Thursday, May 31, 2012

Remember the right ingredients; Throwing out rotten food

Today's Tip – Remember the right ingredients; Throwing out rotten food -

Living life with rotted food helps with one things. Smelling up your living space. Throwing out rotten food is very helpful. There is no need to eat it, it has no nutrients. Why spend time storing this waste of space? Keep your healthy food segregated from rotten food. You'll protect it while being able to live comfortably! The truth of the matter is, keeping unhealthy food in your living space will ultimately bring your happy environment down.

Food, people, situations, they are all possible rotten dilemma. Use this analogy to organize your needs forward. Remember, your happiness is important for personal productivity. Living in any environment with unhealthy rotten food, people or situations can only bring your mood of joy down. Stay around positive attitudes. Keep yourself positive. Life is beautiful, and so are you!

Remove yourself from moments you feel are taking away from you. Think inward to who you are. Are you making choices that bring you down? Are you sad? What makes you feel demotivated? Your life is the most important one you have going. Pay attention to it and allow your joy to shine. The brighter you glow, the stronger you produce outcome towards your success. I have faith in you, you should have faith in yourself.
Deadly Nights

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Remember the right ingredients; Experiment with the recipes

Today's Tip – Remember the right ingredients; Experiment with the recipes -

If the path to success is written in stone how can one change up the process? The process has been mixed up for years while people tried to find better ways to success. Yes, you have to always Network, Market, and Practice, this is true no matter how you place it. The idea is, how to utilize these needed areas. Experiment! There literally are millions of ways to do each of these 3 needs of success.

Networking is cultivation relationships to help build rapport with individuals. T.A.C.; The Art of Conversation, helps build your tunnels of networking with an understanding of “How to say it”, “When to say it”, and “Why to say it”. Each of which have millions of paths to choose from. The fun is learning which works best for you. You NEED to Network, so mix it up out there by finding new ways to build these budding relationships.

Experimenting is how we learned T.A.C. It's how we grew to realize your needs to success. With every choice you make you are learning. So, if you were told a bridge is build like “x”, than someone, somewhere, said “No, a bridge is built with like this!”. You now have gone from a simple “Log bridge” to an amazing “Truss Bridge”. At a time a log bridge was amazing until someone experimented. Listen, respond, learn, develop, grow, experiment and enjoy your own touch to a new recipe!
Deadly Nights

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Remember the right ingredients; Eating correct portions

Today's Tip – Remember the right ingredients; Eating correct portions -

Now that you have a nice basic list going, and your spices ready to use, where to now? Slow and steady, and don't over eat your needed vitamins/nutrition for each day. As with food, there is a thing known as overdoing something. Your body will only absorb so many vitamins throughout the day. As with your mind, body and spirit-to-do, will get overwhelmed when you keep pushing without resting.

Limit yourself to about 1 hour a day. Do this for about 3 months. If you feel perfectly find going longer at this point then add another 30 to 60 minutes more to your needs as you grow stronger towards your success. Wiping yourself out before you are done, will bring you to a halt, or even demotivate you. Working toward your goals to success are perfectly reasonable when using the correct portions.

First of all, when you finish your hour it helps your mind feel like you accomplished an event. It keeps your body energized for other things during your day. Your spirit-to-do seems focused with completion. Map out your will power, ability and goals to work with yourself, not against yourself. What you want is great, and working within your needed portions will help you get there quicker. Feel good about what you are doing by eating within correct portions.
Deadly Nights

Monday, May 28, 2012

Remember the right ingredients; Preparation

Today's Tip – Remember the right ingredients; Preparation -

Check your ingredient list. Look it over twice, even a third time if you have to. You could even leave the book/computer open while setting everything up. What are we preparing to make? Success! Where does it all begin? By having a plan and knowing what you need to accomplish that plan. Every route is basically the same. You need to Network, Market and Practice. Now breaking that all down to specifics, where to begin?

Every goal, every dream, has basic ingredients. You want to become a great musician? Basic ingredients; Guitar & case (cheap to start), lessons (or books to self teach), picks (or finger strengthening for finger style), a tuner, metronome, instrument strap, little amplifier and quarter inch instrument cable (If you didn't go with an acoustic), and of course a nice instrument stand along with a music stand. So there you go. You have your basic ingredients.

Want to be a great musician? Now add the flavored ingredients, the spice; Practice a minimum of 15 minutes a day everyday, find a style you love and work on that, increase your knowledge by building your musical theory, jam with as many people as you can, go to shows and network with people, start getting your name out there with marketing (cards/stickers/website) and remember to have FUN. This is just an idea of how everything works. Write a list out and eat up all the fun.
Deadly Nights

Friday, May 25, 2012

Dress for success; Be comfortable with it

Today's Tip – Dress for success; Be comfortable with it -

Getting ahead in success starts with you. Being comfortable helps you concentrate a lot more. So, this week, we've talked about dressing to suite the person, be yourself, undergo a transformation into a particular part and with all that said if you are comfortable in your outfit “whichever that may be” than you'll be more focused. Take noticed to how you are dressing. If you are relaxed in your outfit, perfect. If not, then change it up till you do feel relaxed!

Another great thing about dressing comfortable is how it moves your emotions. That's right, the color, style, and materials all affect you in one way or another. Much more, they affect others too. Controlling the mood of a situation can comedown to wearing lighter colors, or darker colors. An appeasing image can change another person's reaction to your entrance to a room. So all the while you keeping yourself comfortable in nice clothes helps move you forward.

One more bit of advice on dressing comfortable comes down to your shoes. Shoes on the feet protect your toes, ankles, knees, back and neck. You're on your feet most of the day, so treat them kindly. Protect them with well fitted shoes, padded, and balanced to your foot's structure. Yes, your foot has a different design than others. It's important to keep your feet happy, for they keep the rest of your body inline. Enjoy your new outlook on success in dress!
Deadly Nights

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dress for success; Performance is a Performance is a Performance

Today's Tip – Dress for success; Performance is a Performance is a Performance -

“What to wear, what to wear? I'm late, for a very important date” Amazingly enough what to wear defines your performance. It's a deep part of your character. What character? They one you are performing. When acting, doing comedy, music, meeting people for the first time, dating, doing business, living your life... you have a character you're performing. Be it who you are, or a part of who you are, what you wear helps define that character.

Ia play, you normally dress up in another “person's” clothing. A character's clothing different from your own styled wardrobe. Singing on stage, well when do you see a successful band on stage dressed in their normal attire? Even comedians have a look, Rodney Dangerfield anyone? A maybe for a job interview or a meeting you wear a tie. The point is, you dress the part for the part.

Who you are is mostly important when being true to yourself. When performing, on stage, or in front of a crowd, the idea is to dress the part. Performance is a performance is a performance means getting into the role you are about to take on is helped by dressing up in the outfit that correlates with said role. Take on the persona of your character while creating a passionate part of yourself within it. When your actions have meaning so do their outcomes.
Deadly Nights

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Naked Truth

Today's Tip – Dress for success; The Naked Truth -

Whatever you wear, however you dress remember to be as naked as possible. The naked truth of who you are is important to self growth. If you understand where you are coming from, why, and who you are inside and out than you need not cover up your person. Speak your heart while staying true to your personal goals/dreams. There is no fear to believing in you, speak of you, creating of you, and bringing a part of your personal art into this world.

The first goal to knowing your path is knowing what you want and staying true to that path. Have a voice that you are willing to express. Don't fear who you are. Each color creates possibilities in this world. So when dressing for success your naked truth is a perfect outfit to help bring reality to your dreams. Hiding who you are to keep peace is a chance taken without a step. The norm has only walked side by side with social standards.

Life is about moving forward through evolutionary ideas. Your brain is always growing with change. Let is speak out, let yourself be given the floor. Make an impression on this world with your grand ideas. You get one shot at life, many shots at opportunity, which are limited only by your ability to break free of fear. Fear gives you restrictions. Fear keeps you from growing. Tear off your outfit of fear and run through the streets naked and open... metaphorically speaking that is!
Deadly Nights (Band)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dress for success; On your shoulder

Today's Tip – Dress for success; On your shoulder -

In business emotion on your shoulder could mean a losing negotiation. Let's face it, business has nothing to do with friendship. It has to do with money. It has to do with securing your productivity and longevity in this world, financially. Emotions are always there, they tend to push us from side to side, guide us without direct logic. Even tell us to look at things, and maybe not in the clearest way either. So when it comes to emotions what can one do?

Thinking logically brings you through any given situation. Once you have all your facts in line, details, understanding, than you can place an emotion of it. Why hold off on your emotional involvement when it comes to business? 1) emotions, good or bad, actually bring down your I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient) down. Technically your I.Q. Can't get lower. It is what it is. Your control/concentration on rationalizing gets scattered. EX: “A fool in love”, “Seeing red”.

Of course 2) When you are in a fight, the person who loses their temper loses the battle. A wise person keeps themselves aware of their situation. When we're at work, or doing what we love, others tend to upset us. Well, allow ourselves to get upset, and that's okay because sometimes enough is enough. The idea is to try and breathe as much as you can. It's okay if someone else is being unaware.

Stay focus, allow yourself an opportunity to be true to your path. In the end, emotions are perfect for reflecting a situation that had occurred. They also show you are passionate, caring, and alive! So enjoy all your emotional adventures, good or bad, they bring your human side to reality. Importantly, be in control of your destiny as you walk into the world Dressed for success!
Deadly Nights (Band)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Dress for success; Wearing is caring?

Today's Tip – Dress for success; Wearing is caring? -

Does an outfit secure a person's success? What you wear is what you get? Some people have said if you look a part you get the part. People will respect a person in a police outfit (sometimes) but they will always give them the correct reaction to that outfit every time, and not the person. When a police officer (real or fake), one cannot always tell, comes up to you, you end up reacting solely on your emotional reaction to their getup.

It is about caring for a person, not what they wear. Oddly, one's outfit gives you a sense of instant security on your feelings of who a person is. A doctor walks in for the first time on you, and they are wearing a traditional doctor's outfit. You become ready to listen and respond. Take into consideration, not everything you see is what is really there. This is one-way on how a con-artist takes advantage of another person.

Dressing for success; Be aware of who you are talking with first, before you allow your eyes to control your path. Networking is about listening and responding, how to say it, when to say it and why to say it. Clothes may make the person, but their personality will divine the outcome. This is a good way to make sure you are not being scammed. A dressed up room, person, idea, is only the beginning. Listen in to who the person is before you embrace chance.
Deadly Nights (Band)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Persevere through setbacks!; I have no time in 24 hours

Today's Tip – Persevere through setbacks!; I have no time in 24 hours -

Finding time can be easy with focus. When you know all about time, yourself, and what you need to be getting done you can easily figure out how to work a 24 hour day like a master. First, let us assume you sleep your normal 8 hours. Now, we are down from 24 to 16 hours. Let us also assume you have a full time job. Now you are down 8 hours from 16 hours which brings you to... 8 hours left to play with. Okay, now the crazy stuff.

You have to shower, ready yourself and drive to and from work. Where does that leave you? OH, we forgot eating. Eating is a big part of your day. All that is going to take another 3 hours. Wow... we just brought our self time down to 5 hours. 5 hours... what can one do with 5 hours? How about some relax time. Sort of like a decompressing grace period? I like to give myself about 2 hours to just do nothing. Since it appears I've been running around for 19 hours.

So, two hours less than 5 hours equals 3 hours of open time in the day. In three hours you can change the world my friend. It only takes 1 hour a day to focus on your goals. With that leaving you 2 hours left you can give another 1 hour toward setting up tomorrows tasks. This will always give you a great head start on what you need to be doing. Since, you'll most likely not be wasting time getting started, you'll already be started. 1 hour left. This is a free hour.

At this point you have earned an hour of your life back. You can do whatever you want with this hour. Anything. We already figured out your cleaning time, bathing time, and cooking time. So, now you have found an hour. Look at this, before you were wondering how come you had no time in 24 hours. Now you just found one full hour to do anything you really wanted to do! I'd use this time to hug yourself for such an accomplishment. You now have all the time in the world!
Deadly Nights (Band)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Persevere through setbacks!; I forgot my notes, study hard

Today's Tip – Persevere through setbacks!; I forgot my notes, study hard -

When in a meeting research is essential to winning over your audience. If you forgot your notes how can one be prepared in that situation? Memorizing your research is a great starting point. It is not all about sitting down and memorizing every bit of information. It is about going over your research and presentation to the point where it becomes secondhand. Wasting your time memorizing is like getting ready for a test.

A presentation is more of a presentation of your personality. You are selling yourself so they buy into listening to you. How do you get this to happen? Understand what you are talking about. Notes are a simple selling point. People like to know you have your stuff together. That is the point to notes. They help visually prove you did your homework. Speaking off the cuff (with a memorized direction) will get the job done.

Set up your room in a meeting situation. Then go through your presentation. Start with talking alone, then bring friends over, or family, to watch you bring the magic. Ask them to give you notes on what you had done. You can even have them ask you questions during your presentation of where they may or may not be confused. This will allow you a moment to clarify, or rework your presentation to rid if of anything too convoluted.
Deadly Nights (Band)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Persevere through setbacks!; Got fired, create work

Today's Tip – Persevere through setbacks!; Got fired, create work -

I have no skills. How do I find a skill worth making me a commodity? This is your beginning to figuring out what it is you can do. Look at what you have done. See where your strengths are. You'll have to do a little soul-searching, back tracking through your history, and write down a list of all the things you come up with. Make it fun. You get to really look into who you are. You will be surprised what you find.

It is as amazing as looking deeply into what you have done. Say you were a cashier when you were 16. What skill do you have out of that? Obviously, social skills. Networking, dealing with people everyday. Some times you get a feisty person who just wants to get in and out. Other times you get a chatty person. The point is, you learned to deal with these moments. There must have a been a good amount of people coming through that line.

So, skill #1 People Skills or better yet; Able to handle personal interrelationships between numinous personal while dealing with any situations to focus it on solving the problem at hand.

Think of it this way. You also learned how to count money and work a machine while focusing on other things. You were “multitasking”. Which is a great skill. It is amazing how much you can learn about yourself when you break it down to a focus point. Besides that, right now you are working your brain. The more brainstorming you do the more strength you give your brain for problem solving. That in itself is a great skill.

People are hired for “Think Tanks” all the time. The faster you can figure out a solution, the fast you'll find yourself getting work. Bring work to you. Create it by finding out who you are, what you can do. Prove to the world you have worth by proving to yourself you have worth. Then, start up a company by getting incorporated! Get fired up and go create some work!
Deadly Nights (Band)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Persevere through setbacks!; Broke, fix it!

Today's Tip – Persevere through setbacks!; Broke, fix it! -

No money? Set a budget! Literally no money, make some money. How, you ask? If you are still lost on how to bring money in using your skill then there are other methods. A job for one would help. Of course, working to recoup money will never earn you wealth. Though, sometimes you just need a little cash-o-la to get you going. So, find a nice full time job.

What about trying to live out my dreams if I have no time working a full time job?

No problem. Set a budget to save enough money to live off of while focusing on your career. If you have the money saved to live safely for 6 months, or even a year (your choice) you'll have all the time in the world. Save a good chunk of money, while spending as little as possible on unneeded things. This way you'll have the money to sustain your life while making your dreams come true. Figure out what you need to live without a job. Earn that, then go!

I have way too many bills?

If you can, get a consolidation loan. By consolidating your bills you can pay a smaller total while cleaning up your bills. This also goes on you, work hard to spend what is needed, not what you wants. Also, look into what you have been doing to acquire those bills. See what is needed and what has been for your comfort. It is time to take your life into your own hands and make things happen. So, sacrifice is a necessity.

Remember, this is your life and what you dream for you must reach for to get it. Anything is possible with action!
Deadly Nights (Band)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Persevere through setbacks!; Behind your goals, get ahead

Today's Tip – Persevere through setbacks!; Behind your goals, get ahead -

Adjusting goals is a great way to get back on track. Normally when you may feel overwhelmed or way behind, it can be discouraging. There is no worry when this happens. Life sometimes takes us outside our control. So, to take back control, you need only readjust the situation. Maybe spread your goals out a little further. Instead of 5 goals that need to be done this month, make it 2 this month, 2 the next and 1 the following.

Keep your goals focused and steady. That is important, but spreading them out is always completely helpful in getting back ahead of the game.

Another interesting idea is taking your important steps and breaking them down into smaller steps. Instead of putting a lot of time into one major step, look into completing a few simpler steps. This will give you the feeling of accomplishment while also working toward your major goal. This method is great because it gives you an opportunity to really dissect what you are doing, and have to do, to reach your goals.

Write your goals down so you can tangible see them. This will help you work them out, and brainstorm.

Finally, look inward at what you know you can do. There is no shame in asking for help outside what you feel might be above your ability (at this time). With practice, all things become easier. Friends, family and if you have a little extra cast, hire a company that handles marketing, goal-setting and accomplishment. This way, at least you are working on things yourself and when you feel a little overwhelmed you still know stuff is getting done.

Work within your budget, hire out within your budget and keep your time to a budget. You get 24 hours in a day and 8 of those you are normally sleeping. Now, get behind your goals to get them ahead!
Deadly Nights (Band)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Moving Forward; Frustration

Today's Tip – Moving Forward; Frustration -

Wanting to tear out every strain of hair off someone's head? Tired of hearing no, maybe, not interested? Sick of people rejecting your ideas, art, music, talent? Think you are the best out there but no one wants to listen to give you one big shot? If only the right person “did” give you a shot you'd be able to show them you “can” do it. You “will” do it. You “are” the best at what you do. Of course, there are millions of people out there who are the best at what they do. So now what?

Move forward with inner faith. Be vigilant in your convictions. Two thinks can happen from a moment of frustration, due to these and numerous other variables. 1) You could start giving others that one chance you've always wished someone would give you. (when you are in a situation to do so of course. “Pay it forward”. And 2) make them notice you not because you are asking them to, but because they have no other choice but to see all the amazing things you have, been, and going to do.

Let the world know about you. In these amazing times we have social media forums. You've heard about them, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Wordpress, etc. Create a voice on these sites, create a voice in the physical world that lead them to hear your branding power through your original website. Make your website stand out in any way you can. In a world of imagination you can come up with millions of ideas. Record yourself and pass it around Youtube, write about the life you are growing within your craft on blogs.

Get people to listen by being interesting, not just dictating “HEY LOOK AT ME”. Create something even you would listen to and read. The master's trick to making it all work is interacting. Get people to listen to you because you are listening and responding to them. People care more about themselves than what you have to offer, until you let them know you really do care about what they have to say. Then they will listen to you. Of course, you want to actually care about them in one way or another. Place some time into them and you while moving forward!!!
Deadly Nights (Band)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Moving Forward; NO, no I am not interested

Today's Tip – Moving Forward; NO, no I am not interested -

Good, they said no. No is at the least a conversation. Because you got an answer. How can one take a no and make it a yes? Believe it or not; Research, research, research!!! That's right. Researching changes the tides. When you know about what you are doing you'll be confidant, focused and direct with your conversation. Do this through working out a chart filled with bullet-point facts to help guide you through a phone conversation.

While working someone in person you'll still need that information. Memorize as much as you can in a fluent manor so you can converse with your intended target with ease. If you are searching for answers in your head, and out loud, then your target is searching for a way to leave that conversation. Be comfortable with talking on the phone or in person. It will reflect nicely for you while trying to get things going. Also, be aware a “no” doesn't mean never.

Practice makes perfect. Go do open mic nights to get use to talking in front of people. Also try talking to everyone you meet in open ended conversations. Work on people you “feel” you have nothing to gain. This will make you comfortable. Of course, everyone has worth, so you'll gain a companion, associate or another person to have alongside this life journey of yours! Know, no means they are interested... interested in moving forward...
Deadly Nights (Band)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Moving Forward; What you want, what you get

Today's Tip – Moving Forward; What you want, what you get -

You wake up with an idea, you live your day with an idea, you dream and write down possibilities. These are things you want. These are things that makes us move throughout the day in excitement. What do you want? How can you get it? Moving forward is about making choices, seeing positivity in situations that just don't seem to go your way. Making the best of a moment that goes. We all have ideas of what we want, though it is not always what you get.

You work hard to make an idea come to life. For what you want is something you try to make happen. Then something outside your control takes that opportunity away from you and you are left with what you get. Embrace that get. Take it to the next level. Just because you are not getting what you want, now, you can still get what you need through what you got.

As with goals, you have to rearrange times restraints or other parts of your S.M.A.R.T. Goals. So, when what you get is different than what you want just rearrange your needs while trying to continue forward with your wants. Everything comes to you in time, so feel free to be happy now that you have things going. Work towards your goals with patients. Be confident, aware and focused for everything to workout in your favor. Things don't always workout how we see it in our heads, but things will workout by placing effort while moving forward.
Deadly Nights (Band)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Moving Forward; A million great things vs one uncontrolled event

Today's Tip – Moving Forward; A million great things vs one uncontrolled event -

Reputation is important, to an extent. Who you are, what you do, why you do it, when you do it and where you do it all adds up to context. You can build that reputation up for years. Being known as a person who is always uplifting, always thinking of helping people in any way possible. Then, you get taken advantage of through some means of trying to help others and any negative reflection hurts you, and all parties involved.

Who gets the blunt of it? You of course. So now what? A million great things has amount to nothing in the depths of one uncontrolled event. All your hard work is placed under a table. Are you over? Not even close. You still have your word, you still have your inner strength. You still are you. What people perceive of you is on them. Look at this as an opportunity for growth. Learn from what has happened and work harder to make things right.

There is an old saying in entertainment; “You're only as good as your last show”. Luckily, your last show is right before you give up. So, never give up. Fight on till your days of life say no, and even then, fight on! Your bad show is not your last show, it's just another show in a line of many more great shows. Practice makes perfect! That's why you must always clean off any dirt when you fall and move forward!

Break the walls of what is seen on the outside, for not everyone can see behind a big red curtain to the truth. That's the illusion of acting, you're believing what you're seeing, not the pain, or any emotion going on in what prep came for that performance to happen. Actors have to carry that burden of their direction, their motivation, their context. Where as an audience need only take in what they see and create an emotional response to it all. Play on, play on...
Deadly Nights (Band)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Moving Forward; Uncontrollable Issues

Today's Tip – Moving Forward; Uncontrollable Issues -

Sometimes when you are trying to do the best you can you are hit with snafus. Problems outside your control. Your method of to handle these situations changes everything. Think positive. Figure out what went wrong, why it went wrong or where it is going wrong. Deal with your subject matter in a professional manor and watch life take form to what has been going on. When looking forward, you will find footing to allow your stride to take place.

Ah, stride. Moving forward is a great feeling of accomplishment. It comes from being aware of what you are doing, why you are doing it and how you are doing it. It's perfectly okay to change things up from time to time in an effort to increase productivity. When things go wrong, it is all about finding ways to make them right. We always have control over what comes next in any situation.

Lay it down before you, take responsibility into your own hands. Ownership of faults helps us recognize our personal strengths and weakness. Every weakness is a strength waiting to happen. You can grow that weakness to a strength through working it out in every way. Or, you can learn to work around it. Since there are no walls only solutions, it is imperative you learn about yourself the most, the situations second, and your options thirds... you know, all at the same time of course.
Deadly Nights (Band)