Saturday, June 30, 2012

Community; Payment if needed

Today's Tip – Community; Payment if needed -

A helping hand from the community at hand doesn't always come for free. Some times we need an extra helping hand. This business of finding success doesn't come cheap. It comes at a cost, that cost is our time, our money, our dedication, our chances, our will. It can be overwhelming at times. It is not a sign of weakness when you extend your arm with an open hand looking for help. It is even less of a weakness when you realize you need the help.

Help comes in two forms; Free, or Paid. Free help still costs you something. Again, it costs you, your time, your money (To buy a person food / gas / a present – because you have to hook a person up for their help), your dedication to waiting till you must help them back, etc. So, free is just as expensive as Paid. What do you get for paid? Experienced individuals, companies that are dedicated to a specific service/skill.

When the time comes where you need help, remember your options. Free or Paid, you have options. Both have pros and cons; both are worth thinking about. Always weigh out your list of possibility. Know your personal budget, your business budget, and your mental budget of your time. Each effort forward helps the destination you so strive for. In the beginning of it all, remember that there is indeed a community of options out there. Enjoy, enrich, and dream!

Community; Helpful hands

Today's Tip – Community; Helpful hands -

More comes to those who help. Lend a hand to local opportunities of volunteer work. Communities grow when you stand in and assist. The networking magic of becoming a part of something bigger is priceless. It is nice to have on your resume too. Besides that, you're helping people who need it. Another wonderful thing is you get to see the inner workings of how volunteers can change this world one step at a time.

This information is vital when relating it to your own life. How you run your life, should be just the same as a business, causes your future to unfold or flop. This is a great venture to gain some notoriety among individuals as you learn a new craft/skill. A huge plus is any knowledge that comes from working with, or running a “Not For Profit” company. Since there are many benefits to owning a “Not For Profit”, you can be a part of that schooling.

Some interesting things about a “Not For Profit” is your caps for earnings, who can work with you, how you bring in money, etc. If you can make a “Not For Profit” work, than you can make your own company work, your life's personal budgets and any venture you walk into. So, what did we learn? We learned that your helpful hands can assist those in need while learning how to grow as a business. Helping leads to helping!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Community; Partnerships

Today's Tip – Community; Partnerships -

A band is partnership. A company has many partnerships. Actors in a show or troupe are a collection of partnerships. Your family, friends and lovers are all in a relationship of some design forming a partnership. Even when you buy gum at a store you are creating a partnership between you and another person, that company. They are everywhere. A partnership is vital to success. It is your livestock to making things happen.

Maybe not directly, but indirectly, each partnership you encounter is as important as the next, last and the one you are having now with the internet. Grow kindness with these partnerships. Each one needs to be nurtured, respected, and cultivated into something grander than a hello and goodbye. For every person(s) you meet, your next venture is being inspired. Even a negative encounter can change everything.

Clearly state to yourself, and others, what each partnership represents. Being open, and having the ability to discuss your partnership can help create better opportunities. Workout your partnerships with each person(s) you come into contact with. Learn who they are to you, and what you are to them. These partnerships grow with trust. Allow yourself to be ready to help them, or except help from them. Being selfish slows a partnership down, and can ultimately destroy your goal. Communication is key.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Community; Against the odds

Today's Tip – Community; Against the odds -

A million to one shot! This is very accurate, so how does one change their odds? The more you do, the greater your odds. One can sit around waiting for their craft to grow, someone to show up, or for you to get that big break in life. Or, you can go practice your craft, market what you are doing so people can find you, and network with everyone you meet to bring people to your notice.

Fighting against all odds starts with you. Make a plan, set S.M.A.R.T. Goals to achieve this plan. Network, Market and Practice so that you can become more than just another “awesome thing hiding away”. Make efforts forward. Some walls might find their way in front of you. This only means you have an opportunity to figure out how to get through another situation. All this starts with you, having faith in your chances.

You'll find teachers who are nowhere near where you want to be, but they have the knowledge to get you there. They may not have the desire to be who you are, or what your dreams search for. Teachers could have a goal in mind to help people accomplish their own goals. Listen to people who study your craft, know the business and want only the best for you. Where one is, does not determine who one is. Break the stereotypical fears of chance taking!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Community; Working with one another

Today's Tip – Community; Working with one another -

Your craft is a hard craft. It's the hardest craft there is, because it is the craft you have chosen to master. Like the question that is often asked of musicians; “What is the hardest instrument to learn?” They are all hard to learn. They all deserve the same respect, time, and patience from one another. Anything you chose to do, you chose to understand how difficult it is to place your life into its life to learn to master your skill.

So why not join forces with people inside your field? Working with one another to understand what, where, how, when, and why this craft is a good craft to journey towards. Everyone knows something, and sometimes a little more than nothing. Learning by teaming up can help bring you further, and your fellow associates deeper into a path of mastering any craft your desire has brought you to.

One hand is strong, two hands are stronger, one hundred pairs of hands connected to a brain is more powerful than a try. Worlds are ran by more than one person. Games are won with a team working in unison. Life is helped through by being parented (by whoever). And your journey forward starts with encouragement from yourself, those around you, and your ability to present opportunities to encourage those around you. Working as a team will bring victory.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Respect; The law of attraction

Today's Tip – Respect; The law of attraction -

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is more true than most people may believe. Our emotional reaction can change our physical reaction. Being happy, optimistic, joyfully dedicated to your purpose will give you strength. Doing, creates happenings. When you stand around, or wait around, action is being given. That action is the action of nothing. Nothing comes from nothing.

Making things happen by making things happen gets the job done. Take into consideration your will to make things happen. You may place all your efforts into one tangible effort only to come out short where you wanted to be. This is your want of success. What you want, is not always what you need. Feel success in portions. In moments. For, you may have gotten only a small bit of your want taken care of, but not all of it. This does not mean you failed.

Trying is better than doing nothing. Think beyond your wants. Try for your want, except what life has given you. It have you what you needed. Now, you always can try again. What did you learn in your try when you found you only got a little of what you wanted? This is the universes gift to you. The ability to learn from doing. We went from a stick as a weapon to our words as powerful as nuclear bombs. Our minds are always growing even in failure.

I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb.” ~ Thomas Edison

Monday, June 25, 2012

Respect; Nature's Wrath

Today's Tip – Respect; Nature's Wrath -

Nature is important to our success. Respecting its place on Earth will help you grow quicker in your ventures. Plan ahead knowing the season changes, what your local/national weather-person has said, and keep your options open for any possible array of situations. Good or bad, preparation is key when dealing with Nature. For nature has turned the tides of many great nations, you as one person are no exception.

Rain or shine has lead to a lot of outdoor events to grow founder over the years. Is your event better suited for indoors or outdoors? Would rain really destroy your evening? What part of the world arr you in? Snow could change the situation for the better or the worse. Skying would only be helped if the snow is freshly packed. Though, rain might harden the already nice snow and turn it into ice.

Nature's Wrath is also our grand friend. We get days off from school, work, and life. These are moments when our bodies get a moment to rest and relax. Nature is giving you a free day off from dealing with things. Take this time to breathe a little more, to plan, to be prepared for tomorrow. Nature is very smart, it listens to you, it knows when the world needs to be refreshed.

I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” ~ John Muir, 1913,

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today's Tip – Respect; The system of success

Today's Tip – Respect; The system of success -

The system will eat you up and spit you out. It can do that. It has the power to take you over without ever being concern with where you end up. There are millions of people who take steps into being successful in their field. Millions of people fight hard to learn the craft of success. Only a few make it through, only a few find a way in. Those few are the ones that Respect the system.

Finding against a system will only slow you down. Flowing with a system will bring you a industry standard. Find away to learn the system of success, work along the system while standing out above the system. Short cuts lead to getting hurt. When you are cutting with a table saw for wood, without a hand protector, you could end up losing a finger. This would slow down your personal production and damage you for the long run.

Take into consideration your awareness, the system's awareness and what your S.M.A.R.T. Goals are for accomplishing your success. With a good strong plan laid out before you, you can now go after what you have been dreaming to do your whole life. Respect the system by giving it your time, dedication, listening ear, and heart. With everyone trying to beat everyone to the top of the hill, remember... when people work together there is less fighting and more climbing.

I cannot conceive of a greater loss than the loss of one's self-respect.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Respect; For oneself to all

Today's Tip – Respect; For oneself to all -

Your world of success relies on you. Respect yourself. Respect what you do, why you do it. You want something in this world, you must respect yourself enough to believe you deserve it. Why? Because you do deserve it. Your life wants something that you are willing to work hard for, go for it. Make things happen. Life is short, sometimes too short, so why tell yourself no. Try believing in yourself and watch things come to life.

Respecting yourself leads to your success, but it also leads to people respecting you. Lend your personal respect to others. Respecting one another shows a community in growth. Working among your fellow humans in harmony can bring great accomplishment. If anything, at least a synergetic relationship. Working together, with respect, is a healthy way to have your day move smoothly.

One other thing. Respect your day. It is your day, after all. Find yourself living in your day. Some people try and get through their day. Why would you want to get through it? It is a day, one day, out of many that you'll never get back. Respect your life so grandly that you find reason to make anything happen. Give your day your time. Give your day slow breaths. Give your day a moment to reflect how beautifully you'll move along with it, not through it. For your respect will move you into perfect grace of life.

Respect yourself and others will respect you.” ~ Confucius, Sayings of Confucius


Today, Tuesday June 19th marks the release date of "The Mortal Coil" from the metal band "Martyrd".

"If you like a steady diet of crunchy riffs, and pounding drums punching out hook laden metal delivered with technical prowess then Martyrd’s new effort “The Mortal Coil” will light you up” ~ Fingers, WBAB Radio


Monday, June 18, 2012

Respect; Proper etiquette during an event

Today's Tip – Respect; Proper etiquette during an event -

Being on an event is a privilege. Another company or person, allowed you to be placed on a show to help support something. Be it, a club, a name, or a charity. It could be anything. Yet, what is the etiquette of being on that show? Respect. You are not performing on there because you are the all mighty. You're a performer among many other performers. The show is more important than those involved on stage. Remember networking is about others.

So is how you are remembered. Respect the host, the person(s) who put the show together and gave you a chance. Know your set time, what happens if you are going down in a big fire, and if the host flashes you. It's not about how much time you get, but what you do with that time. Take care of yourself by listening and responding to others. When you are flashed by the light to leave, then give the host respect enough by getting off the stage.

Professionalism is seen by all; the audience, other performers, and even the owners of the club/venue are watching. There is a chance your outburst could make it harder for you to be a part of something in the future. Think about what you want from people when you run a show. What you want from people when you are in control. The business of success is about respecting yourself and others. The proper etiquette during an event is always; Behave within the system.

I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.”  ~ Albert Einstein

Friday, June 15, 2012

Frustration; Truth is in the calm

Today's Tip – Frustration; Truth is in the calm -

“To thine own self be true” sums up this helpful tip of the day. Be true to yourself, speak truth, live truth, and walk a path filled of truth. Truth calms your soul. With truth you have no worries of secrets. With truth you know you're standing up for who you are. With truth you become all that you are. People look up to confidence, in the business world of success. Stand your ground, hold back nothing.

Stress comes from fear of being. “What will they think if they know me?”, “What will happen if I tell them the truth?”, what if... “What If”, is a phrase we always advise to stay away from. Hiding things becomes overwhelming to a point where it can control your calm, and/or distract you from your goals. Look inward at your purpose. Who are you, is an important phrase that can help you see your life clearly.

What are your standards? What do you want from others? All these questions lead us back to; “To thine own self be true.” All that you are stands strong against the world around you. If you are true to you, your character will be respected. Those that fear your truth are slowly faded into the background. Surrounding your life with people who hold you back from being you, are only damaging your calm. Live around honest encouragement to see things happen.

You are worth it, the world is worth your truth.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Frustration; HULK Smash, people breathe

Today's Tip – Frustration; HULK Smash, people breathe -

Don't turn green on people. When you are angry let your emotions stay strong and centered. Lashing out at people solves nothing. Since violence only solves violence, let us try breathing. When you are mad, and those around you are being attacked because you lost control, this will only bring a backlash of negativity to you. Success comes from respect. Both of other people, and yourself. If you respect yourself enough to stay calm, you have proven respect for those around you.

Since your ability to think clearly gets distorted when you become angry you'll also find yourself losing control. In the off chance you hurt someone, physically or emotionally, because you were not controlling your anger, then there becomes a whole world of consequences. Think before you act. A phrase heard around the world, in every language. This means know your action. Be your action. Take responsibility for your action. If you act, and you have no control, you are still responsibly in everything you do.

Solution: Breathing exercises to help control your rage-monster inside you. Breaking things get harder to fix, breathing gets easier to learn. Standing, running, sleeping, living, are all great opportunities to breathe. Exercising your ability to breathe starts with focus. Just breathing is great; in, out, in, out. Breathing in control is even better. There are many vocal exercises out there that help maintain a wonderful assortment of breathing techniques. All of which can be utilized during your productive day... and night. While working, while driving, while relaxing!
Deadly Nights

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Frustration; Make an amends with others for you

Today's Tip – Frustration; Make an amends with others for you -

Frustration can lead to anger. Build up frustration can lead to blowing up. Stay grounded in life. Things happen that take us to a different level of pain, hurt, tears. Remember, it is okay. These things are a part of life. They are meant to be here. Building up your frustration can certainly do more harm to your life, especially if you are helping beat it up by attacking yourself. Good thoughts of you, self motivation and positivity are great remedies to help, moving forward.

All this starts with you taking responsibility for your anger. For your fear, for your attack on what ails you. Once you take responsibility, now apologize to your life. Letting yourself become mentally and physically aware of your contribution to this frustration will relieve most of your worries. Where to start though? Other may have affected you in one way or another. Forgive them. Let your life be stronger. It is your life, not theirs. We ultimately are responsible for letting things bother us. We choose to be affected.

So, say to others you forgive them. You except their life for who they are. You will except your own life for who you are. Letting go over the past, letting go of words, and emotions created by things outside your control bring your mind back down to a calm. Forgiving others gives you a chance to forgive yourself. Forgiving yourself lends to healing your future forward. Breathing into a world only beginning! So strap yourself into the ride of life and let it happen. The car might not start, the tape might get stuck, people may rob you... but you are still Alive, and living, so live!
Deadly Nights

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Frustration; Keeping cool when you heat up

Today's Tip – Frustration; Keeping cool when you heat up -

Overheating can lead to frustration. Being comfortable contributes to a cool lifestyle of peace. Harmony is a helpful tool when getting to your boiling point solely on the cause of the weather, room, or situation. Even Crowded areas, or being attacked verbally can lend its hand in bringing your cool to a hot situation. As the saying goes, Being cool as in hot, ill as in sick! Find ways to stay the cause while being cool, calm and collective.

Dress the part. Take some time to do a little research. The outside weather may be nice, the news may say beautiful out, though you have to include where you are going, the time a day and who will be there. All these variables can help guide you to be better prepared for most situations. Your goal is to keep your mind staying cool in heated situations. That body of yours staying steady at a comfortable temperature.

A wonderful idea is to keep a small suitcase in your car at all times with different options for clothes. You never know when you'll need a change of socks! After all, holding your body at a reasonable temperature will keep your mind focused. You'll also keep energized, since heat makes you sleepy. It drains you. Another thing to stay aware of, drink lots of water. Anything to keep you hydrated while performing, living, exercising, etc., as they are all things one must stay hydrated for.
Deadly Nights

Monday, June 11, 2012

Frustration; On the rim of anger

Today's Tip – Frustration; On the rim of anger -

Hold on tight while everything around you pushes you closer to the edge. Your anxiety is growling at you, you noticed every little sound, movement and thought going on around you. You just want to explode while you feel red vision coming over you... What do you do? What should everyone around you do!? It is way overwhelming, screaming seems inevitable, NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Stop! Stand still. Breathe. Close your eyes. Your anger is a product of losing inner control. You are in control, you will be in control. Losing your anger does one thing, it alienates you from the rest of the animals trying to destroy you. A calm mind keeps a cool head. Taking in the moment can be hard, but learning how to move your mind into a safe place is worth all the time it takes to get there. Practice will allow you to stand tall over rapid waters.

Letting out that yell, or lashing out with physical anger lets your mind and body break a beautiful connection. Staying focused without lending your “being” to anger will guide you into personal serenity. Yes, things get crazy. Yes, life can fill you up. Yes, it is all right to fall. Yes, failure is a part of succeeding. Yes, you can do it with a clean, clear, cool mind. Let the rim of anger be a hula-hoop of fun while swinging it around your hips screaming joyful laughter.
Deadly Nights

Friday, June 8, 2012

New start up company;

If you are interested in seeing your options in the web design world, or app world, take a look at this company.

Working the web; A draw, with a little pulling

Today's Tip – Working the web; A draw, with a little pulling -

A draw is what happens when your branding has a fan-base. Pulling is when you are trying to get people's attention. So, when you're trying to build your fan-base you must figure out ways to pull people into becoming life long fans. Where to start? How does a person create opportunities for pulling, to become drawing? Both great questions that have great answers. First, what is your voice for your brand. Once you have that, you can now move on to step 2.

How does a person create opportunities for pulling, to become drawing? Events, excitement, things to let people feel they are contributing. Sparking interest can happen through happy accidents or by focusing your energy on creating a viable branding voice. An event is something that gets people excited. “You can only get this discount through our site.”, “Want free tickets for a show?” - both if you guess this right. An event, people get excited, and are contributing.

Try reaching out to others so they hear you connecting with them. This is a form of pulling. The more you interact with people the more they can create a conversation of interest with your and your brand. After a while they start having the conversation solely with your brand, leaving you to sit back while your brand takes over. This takes a little while since all success happens in a year, wealth grows in five years and you become wealthy in tens years... Of working hard for your goals.
Deadly Nights

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Working the web; Linking the HUB

Today's Tip – Working the web; Linking the HUB -

The central HUB of you. Where does it all go? It leads back to you. Linking every site you have to your main website is the greatest goal to bringing your company to the top. Linking your sites to your main website takes a little more than forming a “hyper-link” between the two, or three, or forty sites you have going on. Linking a hyper-link is the simple part. Having links to your other sites from and to your main site starts your HUB.

Next is image and voicing similarities. When you make a Tumblr page, that blog page should have a similar look/voice to it. This indicates your connection. Also, a human mind gets more attached to something they can continuously get engraved into their heads. From logos to backgrounds and even color schemes. All these added efforts help connect your central HUB to one another.

What is the goal to this? You're creating a deeper, larger, reach into people's internet world. More sources to connect back with you and your main website. Since the rule of 10% is always in affect. How does that work?

For every; 1,000 people who see you only 10% of them will look closer. Out of those 100 people only 10% of them will buy into your brand. From that group of 10 people who bought into your brand, then only 10% of them will become life long fans. So, for every 1,000 people who see your brand, you'll get 1 life long fan. Make life long fans with out reach expression of your voice, of your brand to as many outlets as possible. Connect your HUB to the world!
Deadly Nights

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Working the web; Blogs galore-y

Today's Tip – Working the web; Blogs galore-y -

Blogs, nowadays, have become more to the public eye than basic social media sites. They are an outlet for individuals as well as groups of people. A grand voice is created through blogs, including your own. A blog helps you focus that voice into one coherent train of thought. Giving you free reign to bring as you may. Grow your blog to lead others to your main website. The more you find people coming to your site, the more people can interact...

Interact? The idea is you build your site so people want to promote “their” ideas on your site, as well as you creating such a voice, that others would like you to promote on “their” sites. Becoming a guest blogger is a great way to increase your audience awareness. Traffic will natural flow from these new outlets to your personal outlet. A greater growth is through community. Since it is a group that people's herd mentality takes place.

A great blog shows people a side of you. An amazing blog has continuous direction. Combining these styles forms a blog people will hear about for years. Maybe months... The idea is to get people talking about your site. Once they are there, then why should they stay? Better yet, why should they comeback? Think this through while coming up with a voice to represent your brand. Since, this is your goal as a company, to bring people back to you.
Deadly Nights

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Working the web; Social media for social purposes

Today's Tip – Working the web; Social media for social purposes -

How many likes, followers, friends, interests do you have? The idea is you have zero no matter what your number. These numbers can grow artificially, or naturally through certain avenues. Either way, they mean nothing if you're just collecting a growing number. How do you take a 100 pairs of eyes on a trip with you to grow important life caring fans? The idea is simple, create a voice.

Even close friends, once added to your list of unknowns, wants to hear/follow something interestingly fun. Or a voice that moves their concern to interact. Posting “Check me out” all the time, or sending “invites”, “requests” and the such bring your value down. The idea is to give people a choice. Let them come to you. Metallica doesn't run to people and say “Like this please”. They have a draw, a voice, a brand they created that people relate to.

Your main website is for the “check me out” information and “invites” through mailing lists or event pages. So create a voice to expand it onto these social media sites. To be “social” on social media sites you should start interacting with others. Go through their pages and like things that interest you, or “listen and respond” to what they are presenting to the world. The more you reach out the more the world will react out to your voice.
Deadly Nights

Monday, June 4, 2012

Working the web; Your website

Today's Tip – Working the web; Your website -

Your main website is a central HUB to everything your brand represents. The life of your brand stems out from this point. Bringing information to your audience of onlookers. With this website you can explain what has gone on, is going on, and what will be going on. You'll also have an opportunity to open avenues to sell bi-products that come from your brand. This is a place for your representation as a whole.

Outside websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc, are sites to help fluff interest to your main website. You'll keep promoting your bi-products, shows, and the such, down to a minimum so that your main website attracts them to you. Since, everything must comeback to your main website, it's about creating fun “voice” events through these social media sites that help bring traffic flow to your main site.

A look. What does your website represent? Are you making it a simple to the point site like the BBR Productions Inc, site? Or do you want a website that is all flashy and representing something more than what you are? This is your connection to the world in one quick glance. Remember, what you present is expressing your brand's voice. For BBR Productions Inc, our goal is to show you things can be simplistic for success to happen. Work comfortably forward and see life happen as you make things happen by making things happen!
Deadly Nights

Friday, June 1, 2012

Remember the right ingredients; Healthy choice equals a healthy life

Today's Tip – Remember the right ingredients; Healthy choice equals a healthy life -

Sad today gone tomorrow! When in doubt look inward. Your heart will let you know if your choices are right for you or not. It's that feeling of “should I” or “should I not” go ahead with it. When your mind, body and spirit forward is telling you to think about it before jumping into it that's your instinct taking over. Listen to yourself. You know better than anyone what's good for you. A healthy choice is the choice you natural go for.

Was it easy to obtain, or was there a path of difficulty? Ideally, the harder something is to gain than the more you feel accomplished. This is more about putting time into life. You want something, you work for it, and you work hard for it. There are moments when something feels easy, something feels natural. Those are great opportunities. When you are working hard for accomplishment, that is still a perfect way to move. When your mind is telling you “wait”, then listen.

Life should be easy, it should flow. Sometimes we have to put a little work into ourselves to find or tighten up our ability to accomplish, but overall, life is beautifully fluent to those listening to natural choices. When eating, listening, being, doing, etc. each choice is a healthy choice when you feel good about it before and after you jumped on it. In the beginning, if you must, clean off your plate of life and start going strong forward. Think, achieve, and embrace your personal healthy choices in your beautifully healthy life!
Deadly Nights