Thursday, September 26, 2013

Help bring The Rose Theater back to life

The Rose Theater; 1320-2 Lincoln Ave Holbrook, NY 11741

Hello friends and family,

BBR Productions Inc, and The Rose Theater (which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization) who is devoted to making a difference in the community. We provide the highest quality programs that benefit all residents in our city and surrounding areas. We teach artist education, along with life-coaching programs to help better individuals, companies, and other organizations in their venture to succeed.

We ask that you consider supporting our cause. This year our campaign's goal is $15,000. Funds from the campaign will be used to expand and enhance our existing programs, and help rebuild the theater so people have a place to call their home, and get a yes when others would say no to beginning performers, directors, and writers.

Your donation will be acknowledged in several ways;

$100 Donation

• 3 months of ADs; The Rose Theater & BBR Productions Inc, own an internet radio station; We'll place an AD on our 24/7 airing station.

• Social Media; Links, and marketing blurbs will be placed on our 4 Facebook pages, 4 Twitter pages, 4 Blogs, and 4 different Websites.

• Once The Rose Theater opens your Name/Company will be placed on a large thank you list plack hung up in the theater entrance, including 3 months of Playbill AD space of your business card.

$250 Donation

• You get everything for the $100 donation, including the following;

• Your Name/Company on its own plack with the following information on it: Phone, Website and Address (or any combination of those)

• A Season Pass (6 months long : Season Pass)

The Rose Theater relies on support of generous donors such as you. Your donation will help ensure the success of our future, and to help bring reality to the dreams of our community. We thank you for your consideration of our request, and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Any donation of $10 can change the course of possibility to help us bring reality to our dreams. If you would like to pay through a Paypal account, here is the email address (, or mail in a check written out to “BBR Productions Inc.” our mailing address is 1320-2 Lincoln Ave Holbrook NY 11741 ATTN: Donations

Peace in harmony,

Thomas J. Bellezza
President of The Rose Theater

• Checks written out to "BBR Productions Inc"
• Credit cards by calling the office 631.599.2263
• Paypal our email paypal name is

Friday, September 20, 2013

Education : Class Act

Today's Tip • Education : Class Act

To be the best one must practice their skill over and over again. Even the greats continue to practice through continuing their education. There are many classes out their to help further education in any field a person desires. For an actor, find a good acting class where you feel comfortable being involved in. Even owning a business, or living your life as a business, there are classes out there to help develop your mind in these fields. Being smart begins with saying yes to education. The rest is filling up your brain with knowledge.

Even successful people continue to take classes in their respected fields. They are successful because they wish to continue practicing simply to better themselves by keeping up with their craft / mind. This also includes seminars, or other educational programs. Yes, some of them will cost you money, as others will be free. The old saying is, “you get what you pay for.” This also works against a person's mind. If they pay nothing, they feel they are getting nothing. When they pay for something they take it more seriously. That's why seminars are vague and get you thinking.

A seminar is designed to have your brain start working without giving you defining objectives. The best seminars have you leave with new ideas, concepts and possibilities. Seminars will always lead you to a class. Which is good, you should be taking classes to help better your skill. Work hard, study hard, and become the hardest working person in your field to become the most successful working person in your field. Live your life everyday. It is your life, why live it and educate it, because you deserve to be a perfect Class Act of knowledge.

Call our office : 631.599.2263

BBR Productions Inc

Make A Right Left Here (Entertainer : Thomas J. Bellezza)
DFH (Band)
Joe Pontillo (Comedian)
Shure Thing (Band)
Sharon Green Medicaid Consultant (Business)
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Martyrd (Band)
TwitchTwitch Productions (Business)