to the limits as you are always representing yourself. Not so much the product/project/company, but yourself. You want people to see you as a hard working because you are a hard worker.

There have been times when I worked a half day, I did half of what I was supposed to. Usually do to illness or some other type of problem like anthrax or plague. The fact is though that when you work for you, as so many of us who read and write for this blog do, it's not realistic at all. Even with my half day problem at work I was usually sent home because while anthrax wasn't contagious, plague was. SO my staff would kick me out so they wouldn’t catch it. If you have the plague... then stay home but still work. Do those things you can do like make calls, or write to people. Plan, Brainstorm, make a list of things to do. Use the downtime that has been forced on you to focus on the planning process rather then the doing process. You have to give 100% at all times to be successful in whatever it is you do. No matter what you need to stay on the path.

Anyone who went to HS knows the story of the road not taken, you may not remember it but I can remind you. Here is the First Stanza;

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler,
long I stood And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Remember now? Even if you don't... it's a good poem. You have only two real paths to take in life. You cannot chose both. Look at them both, success and failure. Take the time to look at the obstacles. Then choose. The final Stanza is this;

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

As you tell the story of your life maybe you have regrets maybe its wistful remembrance, the choice is yours. You are already on the road less traveled, the one of enlightenment and hard work, the one of introspection. Make sure you do give it 100% so that sigh you give is of contentment on your choices. Giving this life less than your all at all times will make the road you choose anything but a beautiful parable for others to compare against.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Hut, Hut, Hike... Blitz!!!;

Goal setting is one thing. Having a plan is another. The plays one makes in life is no different than the plays in a football game. If you have plays to jump into then an audible won't be a big deal. Sometimes you jump into a situation ready but you are met by changes you were not prepared for. Be ready at all time. Have a plan when going into any situation.

So you like football? No, me either even though I played all through HS. Here is the thing though... It is a good analogy. When playing football the goal is to get to the end zone and make a touchdown or prevent the other team from doing so. Let's say there are two teams both made up of... CLONES. Everything is identical about them, except this, one team has a plan and has set up steps called plays (plans) in order to reach their goal (TOUCHDOWN THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!) The other team has no plays. Here is about what would happen “...and at the end of the first quarter the score is 70-0.” Sound a bit familiar?

Success comes from having goals and making plans to reach it by taking steps to get there. Simple running out into life and saying “I WANT TO WIN!” isn’t enough for you to win. You will get trampled, mauled ending up bloody bruised and broken. No one wants that for you, least of all us. You need goals, you need plans, you need to use your head for more then holding a helmet on. Start making plans to get what you want, be realistic about them and get a move on. Once everything is in place start rushing until you reach the goal.

Yes, I really do hate football now, to many rules.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yes. did you just yes me? Yes.;

Today's Tip – Yessing a person to death can kill your chances of making an impression worth holding on to. Of course, being “yessed” to death may be a way you can identify their lack of interest in you. Use it as a barometer to figure out which direction you should take that encounter. Listen and respond!

We do it to people all the time. Think back to when you lived at home and your Mom or Dad asked you to do something like, “Go take out the garbage.” You would say, “Yes, I will in a minute.” Thirty minutes later they would say something along the lines of, “Didn't I ask you to take out the garbage?” You would still respond “Yes.” Indicating that you did. This would usually be followed up by “Well go do it!” At which point you might have done it or this could have gone on for a while, rinse and repeat until infinity and beyond. See the point, you weren’t listening and didn’t care or didn't want to do it so you just tossed the word yes at them, so they would think you were going to... You weren’t though and that happens to you all the time as an entertainer, and guess what you are the one being yessed now.

On the opposite side of the coin, you may be doing this to others killing your chances of making a good impression. The people you interact with will not think well of you and may think your not worth their time if this goes on for too long. The solution is simple though, just be honest and straightforward. If you can do something and want to then tell them that. If you can't do something, then let them know that as well. Don't try placating people for the sake of being agreeable, they will respect your honesty more.

Simple, just be honest. In the moment, they may be unhappy with you, but in the long term, they will respect you more.