Saturday, October 27, 2012

Implementation : One a day is 365 a year

Today's Tip - Implementation : One a day is 365 a year

Implementation starts with doing. Making an effort is your first step to success, first step to completion. Your goal is to keep your mind focused. If your mind is focused than your hands will be active. If your hands are active they will want your feet to start moving as to get things done. In these last five blogs you've read about “Doing is the hardest part”, “Starting off small”, “Rearrange if needed”, and “Turn your actions into habits”. All the while keeping one thing in mind; One thing a day turns into 365 things a year.

You will feel accomplished if you take one thing on your “S.M.A.R.T. Goal” list and do it. Your list will then be one thing smaller, and you'll be one thing closer to seeing your dreams come to reality. This is why you have created such tools as “The Triangle of Life”, your S.M.A.R.T. Goals, and “The Business Plan”. Each of these things help organize your process. There are certain things that are a necessity in your path to success. In your quest you want to protect your venture, earn wealth, run your life like a business and get your life on a clear path to success.

Use your S.M.A.R.T. Goals to know what needs to be done. Since you can rearrange your list, look through it and tackle something small. Work through the tiny things until the big tasks are the only thing left. This turns those big tasks into the smaller tasks left on the list. It's a great way to trick your mind into motivating your actions and staying away from being overwhelmed. Now, become the master of your destiny, the caption of your ship. Get out there and make things happen by making things happen!

"I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul" ~ Invictus

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Implementation : Turn your actions into habits

Today's Tip - Implementation : Turn your actions into habits

Designing success comes from “The Act of Doing”. Figuring out what you must get done is pretty simple. Doing those tasks can be time consuming, even overwhelming. A great way to take advantage of your “Triangle of Life” is building habits. Habits are things we naturally do all the time. Most of the time we have no idea we are doing it. There are good habits and bad habits. Let's concentrate on good habits. We know your 3 Needs of Success are based on Networking, Marketing, and Practice. We also know your “3 Needs of Purpose” are Security, Growth, and Dream. So...

Let's talk Habits; Networking comes down to building relationships with people. A good habit to create is the will, and initiative to talk with one new person a day. That one person a day will turn into two people, and finally one day you'll just be in the habit of talking with everyone. To start, talk with at least one person you know a day. You start the conversation, you reach out to them and physically talk with them. Once you are comfortable with that, start working the nerve to talk with strangers. A good safe zone is a store cleric. No real threat of the unknown.

Marketing is easy, always make sure you have business cards on you, and hand one card out a day. If you ever want to be good at something, you have to practice your skill. Thus, practice networking, and marketing and you'll turn it into a habit through repetition. Your 3 Needs of Purpose should have habits too. Saving that 20% into each need is a great way to turn your needs into habits. You'll just start doing everything out of instinct. Work your magic by getting yourself to be aware of what you want to get done. Then repeat until you are letting it happen on its own!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Implementation : Rearrange if needed

Today's Tip - Implementation : Rearrange if needed

Your “S.M.A.R.T. Goals” are wonderful references more so than set in stone. When you come to a part that seems overwhelming, or you know you will be a ways down the road from accomplishing said goal, you need only rearrange your S.M.A.R.T. Goals a little. One thing is certain, your goals are meant to be accomplished. Work through your list and make things happen by making things happen. Another thing that is certain, is your list needs to work with you, not so much against you. So allow some wiggle room when writing them out.

You may even come to a crossroad of change. This is absolutely okay. Add and subtract as needed. What may have seemed like a needed S.M.A.R.T. Goal may indeed turnout to be an overkill of action. This comes down to adding things that are needed to accomplish said goals. If you are notching out your wall with attempts you will surely come into new information. While learning to make things happen by making things happen let your mind accept these changes. Acceptance is a great tool in finding success.

A great exercise to practice is taking your S.M.A.R.T. Goal list and rearranging it every 3 to 6 months anyways. This practice allows your mind to continue “brainstorming” while becoming intimate with your list's goals. What better way to get your feet moving in the direction of getting things done than thinking about it. Setting your best course of action. “Doing is the hardest part” so when you are constantly rearranging, brainstorming, and handling your list closely you'll find motivation inside your constant energy growth. Getting your mind working creates enthusiasm to do!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Implementation : Starting off small

Today's Tip - Implementation : Starting off small

By now you've had a few notches on the way. You could step back and see your wall coming out to be a nice artistic expression. Implementing your efforts can seem exhausting when you layout your “S.M.A.R.T. Goals” on a big piece of paper. All those obstetrical waiting to be hurtled. Sweating seems like the only plausible action as you peek down through two fingers covering your eyes at this huge never ending list of goals. The good news is you can handle it. You have what it takes because your brain is strong enough to overcome any obstruction.

Look at your list of goals and divide it up into sub-sections. A good example; Computer actions, phone calls, physical activities, mailing, paperwork, etc. Now that you have shrunk your list down, without taking anything away, you can attack it with a more precise eye. Taking into consideration, the only way a person could do everything on their goal list at the same time is if there were 10 of you. Since a person only has themselves, take a breath and hit one thing at a time. Great rule of thumb; one a day is 365 a year.

Many small acts turn into big outcomes. Think bigger when dealing with the little things. Life becomes more when we start doing, since the “act of doing is the hardest part” we have to psych our minds into taking action. Get away from fear. You have what it takes to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Starting off small, and your helpful tips to achieve this, will guide your mind to your hands, then to your feet of motion. You have a great return in your action. That return is Success!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Implementation : Doing is the hardest part

Today's Tip - Implementation : Doing is the hardest part

Dreams are wonderful to desire. They are births of possibilities waiting to happen. Walt Disney had a great deal of dreams he ended up bringing to life. With the help of many people he set out to create his dream. A world of imagination. A place where you could be an adult and still enjoy life with a child's heart. He may have started out at a newspaper getting fired, but he didn't stop there. His goals were much bigger than ending in disappointment. He lacked imagination his editor told him. When your world seems filled of walls, break them down with motivation.

Like Walt Disney, his dreams became reality through hard work, “S.M.A.R.T. Goal setting”, and most of all the act of doing. Writing your SMART Goals out helps you see where you are heading, things that need to get done and possibly helpful tips to achieving those goals. To see your dreams become reality you need only start doing the necessary acts to accomplish your purpose. Failure is still an effort forward. Since there are no walls only solutions, an education comes from failed attempts. In fact, let us call failure something else and be more positive.

Failure shall forever be known as “Notching”. A notch is an angular or V -shaped cut, indentation, or slit in an object, surface, or edge. In this case your object is a wall. While you are making an effort to “Do”, you'll constantly be notching your way over the top of your wall. Get your self motivated. Let the act of Notching be your guide to climb over high walls. There will always be a long path in front of you just as there will be a long path behind you once you accomplish any of your tasks. In reality, all small steps: many or few, will lead to a great adventure's conclusion.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stoney • Guest Blogger

We have all heard the proverbs, “Nice guys finish last”, “When you are nice people take your kindness for weakness”, and for the ladies, “behind every bitch is a man who made her that way.” In life bad things are going to happen to you that are of no fault of your own. It is how you deal with them that will determine your happiness. If you are a nice person you should continue to do so regardless how other people might treat you. Even if you are generally not a good natured person (everyone thinks they are a good natured person but there are others that know they’re souls are made of dog shit) being nice can be very helpful in marketing your most lucrative product to the world, You!

Although being nice might not pay the bills it could make you wealthy in other areas of your life. Being genuinely nice to everyone you meet will only increase your chance of success. It’s just plan statistics the more opportunities you create and more connections you make the better your chances. Life is a people game, that’s how human beings as species made as far as we did today…BY WORKING TOGETHER TO HELP EACH OTHER OUT AND GROWING TOGETHER. In your journey to success you may be taken advantage of, passed over, and/or rejected a thousand times. But you should still stay true to yourself because when that one opportunity comes along that changes your life whether it be the girl of your dreams or the career of your dreams, it will all be well worth the struggle, pain, aggravation, frustration, and _________ <---- Insert your own negative emotion here

However if you become bitter and change because someone wronged you it could have negative consequences. That person that wronged you may later realize that they made a mistake and that you are the right/good person and decide to give you the chance they did not. Even good people can make mistakes and do bad things to people. You also have to take into consideration that other old saying “Hurt people, hurt people” the other person could be in a great deal of pain and took it out on you. It may have had nothing to do with you, so do not make it about you. Be empathetic and think of what the other person is dealing with during this time as well. It is your ability to GET OVER IT AND MOVE FORWARD that will make the difference in that relationship in the future whether it’s business or romance. Of course there are other times when you must realize you are at fault and take responsibility. Pointing fingers never solves anything but that’s another blog topic for another time. However if you changed the person you were when this person first met you, you might not be the same person this person wants to do business with or fall in love with and you will come off as fake, childish, or even worse out right bi-polar psychotic…..Do not be bi-polar psychotic. Be nice all the time, you do not know who someone is and how they can help you or more importantly how YOU can help them, after all giving is the essence of life and it is far better to give then to receive but once again that’s another blog topic for another time. People like stability in personalities, especially nice ones. It will make your life awesome one day!

Stoney (Comedian)

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

3 Needs of purpose : Purpose 3 – Dream

Today's Tip - 3 Needs of purpose : Purpose 3 – Dream

“I have a dream...” this statement brought to life change in this world. Everyone has a dream, big or small, a dream starts revolutions. A revolution in your life, or for others who heard you loud and clear. What holds back a dream is the act of doing. Fear is apart of this. Standing out in the cold for your one and only chance is scary. The truth of the matter is, we all get more than one chance. We just have to make things come to life. Believing in yourself is a great starting point. Believing in what you would like to accomplish is another complimenting effort.

While all Dreams take a little more to make happen, opportunities only come when you allow them to be taken. Some people live their lives doing their dream as a hobby. Others want to take their hobby to the next level. Simply put, a hobby cost you money, a career earns you wealth. A person can take these leaps by preparing a safe and secure path. Sticking to your “Business Plan” lets you focus your destination. Writing down your necessary “S.M.A.R.T. Goals” will allocate your direction. Controlling your “3 Needs of Purpose” gives you this freedom.

Allocating 20% into your Dream Need is a strong way to open doors. If you want to go to France, or start up a small company, or even take your career in entertainment further, your Dream Need is that financial helper. A “Triangle of Life” has five major sides, three of which help bring success, purpose, and longevity. Bringing reality to your dreams is just a matter of repetitive responsibility. Be dedicated to the idea: “Treat your life as a business”. These fundamentals, from your Triangle of life, shall help build a beautiful foundation.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

3 Needs of purpose : Purpose 2 – Growth

Today's Tip - 3 Needs of purpose : Purpose 2 – Growth

Wealth is the amount of time one can go without a money recouping income. You have two options for this: A) Save enough money to sustain your life for a prolong period of time. This is done by figuring out what your total amount of expenses are plus any leisure expenses you may encounter. Of course your emergency money is being built up in your “Security Need”. This gives you some comfort level, though remember that your Security Need is used only when there are no other methods of money. If you run out of money, start recouping as to keep away from your Security.

B) investing your money into “Assets”. Creating opportunities through Asset growth causes your money to work 24 hours a day while you are living your life. This also helps a person “Budget Their Time” so they can work on living their dreams. Assets are designed to earn a person wealth. When you learn to reinvest assets into other assets you'll be on your way to designing an empire of possibilities. The advantage to working with Assets is your money will constantly grow, where as saving money will dwindle in time.

Saving recouped income is all about working hard. Investing starts with a few dollars plus your time. Create investing opportunities by distributing 20% of your earnings over expenses into your “Growth Need”. This is a great start to help solidify your “Triangle of Life” with any money placed into your Growth Need. Protecting one third of your eggs into a venture will insure a good start to longevity. Everything comes into place when you begin setting up Assets with your Growth Need. With your “Security Need” existing as a contingency plan, you'll be safe to take chances.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

3 Needs of purpose : Purpose 1 – Security

Today's Tip - 3 Needs of purpose : Purpose 1 – Security

Fear is created through worry. Worry comes from being unaware of what could happen. Controlling what could happen by having a backup plan helps take control over that worry, which leads to fear of action. “The Act of Doing” is one hard thing to accomplish. Reason why? Fear. Controlling fear starts with creating a genuine “Security”. Your 3 Needs of Purpose are made up of Security, Growth, and Dream. Learning to diligently place 20% of all money earned over expenses into this Need will surely help create a stable ground for your ventures.

Placing money into your Triangle of Life's Security Need allows you a little more freedom to take chances. Since you are placing your money into three Needs of Purpose, all your eggs will be okay if one third of them fall. Safety comes from keeping all your money away from one big attempt. Organize your finances through budgeting 20% into Security, Growth, and your Dream. Once this money is in your Security Need, continue placing 20% each month. As it grows so will your freedom. You'll also notice your Wealth growing.

Wealth is the amount of time one can go without a money recouping income. Think of your security as money you only touch when you have absolutely no money whatsoever. Going to the movies is far from “whatsoever”. Control your Impulse purchases while sticking to your Financial Budgeting. Your most desired need should be control over your life. It starts with this Need 1 of 3 to help direct, control and motivate your purpose! Keep reminding yourself, everyone has 20%. Zero is always Zero after a year, while $0.05 cents is $0.60 cents over a year. It sure does add up.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

3 Needs of purpose : Financial Budgeting

Today's Tip - 3 Needs of purpose : Financial Budgeting

Think of income as fuel. The more fuel you have the longer you can move forward. Do you need a lot of money? We like to think money is more of a want than a need. When dealing with life you want to earn/acquire wealth. Money is something you can spend, lose, or recoup. Wealth grows 24 hours a day while you live your life. It's always earning while continuing to strengthen. Invest your wealth into more wealth to help solidify that process. Since most people start off with limited money or in debt, work into your life a budget to help bring opportunity your way.

The secret to wealth is spend less than you save. It's that simple. Learn how to control your impulses. That's where budgeting your financial life first comes into play. Most people have “needs”, yet when dealing with “Needs” and “Wants” remember the difference. There are only 4 needs in a person's life; Sleep, Food, Shelter, and Emotion. Everything else is a want. Though we call the three sides of your Triangle of Life “needs”, we are representing the needs to success, and less a meaning of needs to ones life to live.

Once you can control your impulses for your wants then control your credit cards and loans. If you find yourself using a credit card this means you are spending outside your budget. Spending outside your budget is a sure sign you have spent more than you are saving. This becomes a cycle of digging a hole too deep to climb out of. There is always a solution to fill that hole back up and create security in your life. Taking control sooner than later will open more doors for possibility while giving you opportunities in your life.

Once you learn to control your impulse place that energy into saving 20% of your Income over expenses into each of the 3 Needs of Purpose; Security, Growth, and your Dream. Earning $1,000 a month against an expense of $500 equals $500 left over. Place 20% of $500, which is $100, in to Security. Placing another 20% ($100) into Growth. Then finally into your Dream Purpose, leaving $200 left over. Creating opportunities starts with 20%. One may not always have $300 to save, but one will always have 20% to place into each Need of Purpose.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3 Needs of purpose : Budgeting Your Time (Personal / Business / People)

Today's Tip - 3 Needs of purpose : Budgeting Your Time (Personal / Business / People)

Success comes from knowing your value, where that value is placed and your ability to control that value. Your “3 Needs of Purpose” is one side of your “Triangle of life”. This side helps guide your direction, fuel your motivation. Everyone should allow themselves these 3 needs; Security, Growth, and your Dream. Looking inward at these needs you'll see your Purpose.

Outside of those needs you will find yourself learning to “Budget” both your Time and Financial situation. When dealing with budgeting your Time you have three areas of control; Personal, Business (earning of wealth or recouping money), and People. Giving too much time to any one of these areas could throw you off balance. So find what works best for you. Even workaholics need personal time or they'll rarely get a chance to recharge their mind.

We are given 24 hours a day. 8 of those hours are dedicated to a good nights sleep. Another 8 hours we willingly give to a full time job, if you have one. Which leaves you with 8 more hours of free time to run around with. What about drive time? How about the time you give to eating food, washing, getting dressed? How about working out? When you add up all the little things you do to get your day started you'll notice you have around 3 hours of self time. This is time you give to yourself to watch TV, relax, hang out with friends, etc.

Focus that energy and time into direction. The purpose of success, and your “Triangle of Life”, is to open up your day into what your body naturally wants to do. Which is live a 28 hour day. Most people if given the freedom to do as they please gravitate towards a 28 hour day routine. How do we give ourselves that kind of time? By allowing your Triangle of Life to create wealth. Wealth will give you financial freedom. Your 3 Needs of Purpose will go over how to start that venture.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

S.M.A.R.T. Goals; Brainstorming and research

Today's Tip - S.M.A.R.T. Goals; Brainstorming and research

S.M.A.R.T. Goals are excitingly fun but where to start? Your dream is a great place. What is it you want to accomplish in your life? Is there somewhere you want to go, or something you want to do for a living? Is there one thing you would like to do before you lose your chance to accomplish it? This is your beginning. When you figure out these questions you've started your journey forward, even if only mentally at this point. Get a piece of paper and pen to do the following. Brainstorm a list of ideas.

Writing down things, like a bucket list, can truly help develop the start of an amazing S.M.A.R.T. Goal List. Getting the big ideas down on paper of what you would like to do is fun. Buy a new home, meet the right girl, make some money, see France. These are all wonderful dreams or Long Term Goals that could help you start your journey into the next level of your life. Anyone of these ideas, including your ideas, are possible with a little effort, guidance, and motivation. Your guidance is the S.M.A.R.T. Goal, your effort is to do, and your motivation is set up by your will to succeed.

Now for your Short Term Goals. Look at what you wrote down for your Long Term Goals and work out another list. What should you be doing to accomplish Long Term Goals? Just write random ideas. There are only right answers since you can mark off anything you place down on the paper. Think obvious ideas first then jump into abstract thinking. Allow yourself to feel free when exploring any outcome. You need only find other smaller goals to see your Long Term Goals come to life. Once your paper is filled up, start shrinking your page down and organizing it. Before you know it you'll be finishing your list up and starting a new one or adding to the old one. Make things happen all the while researching your paths.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

S.M.A.R.T. Goals; Organizing your goals (1, 5, and 10 year)

Today's Tip - S.M.A.R.T. Goals; Organizing your goals (1, 5, and 10 year)

Your first year of goals extend to your time of success. It takes anyone 365 days of working everyday to see their success come to life. This is done through your 3 Needs of Success: Networking, Marketing, and Practicing. This is your first side, which helps create momentum inside your Triangle of Life. This is the year you start setting your foundation down to insure a continuous success in your life. This is your first year of many to come. Like a strong base, or home, you set the foundation then build upon it walls. Those structures are all within your Triangle of Life.

After your first year you'll begin looking into your fifth year. Designed to build wealth, your fifth year is taking your foundation and adding the sheetrock, electrical, and of course ceilings. So that when you are ready to paint, add the doors and fit in your windows everything will be ready to be set in perfectly. Start concentrating on your 3 Needs of Purpose. This side of your Triangle of Life protects, supports and drives your success to infinite levels. Over the course leading to your fifth year you will find increased revenue that filters all your purposeful needs.

Once you have solidified your first five years into a working habit you'll start down the path of your tenth year goal. By the end of your tenth year you should have finally become wealthy. While organizing everything you've been doing into a structured company state of mind you'll be living in the black of earning wealth. Take control of your life, make things happen through investing over these ten years while maintaining a strong habit of running your life like a business. The more organized you are, the better your “house” will stand. Set your windows and doors and live!