Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today's Tip - Scams, not Spams;

Scams, not Spams; Don't pay to play, get paid to play. Paying to play is another way you are taken advantaged of.

Feeling like you may have been taken advantage of? Perhaps you have. I want you to take a step back from what you think is normal and look at it in a different light.

(Flicks on the spotlight of revelation) OK so now that that is out of the way and we can see it for what it is. Let me ask you this. You're paying to play someplace? Really. So Your playing, working, right? And the owner of the place is getting live music, or a comic, or whatever it may be for free. Plus the extra people that come in because you are there and maybe a door charge and you get??? Screwed! that s is what you are getting you know. You perform you advertisement you are bringing there and get nothing from it other than a “Hey thanks when can you come back” Which is said with a bit of a crooked smile while the guy twirls his sinister mustachios around. You getting the picture now? You should be!

Now not getting paid the first time you go someplace sure that makes sense your looking to get some play time and some exposure and prove to the owner that you can in fact help him out just as he is helping you. That should not continue week after week. If your bringing in added business or the owner is charging at the door then speak up. Sure it's fun to be seen but this is what you want to do with your life isn't it? I thought so.

Don't be afraid to negotiate folks, its not difficult and it is a business world you are in so act the part. Your stage persona and your real life one need to be distinctive.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today's Tip – If you can't, someone else can;

If you can't, someone else can; Don't give up if you are lost, or can't handle something. Pay people to get things done.

So we are behind a day on tips and blogs, It's Irene's fault she was a lousy house guest. Thanks for bearing with us

First off the word can't is a bad word its evil and unworthy of you're using it. So lets just not go there. If however you decide that you could do better with help or some training. That's OK you have overcome the problem.

For example lets say you are recently incorporated and have some questions on what software to use and how to organize it to see what you're doing financially. Well you get in contact with the people who might have contact in that are. You have been networking all along so it should be a simple enough thing to put feelers out to find the person you need to find. So ask around I'm certain someone somewhere, will be able to put you into contact with the right person.

Confused on how to start, again the library is an amazing resource. Utilize it. Don't ever feel that what your facing is immovable or insurmountable it isn't its a matter of perseverance, or as I refer to it stubbornness.

You can if you have to pay people for their expertise. Nothing wrong with that, learning about everything you need to could take an entire lifetime. No need to go back to school for all that much stuff. Find the best person for the job and then pay them for it, or trade services rather than money. Something you are an expert in is valuable obviously. SO trade it and barter your services to others so that you can save your cash for other things, like a pet monkey for example, or maybe a hedgehog if you would rather.

Monthly Newsletter August 2011 Edition update

Monthly Newsletter August 2011 Edition update
Twitter: @BBRPro


This month BBR Productions signed the Thrash Metal band Martyrd to a Marketing Contract. We look to see great things happen in the next 90 days of working together. Their new album "The Mortal Coil" is completed and shall be released soon. You can hear their first single through their facebook page or every Tuesday on MARLH TV.

Erin Chase continues to work hard on her new single "Keep on breathing". So come Chase the Music with Erin Chase over on her Facebook page to see what's new with her, where she'll be playing next and how far long her single "Keep on Breathing" is. Once that song is done BBR Productions is looking to take her into the next stages of recording a video, radio air play, and interviews.

This Month

We will be holding a free seminar on the 15th of September which is open to artists of all kinds start time is 7 pm and should run until 9 pm. For more Info please call our office @ 631-599-2263 or email us at

We are looking to schedule a group of people for head-shots this month. Last month we had several people come in to the offices for this and it went very well for all involved. If you are interested, and you should be! Call and we shall set you up.

Coming soon to a ....

We are offering classes now on Communication, Marketing, Branding, Social Media.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Today's Tip - Standing around is pointless;

Standing around is pointless; You should be walking around networking at a show. Your merchandiser sits at the table.

So you have all this great merchandise at your shows now. Maybe you have a booth, like kids have for lemonade. So you stand and guard it in case some crazy little monkey thief try's to swipe your stuff. NO NO NO.. have a friend guard the stuff you should be out networking.

Why? Really? Haven't you been reading along with the rest of the class? Fine we will wait for you to go back and read all the older postings. Remember to be prepared for class next time. You're back? Good then lets review. You should be out talking to the people who came to see you. Schmoozing is part of your job enjoy it, it is one of the fun things. Meet the people, talk to them, connect. If you have a table with some merchandise on it then you should let the people you are talking to know that. Try this “It has been great talking with you please go take a look at our table we have great stuff for fans like you!” See that was simple wasn't it, yes I know, you don't need to go on we are amazing. Oh your welcome!

So who mans the table, or woman’s it, however you wish to phrase it. A friend does that's who, your friends want to support you too, let them. We don't use them for something as mundane as filling a seat anymore right? RIGHT! We use them to help us interact with fans. I normally call them minions or lackeys. I suggest if you do the same that you not let them hear you say it until after the event.

There you go Folks. Sorry it is late today, It might even be a few days late but I had to make sure my home didn’t end up in OZ. Hurricane Irene is coming to visit, Had to get ready!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Today's Tip - Cold emailing people won't get them sick;

Cold emailing people won't get them sick; It's not as hard as you think. To say, contact someone you want to say hi to.

Ahhh Ahhhh Ahhh CHOO! God bless you. No need to sneeze it really isn't as bad as all that you know. Being able to contact people through email without ever knowing them before is a cold contact. Not a way to get sick.

You should always have a subject line, you would be surprised how many people leave this blank. What happens when you get Email with no subject line? See what I mean. It goes into a spam folder almost automatically and if not you ignore it, and so will your potential contact. It should be something to get the recipients interest. Just “Hi” or “Hey” isn’t going to do that. Depending on the situation it could be anything from, “my name is XX I got your email from xxx to discuss” to “I’m writing to you about xxx”. Just something to tell the recipient that you aren’t a BOT.

To actually write the email takes some skill at that point. No we aren’t going to discuss it these are tips here in this blog not full blown seminars, silly reader. OK OK, just the basics then you will need a computer and a keyboard, some power for it, and hmm.. perhaps some coffee to start. OK ready, good now start typing. Oh you meant some specific help. Ok first an introduction something that will let the reader of your email know that you aren't just blindly email thing. (you aren't do some research). Then what you are contacting them about, and then a closing just a summary of what you wrote with some helpful bit about wishing them luck with something they are doing or congratulating them on something recent. Your looking to start to build a rapport.

So hows that? No no that’s all you get, have some faith in yourself. Barring that have some more coffee and contact our office for a consultation.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today's Tip - Cross Marketing Life;

Cross Marketing Life; “Hey, I know we don't have the same product, but what do you say?”

To Cross Market or not to cross market that is the question. The answer or course is Cross market already. It gets your information out to others you might otherwise miss. Your buddy is an actor, you a comedian, He talks about your show this weekend to his audience while meeting them after his show. You make fun of him during your set... umm ok maybe not. You tell people about the great show he and the cast does. Simple yes? YES!

That's not all though, you can link each others websites which helps not only with getting info out there, it also makes your sight more desirable for the web-crawler search engines so you get marked higher. You could even go so far as to do joint appearances allowing you both to get some exposure. Happens all the time, comics open for bands, someone warms up a crowd. See you can do this. That merchandise you all had made up is another great thing. Who would it hurt to hand out some of your pals stuff at your show to the people who already know you well. Not the new folks your looking to build relationships with, the guy you see at every show.

What do you say to do this? Well it wont be hard because it is mutually beneficial to both of you. How about “Hey when you have your monkey training class on Thursday can you plug me for my How to train your dog class” See it's simple. OK so you cant equate monkeys and dogs to what you do. I'll try again. “I have several shows over the next few weeks, anything you would like me to say about yours?” Now they will say HELL YA, and offer to do the same for you. See it is simple, don't over think it. There is no need to stress over this. Want to have a different kind of show. Work out an idea and then go to your friend and say “Hey I was thinking we could do a show at Monkey World together, here is what I have so far. What do you think?

So give it a try folks, the only thing you have to lose is, well, nothing.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today's Tip - 20% is still more than 0%;

20% is still more than 0%; Save some money out of everything you make. At minimum take 20% out of the money you earn.

Saving money is a necessity. We are taught this since childhood. Most never embrace it though, so lets review and make it more of a focus. 20% of what you make as an entertainer should be set aside to help support that endeavor. Most of our tips here involve having business cards and some form of merchandise be nice to have some cash set aside for that wouldn't it. What about the possibility of a tour, wouldn't you want to have some cash set aside for only your entertainment career. I know I would.

Even entertainment aside, setting aside a portion of your income for the varied surprises that life always throws at you is a good plan. Put it away for when you need it. Not when you want it, when you need it. I hate to say it but your life should be run as a business too at least the financial side of it. Running yourself into debt for no reason other than you want that gold plated light-saber with the detachable blade is kinda dumb, cool yes, but DUMB. Planning out your finances is just as important as everything else involving your career and your life.

So put 20% of your income away, save it. Use it wisely and with great care. Don't squander it on frivolous things. Use it to get help you need when you need it, business cards, merchandise, coffee maybe.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today's Tip – I'm not running Track;

I'm not running Track; Keep track your career. Who you've dealt with, where and how well your effort is paying off.

I know, I know you remember everything, why keep notes? Well let me answer that question with one of my own. Whats your parents anniversary date? If that took you a minute to remember on your own that’s not to bad. If you had to look it up you just proved my point. Write it down, don’t loose it. Keep in mind those are your parents, you almost couldn't remember, see my point.

Keeping track of all of your contacts is important. Everyone you meet you should have notes on. Who they are what they do, contact info and family. Put your impressions down anything you can think of, could benefit you and them at some point. You never want to be stuck in a situation where you are saying “I think I know a guy who can help but I cant remember his number.” Worse yet not even the persons name to try and track it down. Business cards are great to have for people but that is only a starting point you want more info, you need it. Being able to connect with someone is a matter of dedication and discipline. If your going to meet with someone being able to ask questions like ”How are the kids?” is better than chatting about the weather. Adding in things like “Didn't little Tommy just have a birthday?” is Awesome. It shows you care about more then what that person you are talking about can do for you. So review your info before that meeting and make a lasting impression.

There are several places online where you can get templates to do this with, we really suggest making your own so you can put in some real details. Name contact info, spouse, kids, parents, pets, plants, hobbies, temperament, buttons :) and on and on and on.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Today's Tip – I'm not performing tonight!

Today's Tip – I'm not performing tonight! So what, go and hang out at venues or with other like minded people to grow working relationships.

So not performing equates to not working does it, is that what you tell yourself? Well stop already. It certainly does not. From other tips you should know that the practice never stops. You should always be working.

How to do this when you aren't performing is as simple as could be. Go to where others perform. Meet people through your developing networking skills. Watch the crowd see what the react to watch for things you can incorporate into your own shows. Lets be clear here ideas as in showmanship, set up the intangibles that make for a better show. Don't go looking to steal material or parts of someones acts that makes you a thief, there are enough of those in entertainment already. Take some time to meet the manger or the owners at the venue. Most of all support who is performing they will appreciate it. Compliment them on the show. If they ask then give some feedback, make certain you give positive as well as negative.

Work the crowd too, meet everyone you can and have some of those nifty business cards you had made up on hand for those who are interested. Don't go through pitching your own stuff just be open to getting your info out there. Chances are during the conversation with the varied people you meet, you will be asked if you do what the people on the show do. You can also ask them what they do opening the door for you to tell them what you do. “You know I would love for you to come to one of my shows, here is my info”. Then move on in the conversation and steer it away from work, build your connection. Don't forget there are more than the one person you talked to, rinse and repeat during the evening. Make sure you talk up the act that is on don’t be a leech.

The benefits to this are many as I'm certain you can see. So get out there and make it happen for you. Build those connections with other groups, other fans, and other venues. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Today's Tip – Always have your business cards on you.

Today's Tip – Always have your business cards on you. You never know who you will run into. Have two sets, a fan card and a business card.

Business cards, a quick and simple way to get all of your information out in one bombardment of info. What should be on it? What shouldn’t? Well your name is always a good idea. A band, a person, a company that's always a good first step. Contact info is a must including your website or whatever your primary web presence location happens to be (it should be a website). How much is to much though?

Well first off putting everything on a business card is a bad plan, you don't want it to look like a shopping list of information. It has to be succinct. Your website, name, twitter, blog, Reverb-Nation, manager, promoter, YouTube, personal site, company site and on goes the list of things you could put on there. No one will read it all and to much will make them look at none of it. For the card you give to fans its simple. Your name, the groups if you are in one, fan page and twitter. That’s its. They don't need anymore then that. Giving the potential stalkers anymore than that isn't really a good plan. They can find you from there, follow you on twitter and share experiences on your fan site helping you build your brand. For a professional card, your name the groups and the important contact info like email and a phone number. These people could be fans but they will find you regardless if that's what they want to do. They are more important as a business contact, treat them that way. Have it be professional so they take you seriously, this is especially important. They need to see you as a business commodity first and an artist second.

If you don't have cards it is imperative that you get them. This is an investment in yourself and your future, skimping here will hurt you both in the short term and long. So get to work! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Today's Tip – Don't fight Ninjas;

Today's Tip – Don't fight Ninjas; If they are more skilled in TAC then their fighting skills will always beat you. Be prepared, and trained.

Ninja's you say? Yes The Art of Conversation, or TAC Ninja's. Those people who have mastered the art form of communication. Yes it is an art, simply speaking to a person isn't enough for good communication. You have to actively listen, use body language and ask probing questions to form a bond. People who are good at this can usually get you to agree to things more easily. Hence Ninja's, or perhaps Jedi.

Knowing what to say, when to say it and most importantly how to say it is an important skill to perfect. How do you perfect it? Simple practice, practice, practice. Everywhere you go everyone you meet is an opportunity to practice your skills. What to say? Anything you want really something to start the conversation up. Ensure it isn't something they can answer with one word, yes or no questions are bad. When to say it is when ever you can. You don’t want to interrupt someone who is busy or cut someone off so look for your moment. How to say it is very important, as we said earlier yes and no answer type questions should be avoided. You want to work on befriending people get them to open up and talk to you rather than at you.

Remember the people you want to deal with will be good at this already. They know how to speak with people to get what they want. Think of Obi-wan Kenobi waving his hand 'These are not the droids your looking for'. It is very similar although waving your hand in front of someone might give it away. Unlike Star Wars though there is no magic involved and it does take longer to build a strong enough rapport with someone so that they give more weight to your judgment than to someone else. If done right your opinion will not only be valued but sought out. Having people value you is a great asset when negotiating for things, and being able to communicate well guarantee's this. Work on your TAC and build your career faster.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Today's Tip – “Hey you, hello!”

Today's Tip – “Hey you, hello!” … Say hello and goodbye to everyone at any event you are going to, performing or not performing.

Saying hello and goodbye to people only seems polite right? Of course it does! Being polite is also a good networking tool, that often gets overlooked in our busy day to day. People like to be thought of, and leaving without saying goodbye makes them feel ignored or worse disrespected especially when you are trying to make new contacts, that first impression is very important, so don't skimp on it.

Everyone says hello when they meet new people “Hi how are you”, “Hey hows it going” Sometimes, they remember to say goodbye as well “great meeting you” “see you again soon”. Training yourself in remembering to do this will go along way to helping you polish up your networking skills. It doesn't make you seem thoughtful, It is thoughtful. Make a habit of this everywhere you go. The convenience store clerk, the checkout girl the kid making your coffee. Every person you meet is worth your undivided attention while interacting with them. Most of us don't realize how many people we ignore during a day, its become acceptable to be rude recently. Lets bring some politeness back into our days.

As an exercise, try leaving your cell phone in the car when you go into places. Say hello to the people as you enter “Hi, great day outside today” would work nicely, unless of course it's raining then you seem daft. If they seem open to it chat while you get what you need to from whatever place you're in, chat with other patrons too. On the way out a friendly “Thanks for your help, hope you get to go enjoy the day soon”. Would be nice as well. In addition to it being good practice for you and being polite. You just made someone's day. When they go home they will have a nice story to tell their family about “This really nice person came in today”! Let that story be about you! 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today's Tip – Write down what?

Today's Tip – Write down what? Keep a pad and paper next to you for every phone conversation. Keep track of what you and they say.

Writing down things helps you remember them. Its true. I just wrote this down and now I can remember it. Writing down information from a phone conversation is just as important as taking notes during a meeting.

Writing it down helps with clarity for one thing. It allows you to be sure of what was said for later reference which could be vitally important. Lets say you are setting up a show and they need 4 comics. You talk about all kinds of things writing it all down. A few hours after the call you look back over your notes and realize you never asked if adult content was appropriate. You call back and discover that no it would not be since it's for a kids party. Being able to look back over your notes at the end of a phone conversation will help you think of more questions for later on, or request clarification. Lets not forget that you could easily forget an important date or time that you need to do something or be somewhere.

Being able to have perfect recall is a great gift one that most of us are not blessed with so lets not kid ourselves into thinking we are. Don't risk it, don’t chance it. Lets say you need to be at Generic Laugh Club at 8pm on the 7th. Imagine how stupid you would look if you showed up at 7pm on the 8th instead. If I were the club owner that would be the last show you did in my place, why risk that. Even worse the next day you show up at 8pm looking to put on the show, bad enough you missed it but to actually show up the next day? I'd be thinking you had a great future as a professional idiot, people pay to see that I suppose, see the Darwin awards for more information.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today's Tip – Research and attack;

Today's Tip – Research and attack; Knowing who you are talking to helps you know why you are talking to them. Look things up.

Finding your way through the maze of business entertainment takes time, effort and opportunity. To make use of this involves more than networking and marketing, as we have discussed it takes practice too. Knowing what you need to do is a great start and being able to target your efforts goes along way in making your journey shorter. How do you do this?

Research, on the internet through your local library, through your contacts and through your on the job expertise. The internet is a great resource, need to know when a show is? Open casting? Open mic night? It's all available to you you just have to know where to look. Most places have a web presence, start searching them out and interact with them if possible. Your contacts can be of great help in this regard even more so then the Net. Knowing people gets you information more tailored to what you want faster. If John hears about a casting call in two weeks and tells you about it your half way there. Now do some more research and be prepared for it. Who's called it? What does that person look for? Whats your best method for meeting their needs so you get what you want. This is all research and its important to do, hopefully for obvious reasons. People overlook the library as a resource. Don't over look it, you can learn a lot from what others have done. Take a look in the 687.00 section of non fiction, ask the librarian about local free programs you can attend, most have them and this will help you in the long run.

So now you are prepared, as prepared as you can make yourself through research. Now go get what you want, don’t be timid about it. Just like every other business out there timidity won't help you get what you want. So attack, go all out put everything you have into what it is your aiming for and your odds of getting it go way up!  

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Today's Tip - Baby Steps Foward!

Today's Tip – Baby steps forward! A step forward, small or large, is still moving forward. Fearful? One step a day will make a difference.

No one wants to be referred to as a baby, and we really aren't calling you one. What we are saying is every small step in the right direction is progress. Look at it that way. Don't be scared its going to be fine. Remember what Neil Armstrong said 'That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Remember he played a Baritone horn so hes a musician, kinda.. OK hes not but he walked on the moon, so lets not cast stones huh.

Just continually move forward, maintain your momentum don’t lag behind. A career as an entertainer isn't an easy one, its not a fast one either it takes years to become good. Years more to be noticed. Even more to be successful and be where you want to be. That’s with constant momentum Just like for an Astronaut only without the zero gravity and space ice cream. Take away the momentum and your career will be plagued by false starts and frustration.

Don't be afraid take that step, then the one after it and the one after that. Soon it will be a habit, a good habit one that will stand you in good stead throughout your lifetime in everything you apply yourself to. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Today's Tip – Follow ups;

Today's Tip – Follow ups; A follow up can help a person remember meeting you. Wait no more than 3 days to say hey, thanks for the meeting.

Time to follow up, you met four people at the greatest event in the world the other night (your show). Or you have a meeting with the owner of a new club. Maybe he's an international blogger guy/gal. Now you have to reenforce that with a follow up, something to make them remember you. Perhaps a nice post card... no, those are reminders. A phone call might be nice, or an email even. That blogger fellow might like some nice comments on his website. What to do, what to do. Well really any of those would be fine. It all depends on what would be the best given the situation really just don't take more than three days to do it. Preferably wait one day and send the follow up on the second day.

Follow ups are important to you, they help people remember who you are. In the case of the blogger its easy just to drop in and leave a comment or two on the website, maybe a note on how it was great meeting them at the show that night, the fact that you respond on their blog shows you were listening to them, then compliment the site. For others a phone call 'hey it was great meeting you, was wondering if we could meet for some coffee'. For the owner of the Venue a phone call thanking them and asking for feedback. Maybe setting up another time to show off your stuff. It all depends, pretend your dating if it helps you, because just like dating it has to be done in order to be successful.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Today's Tip - You're a business so make it your business;

Today's Tip – You're a business so make it your business; Incorporate your company and make a difference starting with running you like one.

Incorporation, oh no. that’s scary! Corporations do Evil thing's, remember the Umbrella Corp, Wyland-Yutani Corp or Cyberdine Systems. That’s what can happen, Zombies, Aliens, and Terminators OH MY! However, remember this Umbrella killed everyone on the planet, Wyland was around for several hundred years at least, even after bringing aliens to Earth. Cyberdine, well I suppose it didn't matter after SkyNet nuked us all but they would have been safe from prosecution.

Simple reasons to Inc. First, the Corp is for legal purposes, a person! If OCP Corp. owed Cyberdine for the purchase of two ED-209 Model Urban Pacifiers and didn’t pay the people who own OCP wouldn’t be personally liable for the money. Now think of a Band with multiple members who aren't Inc. One of them orders 500 t-shirts in the bands name.. uh oh. Next you can write off some things on your taxes since its money paid into the company for example you need a new microphone for your act, you pay for it, keep the receipt and when tax time comes around you can write it off on your personal taxes lowering what you actually owe. It protects your personal assets from lawsuits, that’s nice right. Also makes it easier for you to raise funds for projects and lends you an air of respectability.

Incorporating is a smart thing to do for yourself. You're working in the public where people sue because they are too stupid to realize that coffee is hot, fast food makes you fat and smoking causes cancer. Do you want to be worried about one of them tripping and smacking their heads because they tied their own shoes together, but blame you because you should have stopped them?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today's Tip - What about me?

Today's Tip - What about me? This business is not about being selfish. It's about being selfless for your own gain. Embrace and help.

“You guys are being SELFISH!” Well, alright perhaps not but still, I like that guy so here's to you Jeffrey. I don't care if your just a character you make me laugh!

That being said. Don't be Selfish! Be selfless, reach out to those in your group. By now you should have a fairly large group anyway, right? Right because you have been practicing your networking skills! So now you have a larger group of people you can leverage for support.

What does this really do for you, this whole selfless thing? Well people will start to count on you for things. After all your already punctual, friendly and in the know with whats going on with others in your group. Why not offer to help, in return you get many benefits. You know the old saying you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, well its true. (OK not me personally but Jeffrey might). It's nice to know that your willing to pitch in as needed. Last minute fill in for one of those perpetually late people. Maybe picking some stuff up that someone else just didn't have time to do. Coming and helping out some folks who need a sounding board. All of this helps you help yourself in the long run, in a world full of “I deserve” people, those of us who give all valued all the more.

So be a good person, share and share alike, no one likes a waffle whore. So don't be one! Keep an eye out for those unfortunate souls who will take advantage of you though. There are limits and you should be able to recognize when a Selfish waffle hoarding bastard try’s to take advantage of you. Don't let them do it. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Today's Tip – Post who's cards?

Today's Tip – Post who's cards? Postcards are a great way to let people know you're still alive. Send a nice hello once in a while.

You know about post cards right? Small rectangular things with a picture on one side of a sunset, or perhaps a monkey. You place a stamp on it and it says something cute like “wish you were here”, “thinking of you”. OK good now since we are on the same page don't use anything like that, unless your on vacation I suppose. What we are talking about is the reminder type post cards. Reminders of what? YOU! Reminders about you, what you offer, what you bring to the table. Could be just a follow up like a larger version of a business card to say “thanks for the show, had fun working with you”.

You can have some made up, very similar to the ones you see advertising for clubs and comedy shows. The shiny ones with the colorful artwork on them. Then on the back add some personal note from you saying whatever you think would be appropriate like “Will work for applause” something out side of the box but appropriate to the topic. Perhaps “available to laugh” “have guitar will travel”, “when can we discuss another show”. Whatever the topic may be just make sure its building on things you have already established through personal conversations. Post cards are an add-on something to make you just a bit different. Don't use them like a blunt force instrument, a stand alone advertisement, it wont help you that way.

So style now, sky is the limit really. If you can find some that fir what you are looking for in the card store then go for it. Grab em up. Or go the other route put some thought into what you would like on it and have some made up for just this purpose, to add to your outreach. Plus you never know the mailman or lady might like it so much they show everyone in the post office. If its really good and makes them laugh it might even keep one of them from going postal.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today's Tip – Be on time? Make it your business to be on time

Why should you be on time for things? Simply said, being on time gives the impression that you are serious about what it is your doing. Being late makes it seem like you don't care what it is your doing. It makes it appear that you don't care about the people you work with. Mostly though it makes you look like someone who is incapable of using a simple device like a watch. I don’t know about you, but people that can't manage something as simple as using a watch shouldn't be given anything more complex to do, that's just asking for it.

The benefits of being on time are many. Being on time means you get individualized attention. You get to network with folks and build relationships without having to compete since you were there on time. You might even be able to have some input on whats going to happen since obviously you care more then the people who are late. You'll be ready to go when you need to since you had time to do so, time to relax, maybe run through the event in your head to be better prepared for it, ask questions, learn more.

Now I can almost hear the comments as people read this 'Sometimes it can't be helped' sure, but did you call? Remember this is still a Job, treat it that way. You have all been doing a show or event and someone is a no show and calls an hour before it starts. What did you think of that person? Do you want people thinking of you in that same way? I know of one instance recently were three people were booked and only one showed up. If you were the person in charge of that event would you want to work with them again?

So be on time, be ready to work. Take pride in what you do don't treat it, and the people involved with disdain.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today's Tip – Frustration is an emotion;

Today's Tip – Frustration is an emotion; Don't allow yourself to get frustrated in an situation. A deep emotion lowers I.Q. Points. Breathe!

Frustration, we have all felt it at one point or another in our busy lives. Cell phones die, people show up late, gas prices rising and you cant afford that Venti Mocha from my, I mean 'your' favorite coffee shop. How do you get past it? How do you get through it? Well here are a few ideas.

First things first, keep this in mind. This too shall pass. Meaning what exactly? Well basically It means who cares, its transitory live your life and move on through it. Be like Winnie the Pooh! Whats one of Pooh bears most famous lines? “Oh Bother” Pooh Bear is very Tao in how he lives his life, book's have been written on the subject, The Tao of Pooh. Get yourself a copy and embrace the bear.

Not a fan of existential mumbo jumbo? Fair enough. Well go another route then, find someone who regularly deals with the same kind of garbage that makes you frustrated day in and day out and talk with them. Maybe over coffee from my, I mean 'your' favorite coffee house. Don't pick the friend who is really just a martyr without a cause though. Sticking with the Pooh bear theme... stay away from Eeyore type people they are curmudgeonly old donkeys. Find someone who finds the bright side of everything. They are called Optimists, try Craig list if you don't know anyone like this or.....

Try our third choice. Which is to bury your head in the san... no wait that’s not it. What I mean to say is. Find some help, do some research, find away over the wall or through it. Dig under it, use explosives if need be. Don't ever focus on HOW you got in front of the big wall, focus on how your getting past it. Make a list of ways past the blockage. Remember there are no walls only solutions, focus on your solution today!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Today's Tip - Practice makes perfect! Anywhere you are, find opportunities to practice the three needs for success. There are people everywhere.

What does this mean for you? Or even worse, what needs? Oh no! Simple to explain, don't panic. To be a success at anything you have to market/advertise, network and practice. Just as simple as I said it was going to be right.

So lets start with Market/Advertise. So go to the local market look at an advertisement and then buy something TA DA! Wait no, that's wrong, what we mean is Market and advertise yourself! That’s Right YOU! Now don’t run out and buy a big day glow sign with arrows pointing to yourself, just be you. (if you are a person that would do the big sign idea, then don’t be you anymore, seek help). Put some thought into this, you can do it. People should know about you, you're the product.

What about Networking? No! No! Put all those wires down you, don't chew on them either were not hooking up computers. Networking meaning to meet others, build relationships and then capitalize on them. Keep in mind it goes both ways. Talk to strangers (don't accept candy)

Practice is the next need of success! Well drop that trumpet cause its not all about what you do work wise its practicing the first two needs as well. Actor, comic, ditch digger or astronaut. You can practice your craft and your job to your hearts content. If you aren't practicing how to network and market your going nowhere fast. Unless of course you happen to get really really lucky. Let's use an example shall we? Good! You've been working as a ditch digger for two years and you think you have what it takes to be a pot hole filler as well. Well if you have marketed yourself by making sure people noticed you and you have networked so that people above your level and below it know who you are and you continually did those two things as well as dug the best holes ever! Chances are pretty good your soon going to be filling holes instead of digging them. Congratulations! Change ditch digger to whatever you need to the premise stands.

So go out meet some people, ask them about themselves, tell them about you a bit and then go grab that shovel!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Today's Tip - A little marketing goes a long way

Today's Tip - A little marketing goes a long way. Don't just perform at a show. Stand at the door handing out free merchandise with info.
What does this mean for you? How can you accomplish this? When you finish up your show make yourself available to the people who came to see you perform. They are interested in you, they do want to connect with you, they do want to meet you. Thinking they don't is just your insecurity coming to the foreground. They paid to see you, of course they want to talk with and meet you. Make yourself available for them to do so. 
Even better have something you can give them, to make that emotional connection with them something with your info on it for twitter or your website preferably both. Let them know if you have an upcoming show or event, so they can bring friends and enjoy it all together.

What do you get out of all this interaction? Well that’s fairly simple, a Fan is what you might end up getting. A fan, A Fan YAH!!! Come on you know you want a fan, who doesn't? That fan could go to your website, they could follow you on twitter, tell their friends about what a great time they had at the show. Their friends could come next time who could in turn bring more people to see your act. On and On it goes. All of that for simply stepping outside of your own comfort zone.

Next time your doing a show, bring some nice professional business cards, or some nicely thought out merchandise. Market yourself, network yourself, believe in yourself and reality might just hit you between the eyes.