Monday, July 27, 2015

Content vs Experience – What is Content vs Experience

• BBR Productions Inc : Content vs Experience – What is Content vs Experience

People love following any experience or adventure from a person making things happen. Content is information a person must earn over time. Before that moment, it is important to get people/audiences to start getting into the value of a specific Brand. When that time comes, an audience will follow every aspect of said Brand. Content is information which has little to nothing to do with a Brand. From a movie, jokes, books, even advertisements. Experience is all the fun behind said content's creation. The journey if you will.

Content can add or take away from a Brand; but it is very tricky to maintain a steady open growth with Content. As audiences find value in being entertained by that specific content. Once that content changes it could push an audience away. Example: When bands change up their musical style. Dream Theater is a great example of Content vs Experience. Every album released has a completely different sound. Fans are usually filled with mixed feelings when it first comes out. After a while they come around. Experience for Dream Theater, or any other Brand, is behind the scenes. Case in point.

People love knowing what they do before / during / and after a show is performed at, or an album is recorded. They love seeing Dream Theater's path to success. Their music is just a bonus. It's a reward for fans with a deep passion towards that Brand. And even when they have mixed feelings, because the sound changed on a new album, they come around to love it like other albums. Usually. Let a fan-base follow a Brand's adventure to success. Once everyone is there, reward them with quality content which reflects that Brand.

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