Monday, October 31, 2011

Today's Tip – Enjoy the holidays, even though you are working;

The best part about the holidays are the parties!!! P.A.R.T... Why? Because the bring in all the people you've been around this whole year. It is about enjoying yourself, others around you and letting people know you appreciate what they have done in this time. Embrace these times to find comfort in your hard work leading to these celebratory days. Today is Halloween, dress up, dance, laugh and smile.

While at these parties, or gatherings you'll meet new people that you've not met before. So, have your cards on you, talk with them not to them. This is a great opportunity to work your TAC: The Art of Conversation to build, or solidify relationships. Everything we've tipped your way can be truly applied. Every large gathering is not just to let yourself go but to take steps forward into a world you wish to live deeply within.

Other than the 29th of Feb-r-u-ary... you are working 365 days a year just to make your career come alive! Try to stay focus and don't get too wasted out there. Stay focused enough to see your actions. It would be wise not to make a great impression then fudge it up with out of your mind nonsense. Take control of your future with your present. A present of this once in a life time opportunity! Oh, and have fun dressing up!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Today's Tip – Here is the difference between a Hobby and a Habit;

I bet you didn't know that did you? Well maybe you did know that but even so it's good to be reminded of these types of things from time to time. A Hobby is something you do to relax or only to have fun and a habit is something you do over and over. Hobbies are good, so are Habits. Which is your career to you? Or what you think of as your career.

It might be hard for you to say for certain. You enjoy what you do, you like the people you do it with and most of all you like the fun, or so we hope. Could be this is only a hobby for you. Nothing wrong with that, nothing evil or sinister. Just don't expect to become some famous rock star or have a sit com on television. It's as likely to happen as getting hit by a whale on dry land. Now if you want to change that hobby of yours into a career then you will have to make it a habit, and not a bad one. Not like nail biting or rampant alcoholism. You need to do the same things over and over again in order to be successful in anything, this is where habits come in. I'm certain you have heard how the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well its true, and you should make that work for you. Do the right things over and over again and expect the same results that others have achieved. That's it, pretty simple If you ask me. Do the right thing, do it consistently, and do it well.

Pretty basic idea there isn’t it. Simple yet effective is best in my book. I'm a fairly simple person I'm also very effective at what I do. Right down to my extreme monkey training skills and vaudeville act.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Today's Tip – Stop looking for your big break;

A 1 in a Million shot is not worth waiting for. Work hard for what you want, if that shot happens while you are working hard, great... be PROACTIVE! That inner push will secure success through your own doing. In the end, when you do become successful, you will appreciate it a lot more than if it were just handed to you. Does that one in a million chance happen often? Yeah, about one in a million... Don't rely on it happening. If it does, than embrace it and continue working hard to maintain it.

Truth be told, life is hard when you don't do as you wait. The more you put into something you want to do the more you will get back out of it. Want more business, get people knowing about you by going out there. Want to make your band huge, hold up a sign to let people know you are around. Want to be the next famous comedian? Who doesn't! Just go out there and do what is needed to make things happen. I've said it a thousand times about the 3 needs for success... now use them.

I was once told if you perform on stage you will become successful. I disagree. What I do agree with is, if you are on stage, and you do all your hard work while making people know about your stage performance then something can come from it. I've always enjoyed hearing people say “If I just keep getting on stage great things will happen.”. Well, I say things like “If I can get the right people to see me on stage I can make things happen.” NETWORK AND MARKET! It is okay to tell people to come see you perform, especially if you have been keeping in communication with them and build that relationship... Just sayin... I don't make this stuff up!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Today's Tip – Mistake – How long do I wait around to start getting my career going? - Instantly!;

Don't let the mentality of “I have not mastered my craft” hold you back. You still need to network and market yourself way before your practicing can master your craft. Get your name out there so when you are ready it'll be easier. Making a step into success doesn't start with being successful. It doesn't start with being perfect at your craft. It starts from the beginning. This is where everything pays off. Your career, or path in life, will go smoother if you jump into action at the start.

Networking, Marketing, and Practice all have to work together in unison. Being on stage, or even making money at something you want to do, is not necessarily how it starts out. That is your ending goal, then your next goal starts... maintaining that level of success, followed by increasing your success. It is never about being on stage, or making money. Not in the beginning. Success comes from The 3 Needs of Success.

Work on getting your name out there. Let people know you exist in this line of business. Maybe not so much letting them know you are good or bad at it, but that you are around. Befriend people. Support what others are doing in your line of work and learn from them, while establishing connections. All the while practicing what is it you wish to do, while mastering your Networking and Marketing skills. One step, each step, every step is one closer to being further ahead than you were. Baby steps to success...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today's Tip – Knowing the right person;

“My cousin knows this person who can help me do _________”. Well then, what are you doing standing around here? Get to know that person, connect with them and make things happen.

There is an old saying “It's about who you know...”. This is true. What's not mentioned is that you have to build these relationships properly. Don't use them, befriend them. Take steps, small ones as you take your 3rd party relationship to another level. You may be related to someone in your desired business but this does not guarantee it to be a successful relationship. Grow these relationships as we have taught before - with TAC; The Art of Conversation.

You have to keep in touch with people. Don't just say hi, as if that's all it takes. Follow ups and call backs make a huge difference. A wonderful follow up is always sending something special on a certain day. Know their holidays, birthdays and even anniversaries. A nice email, or post card is a great way to keep in their light. Also, it doesn't hurt to send an email once a month as a “hello, hope all is well... I noticed you were doing... all the success to that...” You'll figure it out from there.

Knowing someone is not being their friend. Make friends, make nice, and always support what THEY are doing. It is important for you to do that so they pay notice to what YOU are doing. I like to offer support in other ways outside your normal “good luck buddy!”. I offer to help, for free. Giving your time is worth more to them, then asking for money. Plus, it gives you a chance to Network among new crowds. Keep pushing forward, I have faith in you and so should you!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Today's Tip – Open that mic up!;

Looking to get into your craft? Go to an open mic. Poet, comedian, musician, actor, business-person... go to an open mic and let it out on stage, or walk around networking and marketing yourself... Open mics are good to open a door.

Microphones on stages make changes! If you are an entertainer get out there on a stage. Not that performing will be a guide to your success, but what comes from being on a stage, or near it. Break your cherry of not being on stage, make friends and get use to being in front of a ton of... okay ten people. Networking, Marketing and Practice, you need all three of these things to make something happen in your career. Of course why a business person? Because you breaking your fear of talking in front of groups will help you in meetings or dealing with new clients. Just go on stage and talk to the crowd. You don't have to be funny, just mingle your words among them.

An advantage to jumping on an open mic night opens doors into a club/venue you might not have been able to get into yet. Plus, you get stage time to workout your kinks in whatever act it is. Get all you can out of your night making an entrance into a new path. Don't mistake this time as your time, it is your time to make it everyone else time. Networking is about other people. Utilize all your opportunities during these trips to an open mic. If you are getting into performing, or you have been performing for many years, still learn from the room. Don't just use it for time on a stage. Really practice what it is you are doing in this business... YOUR BUSINESS!

What is an open mic night? It is an open call for entertainers to come to a club/venue. Don't forget this is a double sided effort. A venue is looking to build their clientele both through entertainers coming and their fan-base/friends. Yes, they are giving you a chance to be seen, stage time and some avenues to get your name out there, but don't forget to give them some respect back! Promote their open mic night and bring some people if you can. Buy a drink, or do whatever you can to help that venue out. Most of all, have FUN!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Today's Tip – Not getting things done? Don't blame the other person;

Stop throwing the lack of effort on others. If you want this you have to make it happen. Who cares if you are putting more effort into it, if you want it, you do it. People are not here for you, they are here for them and don't let THEM slow YOU down.

Discouragement comes in many forms in this business called life. Sometimes it comes from inside us all, other times from seeing others failing where their strengths don't hold them up. Most often discouragement comes from those we work with not doing their part. It is difficult to work with people in any group when opinions, motivation and dedication are at different levels. At times these other people will fall short of what it is YOU are trying to accomplish. In turn you began to falterer, falling short of your personal goals because of your animosity toward your fellow confidants.

How to overcome this wall before it collapse on you? Stand your ground as you stay vigilante! Remember this one rule; It is your life, so live it. Letting others effect your outcome can push you away from life goals. In a time when those you hoped would be stay focus do not, then take control of your destiny. It is not up to them for you to succeed. It is up to you to make things happen in this life. Let them stay behind if at times they can't keep up with you or their necessary duties. Know your personal goals as a guideline to where and what you must do on a day to day routine.

Look around at people as they want things but do nothing for it. Stay away from this method. DO! A once wise fictional character said; “Do or do not, there is no try!” So do, don't try and do as others don't do. Stopping the do to prove a point or because you are feed up because of others lacking the do will get you nowhere. Move “nowhere” to “Now... Here!” and be in the moment, take the moment and control your moment. Those who fall short as you move forward to see your dreams become goals that turn into success will stay behind as you shine! LIVE YOUR LIFE STRONGLY!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Today's Tip – How do I do what I want to do?;

You just do it. Want to direct, get a script, get actors, get a camera and film. It's only as hard as you make it for yourself. Making money at something is not the same as doing something. You'll never be successful if you are not passionate about it... and/or doing it.

How or where does one start to do what they want to do? They just start doing it. You need to learn how to do it. That right there is half the battle, GO JOE!!! If you want to sing, start singing. Want to act, start acting... Just do it. Make things happen by making things happen. What does not help is thinking about how you cannot do what you want to do. Don't shut your brain off. Turn it on with possibilities. Think of what you want to do and take initiative. Want to write a book? Then start writing a book. It is only as hard as you make it out to be.

There are many avenues out there that allow you to do what you want to do. Now making money at it, that's a different story. Money comes with Networking, Marketing, and Practice. Learning how to get your name out there (Your Product) and getting people interested in what you are doing. Over time you will find it becomes easier to sell what it is you do. Even a job works the same way. You put time and effort into and you start making really good money at your job.

Of course I will always be the first to say that your job, or doing what you want to do to make a living will never brig you wealth. Wealth vanishes. But that's not what we are talking about at this moment. Maybe another time... So... How do you do what you want to do? Get up off your chair and start doing it. The more you do it, the better you will be at and the more you'll shine. One day that hobby will turn into your life's work! You get only one chance at this thing called life, so live it.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Today's Tip – Know what you want;

How can you be passionate about something you don't know what you want. “I want to be successful” is not enough. You must be dedicated to the possibility of what it takes to become successful.

There are a few kinds of people in life. Those who want, those who sit around waiting for it, and those who go get it. A person who wants is nice but they just live with passion filled without chance. The know what they want, they see it and they just are far more cautious than needed. Sitting on the side lines and doing a little here and a little there will never get you to the top. Yes, taking baby steps are important if you continue to take steps forward. People who wait around for it are considered sitters. “If only” will not happen if you don't create the opportunities. Then we have people that want success. These people go out and get it. Taking chances, pushing forward and knowing what their life entails.

There are certain things a successful person needs to do. They need to Network, Market and Practice. This includes taking chances to get to people for Networking, working hard to get your name out there for Marketing all the while Practicing your skills and the two aforementioned necessities. It is a hard business that starts with knowing your direction. Do you really want this? Ask yourself that question. You must work 365 days a year, Network, Marketing and Practice. If you can't handle this truth you have to back away again... but wait... before you go anywhere remember this.

Anything you do in life takes these above work. Any job you get, just to pay your bills, will take this kind of dedication. If you are willing to put this kind of work into something you don't enjoy, why not place all that energy into something you love? Opportunities come up out of nowhere that require you to jump on these once in a life time chances. If is not healthy to y our success to kind of do something until success hits. I live by a few rules, but these are two of my favorites; “There are no walls, only solutions” and “Make things happen by making things happen”. Now go out there and create your possibilities in a life YOU WANT TO LIVE! Bring your dreams to reality!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today's Tip – Broadcast yourself, using different formats to communicate with your fans;

How many times have you watched some of those regular YouTube broadcasts? How about Webcasts? Or Skits? I can think of some of each that I watch. I watch Fluffee Talks on YouTube the guy makes me laugh. Then there is Julian Smith that guy cracks me up too. I can watch the waffle skit everyday, and I still laugh about it.

First, a nice plug. We run a show every Tuesday from 7pm to 10pm EST you can find us at so by all means come watch us. We have commentary on some current events, we talk to entertainers and special guests. We play games. It's a fun time and during the show we play music from people who work with us and allow local entertainers to plug their upcoming shows. So come take a look. Perhaps some notes. You can do this too. Then there is the video skits like Fluffee Talks on YouTube, he does commentary on whatever he feels like it seems to me. I laugh and well. That’s is what matters to me and likely to all of his 615,000 viewers. He gets his message out to a lot of people. Same with Julian Smith he reaches thousands of people. Sometimes he does songs and sometimes skits. Again, I laugh and that’s all that matters. Bands do this as well, comedians too. So let me ask why aren't you doing this as well.

Then there is the Blog, your reading one right now. For us its a way to get a message out to people we hope will like what they read and give us a call for some specific help. We can help you know we help many people already since opening our offices. We have two bands we are doing 90-day marketing with and a Signed musician for an overall development plan. Four scripts we are working on with the writers. Plus, we are currently writing articles for several companies while they get there bloggers lined up. Website development video editing and we have Photographers, who do head shots for our clients. Then there are our own internal projects such as the Toys for Tots show we are trying to get set up, and the Laughter is the cure project. We keep busy here.

Today's tip is this. Call us and set up an appointment to find out how we can help you. We are based on Long Island NY. If you're looking to just laugh at us and our guests making fools of themselves, then come on over to on Tuesday and just have a good time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today's Tip – Advice is not always advice;

If you ask someone how to make it and they tell you “Just keep getting on stage”, they are not giving you advice. They are just telling you to practice. That's not advice, that is a necessity. In fact, it is one of the 3 Needs of Success; Networking, Marketing and Practice. So when you finally learn the system of any business “pay it forward” of any information you learned. Help one another with real advice. Like, how you got to know a certain person. Or, what does one do to prepare material. Even better, how you keep in contact with people that have helped you.

The business of taking advice is just as important as the business of giving advice. Our success has open a door to others trying to make it as well. I feel this holds two sides to it. 1) Listen to advice given. You don't always have to take it, but it is nice to listen to it. You never know what you'll get from it today, tomorrow or in the future. Some times the full advice doesn't hit you correctly but a small part of it might change your life... if you allow yourself to absorb it. 2) Learn to give proper advice and not just wave someone off. Working together, helping one another helps the industry. Give direct advice that you've utilized over your time to success.

What kind of advice have you been looking for as you were going through the motions? As you gain the knowledge of this advice then present to others. Don't hold back, there is plenty of room in entertainment to let others know the deal. People who stay in the light are the people who are hard workers. Knowing how to become successful and doing it are two different things. So it is okay to give advice to everyone. One of the advantages to giving advice to someone is that you are hearing yourself explain this advice. If you listen to what you are saying, or as you are talking to people, you may start to see a new side to that particular advice.

So advise away!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Today's Tip – Overcoming Writer's Block!;

Let's start with avoiding it in the first place. Make your workplace a bit of a temple. Remove distractions from it, no TV, no phone, no kids, pets or anything else that could distract you. I even took the clock out because it ticked. Replace this with things that help motivate you this could be photos of things that remind you of why you write. A letter from a publisher saying they would love to publish your work. Positive reinforcement so you can avoid the block in the first place.

Other things you should do before the giant block gets its claws into you.
1. Exercise is good for you, us writers are fairly sedentary in our lives and getting the blood flowing is good for you and your brain power.
2. Get plenty of sleep don't burn yourself out by pushing it keep to a schedule when possible.
3. Eat good food, not junk food. Greasy heavy foods will make you tired. Eat healthy, the fuel you put in your body is important.
4. Write everyday no matter what happens.
5. Listen to people around you for inspiration. Everywhere you go listen to conversations, keep a notebook handy.
6. Get out and do things. Don't let yourself become home bound your ideas could dry up, get out and experience life so you can write about it.
7. When you do go out take a camera, a picture can be worth a thousand words after all.

Oh no, it's too late the dreaded writers block beast has already struck and now.. all you can see is the void that used to hold your imagination, and all of your words have been sucked into it. Try some of these ideas to pull yourself away from the brink.

1. Whatever it is that you are stuck on, shove it in a drawer. Work on something, anything else.
2. Go get some coffee and focus on one single thing.
3. Take the topic you're working on and then brainstorm. Get a blank sheet of paper and just start writing on it with a pen or pencil. No keyboards it helps break the pattern you are in.
4. Stop trying to write and just write about anything at all. I have my serious writing, and I have my goofy blog where I basically rant and rave about whatever.
5. Look around your workplace for things that will inspire you. That's why you set it up that way after all.
6. Remove expectations don't worry about grammar or voice and just start writing. You can go back and edit later. Chances are you will laugh at what you wrote that's alright it will help.
7. Anything that pops in your head write it down on that piece of paper. Even if you can't use it for the current project it could inspire you for another.
8. If you're stuck on one part, skip it and move to another this is especially useful when chapters jump between two or more characters.
9. Any questions you have about the story you are writing. Look them all up.
10. Instead of plot development work on the characters, their history and background. You can also build on the world you are working in order to help get past the block.
11. Go back and read everything you wrote so far and it may help you pick up your thoughts.
12. Don't give up!

That's it, now go write about Zombie Barbie or some scary Garden Gnomes and break the pattern.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Today's Tip – Communication skills and you, does and don'ts to help you on your way;

So you have some small ideas on where to start but could use a few actual examples to help you on your way. Sounds fair to me. Remember good communication skills help your relationships grow and bad ones make it wither to dust. Practice makes perfect, or as close as possible.

Lets start with making judgments or what is perceived as. Being judgmental is saying “I am right and you suck.” These are taken as attacks or criticism and do not help your cause. “You are wrong” is, well rude. Might be true but it will not help you with the problem you are discussing. If you change the “You” part and make it “I” and add in how you feel about it like “I am angry.” Saying someone is wrong is unhelpful and will cause an argument, however saying I am angry cant be argued since they cant tell you how you feel about something. So stick with how you feel when going over a conflict, find common ground and you will get through it. No blame placing. Now get to the idea what is the problem, “I am angry because XXX happened, what can we do to fix this.” see that word “we”. Now your in it together and no one feels attacked.

Here are some other important things to remember about communicating. Pay attention when people speak to you, face them and show you are doing so. That’s both verbal and nonverbal and makes a better connection. When they are done ask questions about what they said so they can be sure you were listening its not an AH HA moment but they notice it even if only subconsciously. Ask for information and ask when you are giving direction this keeps them from feeling inferior. Offer advice, don't just give it there is a huge difference between “You should do it this way.” Versus “What do you think of trying this?” See the difference in that? Say it out loud if you need to. Keep a sense of humor laugh and be yourself, there is no need to come up with a different persona unless you decide that's who you want to become.

Remember to practice this, its so very worth your time!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Today's Tip – Communicating with more then just words – Body language and nonverbal cue's;

Part of having great communication skills involves picking up on nonverbal cue's. You know what I'm talking about even if you are not aware of it. Rolling your eyes when people say something stupid is an easy example for you to think about.

When sending txt messages and emails its important to be very specific in what you are writing so it cant be misinterpreted by others. Letting people read something into it that you didn’t mean is a sure way to cause problems. Part of the reason being they cant see you to use the nonverbal cue's you project to convey humor, irritation, playfulness etc. We have slightly overcome this through adding cute little :) or goofy things like ROTFLMAO or one of my favorites when I don’t want people to think I'm kidding (•͡. •͡┌П┐ none of which are appropriate for a business contact. You can run into the same problem when speaking on the phone just not as badly since there they can at least hear your tone of voice.

All of this so you will understand just what type of impact your conversations have. Your best bet is always a face to face conversation with whomever it is you need to speak with. You can see and feel what they are saying to you. You can tell when they are exaggerating or lying. You can have much more useful interactions face to face then you could ever have using the internet, Facebook, email or a phone call. I'm a huge fan of getting in the room with a person, I can do anything if I’m face to face I could sell them stock in my new moon base. If you want some land on the moon call to set up an appointment so we can talk face to face. Start watching how people act when they talk, do they cross their arms? Lean back or forward? Do they place things between you to maintain distance. Can they make eye contact? There are so many things we can pick up on. If you start to pay more attention to this you will be able to negotiate much better.

You can learn this, it can be taught. Self taught or actually taught. You already do a lot of it on an instinctual level. Doubt me? <rolls eyes> ok well your loss. :) <LMAO>

Friday, October 14, 2011

Today's Tip – Verbal Communication – More than just opening your mouth;

*This is not so much TAC: The Art of Conversation, but understanding Verbal Communication...*

Speaking to people you don't know is difficult for most people. They become nervous and worried that they won't make a good impression. Worry less about the impression you might not make and realize that the person you are speaking to is likely just as nervous as you are talking to someone new.

Preparing for this can be somewhat done, a little preparation can make the act of starting a conversation easier on your nerves. Just like you, they are meeting someone for the very first time. Neither of you know anything about each other. No idea about hobbies or interests, no knowledge of pet peeves or odd quirks. You could have mutual friends or maybe were introduced through a mutual friend. Maybe you go to the same gym or the same coffee shop. Already you have so many things you two can talk about it's a bit less scary now isn't it. So now you're thinking that’s way to much information. N where do I start?

Here is where you start. Get some easy to remember ice breaker type questions. An ice breaker is something to help you jump-start a conversation. Once the conversation starts to move along just remember to ask questions about what the other person has said to you. This helps you to create a bond and sends the relationship with this person down the path to friendship. Here are some general questions to ask in case you are really swinging in the breeze so far as what to do.

Is your week going well?
Where do you work?
What do you do there?
Have you been working there along time?
Do you like it?
What type of music do you like?
What’s your favorite artist or band?
What are your hobbies?
Do you play any sports?
Where are you from?

To many questions? Well then just pick a few and remember to listen to the person you are speaking with, their answers this will allow you to ask follow-up questions and the conversation will just flow from there naturally without having to resort to more mundane questions. So get out there and start talking to people.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today's Tip – Speaking with others is simple – Open up and say it;

Speaking with others is simple – Open up and say it;

Many people are nervous about speaking in public, if you are one of them let me just say that you're all being silly. Humans are social creatures. They crave that interaction, but because of certain factors become shy and withdrawn. For more information visits, any website and once again fail to interact with others in a meaningful way. You see what I did there right?

Starting and maintaining a conversation is really not a difficult thing. The difficulty comes in when you start to let your own mind work against you. “What if they don't like me.” It will throw your whole life into the gutter... I really can picture the Uni-bomber being someone like that at some point and who wants to go through life wearing a hooded sweatshirt and out of date eye wear. Think instead “What if they do like me.” Or better yet just ignore that voice in you're head. People are people stop giving into your fears and get yourself out there. This is the first step in a long trip on learning to communicate well with others. It falls under the heading of 'practice' the more you work on it the better you become. Once you get to the point that you aren't terrified to speak to new people then you can work on the other areas of communication. Avoid stuttering and drooling on yourself is a good example. OK so the drooling part should be controllable fairly easily, but I'm certain you know exactly what I mean.

Set a goal for yourself everyday. I started with I will talk to five new people today. Moved on to I will speak with three people in every place I go. Now years later I don't have a goal. I speak with everyone and sometimes everything, for example. I have a very nice conversation with a potted plant now. So set a goal for yourself and then be sure to meet it. Become used to speaking with people so that you aren't nervous anymore this will make you more confident, and then you will be ready for the next step in your communications journey.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today's Tip – Take me to your leader – Basic communication skills;

Take me to your leader – Basic communication skills;

Basic communication is as simple as pointing and grunting at things. Hopefully, you are capable of a bit more than that already, but you can never be sure until you see it happen. With that in mind the next few days will be all about communicating in a positive manner with your fellow primates.

So what is communication? It is getting meaningful information across to your intended target. This can be through verbal, as in speaking, Non verbal, as in body language and written, which would include art and yes, in my case, stick figures. Verbal communication is just what it sounds like, speaking, also grunting would be included here. Non verbal covers everything from body language to mimes. Written is anything marked down in some manner such as cave drawings to blogging.

Verbal communication involves much more than just blathering away at the person you're speaking with. It involves what's referred to as active listening, or attentive listening. It all comes down to the same thing though, being able to listen more than talk. Non verbal is much more than waving your arms around to make a person stop or miming a phone call with your hands. Or for that matter, Miming in general we try to avoid that. Written is more than the words we use or the art we make it's a way to get past many of the barriers placed by verbal limits and non verbal. Without spelling grammar and punctuation thought it simply becomes so much noise. Before Martin Luther King Jr “Had a Dream.” He had a pen and paper out. Before John F. Kennedy could “ask not what your country can do for you.” He had a pen and paper out. Effective written communication in this day and age is easily one of the most important factors in your daily lives even if you aren't aware of it.

So spend the next few days here reading along as I put pen to paper and help you learn a bit about how you can improve your communication skills. I will of course add some humor in just to keep you from napping.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Today's Tip – Best friends for life;

Best friends for life; It is all about you... but make it all about them. The more they feel you care about them and the less you talk about you, the stronger and faster the relationship will be and grow. Only talk about you when they ask you, otherwise it is about them. Don't be the “Upper” also known as the “1 Up Person”. They tell a story and you respond with “Oh yeah, me too. This one time...”. Bad tactics start with bad habits.

Listening is a big part of TAC. It is always about them so it can eventually get back to you. Your best friend is your best friend because you are there for THEM, and you listen to THEM, and you protect THEM. People who talk about themselves are look at as selfish or annoying. Though, to befriend a person you have to ignore that factor. If you want them to except you than listen to all their self exploitation without judging. It will turn around and become an open floor for you as time progresses.

The idea is to become best friends for life. It takes time and some effort of calm on your part. Don't be the person always trying to 1 up the story. If someone says something about a subject don't respond with your story that adds to their story, or takes the attention off of them and onto you. In fact, how about you stop thinking about what you are going to say while they are talking and just listen to what they are saying. It is not about YOU... well, for now at least. You want this person to like you, so give them respect enough to know you care.

Don't feel like you are on deck for the next at bat and you're just waiting for your turn to hit the ball. It is not always about you hitting the ball. It is about winning the game. This game can only be won by getting runs. Runs are brought in by having people on base. You don't want to be that one hitter who always gets home-runs while no one is on base do you? It is about being that person on base who gets brought in by the next hitter. Or staying in the game and getting to third to help fill up the bases for that big grand-slam. Bad tactics start with bad habits, break the habits by giving a little to others when it comes to your ear...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Today's Tip – Why to say it... Confidence;

Why to say it... Confidence; You've set goals already, but know your goals and be confident in what you are looking to accomplish with this conversation. A goal gives you direction, now be confident in what you are asking for.

A goal in what you are looking for is important but so is research. Research gives you knowledge of a situation. The more knowledge you have the more confident you can be in any given situation. Because you'll forfeit that feeling of confusion. Once you've found your direction you'll now need to understand why you are doing what it is you've chosen to do. This is your future and thus you must put time into it. If you care enough it'll make sense.

Don't just go up to someone looking for a “gig”, and talk with them until it comes up in conversation. Know why you want a gig. Are you just trying to perform or is there something you want to get out of it from them and yourself? One show, are you trying to become a regular, and if so you have to plan that out. It changes Why you are saying it, and how you are saying it. What can you bring to this person, what can they bring to you? See, there is a lot going on just for a small little gig. You are not just performing once, it has to become something more.

So if you know your direction in detail you'll be able to bring that confidence into that conversation. The person you are talking with will see it in you, and feel more obligated to work with you. WHY? Because people like confident people. Ask a woman what she likes about a man... other than being funny, they like a man being confident. Same goes for a man, well other than a nice body... They like women being confident about themselves. So that goes for work situations too. Know WHY YOU ARE SAYING IT and have the information filled in your head. Know in detail.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Today's Tip – When to say it... Befriend;

When to say it... Befriend; Learn to be seen, and befriend people. They will more likely talk with you before you talk with them. Get to shows, or events and just mingle with people. Get to know the owners and never talk business with them. Just talk with them.

Part of TAC is getting out there to people. I have a nice rule about “Going out gets you in front of possibilities”. Every time I've gone out, even if just for food, I've met someone. You never know who they are or who they know. You just have to bring opportunity to yourself all time. And one of those opportunities comes from hanging out around venues or places of interested in your particular field of choice. That is why you should plan out a weekly itinerary for what's going on out there.

When people see you, their brains take over and memorize who you are. Maybe not your name, but your face. I normally go to places in the same outfit. Which is usually my stage outfit for comedy, dress clothes for acting, and my darker look for music. Why? Because they can recall a familiar memory of you before trying to figure out who you are. Everything is a weapon in my arsenal of making something happen. Have skills, know your skills and work your skills. TAC being one of them.

So now you are showing up to these establishments on a regular bases. As you do this, utilize your three TAC skills. How to say it, When to say it, and Why to say it... Network among these people. The owners, patrons, guests, employees and even the other talent there. This strategy will help you build a friendship with anyone and everyone working there. That's the point, is to build relationships with people so that you can build solid friendships. The more they see you, the more it shows you care about what is going on in their lives, their company.

In closing, remember to not over work yourself, always set up a schedule. As long as you see these people once a month you are good to go. But if you show up to their place and they are not there, you are out of luck. That time doesn't count. So make sure you know their schedule, and make it yours.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Today's Tip – How to say it... Jury Talk;

How to say it... Jury Talk; Quick answers. Don't give away everything.

“Jury Talk” is one of my favorite ways to control a conversation. You always want your targeted person to feel like THEY are moving any conversation with you along, since it is, after all, “about them”. You want it quick and to a direct point. A point that leads to them asking another question. Like, setting someone up for a checkmate, or triple jump in checkers. Don't be drone or robotic about it. Have a personality to your answers. Just know why you answered the way you did and allow them to pull out of you... What you ultimately want out of them.

A simple example of jury talk.

Person - “How are you?”
You - “I'm doing very well.”
Person - “What brings you here?”
You - “Just came to check out a show.”
Person - “You like comedy?”
You - “Sure do!”
Person - “Are you a comedian?”
You - “I am indeed.”

Believe it or not, it does come up. They will always ask you who you are and what you do at some point. It doesn't feel like it, but I've done it a million times, and so can you. I've even done it with witnesses there while I was practicing may TAC! Keep it short so you can let them continue asking questions. When people feel they are in control they are more interested in knowing about you. Less pressure on their end. When you answer questions ending in a question of your own you are now placing them under a spot light. If you ramble on, or go deeper into a subject from their question you take away from them and cause them to either A) Get bored or B) Feel like you are just gloating. The whole point of jury talk is to keep them in your presence as long as possible so that they feel a bond with you.

You're trying to gain a friend in moments with a person who can help you get something for your time. Think of it this way. When you meet someone and they become your best friend what do say to other people about them? You say things like; “My best friend really listens to ME.”, “They are always there for ME.” “I can trust them!” So far it has nothing to do about them, it is all about you. They are YOUR best friend. You are not saying things like; “My best friend really lets me listen to THEM.”, “I love how I can always be there for THEM!”. It's always about what you get from YOUR friend. So don't you think it is like that in return? It is, and the more someone feels like you are listening to THEM, the more they will care about you. So Jury Talk it up!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today's Tip – Why to say it... Direction;

Why to say it... Direction; Set small goals and accomplish your mission.

We went over how to say it and when to say it so now we need to know Why to say it. Why to say it is as it says... Why to say it. It is direction. This comes down to your goal setting abilities in any one situation. Even talking with a potential girl/guy for a date. You need to know why you are going over there. It will bring confidence into your mind, and show in your body language. So once you know why you are talking to someone, you can now attack little goals within itself.

It is important that you have an ultimate goal and smaller set up goals. An example; I want to get into this show for free and meet the owners to befriend them. That is your ultimate goal. You need smaller goals to get to there. Using the other two TAC abilities; how to say it and when to say it, you can jump into any situation as long as you top it off with direction... Why to say it! Think before you move in for the attack. Your first smaller goal should obviously be “what to do to get a conversation started?”. That is goal 1 of many. Each situation is different so you'll have to work that out on a case by case bases.

Of course if you take into consideration all the other tips you've been reading for the last 40 plus days, you will understand researching is important in helping you with TAC. Each skill of TAC can be taught to anyone, but it takes practice to help you really master it. Since TAC is a primary function of one of the three needs for success; Networking, it is imperative that you learn how to execute this skill. Try working out “why to say it...” on people in your everyday life. Set small goals of what you want from them and make it happen. You can be great at knowing How to say it, and even better at when to say it, but if you don't know why you are saying it you'll never come to any useful conclusion.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today's Tip – When to say it... Never at a business...;

When to say it... Never at a business...; ask them if they could call them the next day, or may I have a business card here is mine.

Rule of thumb, and not the one from the old days about husbands and wives, but a good rule of thumb is “If you are busy, you don't like being bothered!” so why would anyone else enjoy that? If you see someone busy, don't bother them until they are done. The major understanding of this rule came from dealing with business/venue owners. They are busy, very busy at what they do. What they do is run a business. The last thing they want to deal with is some random unknown person coming up to them and asking for something for themselves.

The secret comes in two fold. First, remember talk with, not to. Second, remember to approach them when they are free of dealing with things. I normally say stay away from venues when there are shows going on unless you are there to talk with people (mingle). It is important to always keep your face in the know. For now, we are working on not bothering people when they are busy. If you truly have to talk to someone about something while they are busy then do this little move...

“Hello, I know you are busy, I would like to set up a good time to call you during the week to talk about (blank).” Please get their name and number and remember our little TIP about “Call Backs”. Call when they say and tell them directly what it is you wanted to talk about. Be confident, and direct. So once all that is said and done it comes down to this simple TIP of Never at a business. Which also breaks down to “If they are busy, then leave them alone or ask to talk on a later date/time.” I know you can do it because you've done it in the past with friends and family. Don't give your self stress or pressure. Trust me, you can make anything happen if you so choose to. Good luck

Monday, October 3, 2011

Today's Tip – TAC WEEK!!! --- How to say it...With, not to;

TAC WEEK!!!! "The Art of Conversation"
How to say it...With, not to; Indirect conversation vs direct conversation.

One of the core rules in TAC: The Art of Conversation, comes down to “How to say it... With, not to”. Indirect conversation is simple. Indirect is when you talk about something such as the weather outside, a color of a room or even how busy it is in that particular venue. Direct conversation (which is talking to a person) is searching for information from a person directly. Asking questions such as “What is your name?”, “Are you the person I would have to talk with about this.”, “Hey could I have a show?” etc, are all examples of talking directly to a person. Know the difference because it will make a difference with YOUR first impression to someone new.

You only get maybe 3-13 seconds for a quick glance of judgment, or about 2-3 minutes for someone to evaluate you when you meet for the first time. In this short time, the other person forms an opinion about you based on your appearance, your body language, your demeanor, your mannerisms, and how you are dressed. You can by-pass this through knowing “How to say it...” If you talk with someone indirectly they are not judging you. Since it is not so much a conversation to them for “something”, or an impression of “wanting something from them”, but more that you just began a genuine conversation with said person about nothing. That's the key, talk about nothing for it will lead to something.

Don't be a monkey in a suit throwing random thoughts around at the wall hoping it all sticks. Just make it simple. Look around to see what's going on in that area, see what is your biggest nothing topic and engage. For practice just talk with random people about nothing. Start up conversation with your supermarket cashier. Even when you get deli in the morning, because who doesn't like a nice yummy egg sandwich, you can start a conversation about nothing with your server. Remember, no one likes being placed into a corner with responsibility... If you ever get confused think about what you like and don't like about being talked “TO”, and how you like to be talked “WITH”. You are a good barometer to make the distinction.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

10.01.2011 - Monthly Newsletter October 2011

Been a busy month for us here at BBR more and more people have discovered just how much we can help them realize their dreams. Martyrd is working closely with us as is Erin Chase. Erin is working on her single now so stay tuned for more on that soon. We have been very successful with MARLH TV web-casts so drop on by every Tuesday from 7-10 pm at You can also follow us at

This Month
We will be holding a free seminar on the 20th, space is limited so call early and reserve your spot starting at 7pm. For more info please call our offices at 631-599-2263. If anyone needs head shots done please make arrangements with us to set up a date here in our offices. As always we can be contacted at

Performers Where?
Tali 'Icepack' Jackson, Oct 13th 7:30-10:30 Easthampton Bowl performing with Charles Neville Comedy courtesy of Key Fitz.

Living Dead Mafia every Saturday 7pm at Mill Pond House.

Also Qualia 7pm every Friday in October

This months special and not so special guests to include. Leigh West, Rose Hunter, Alex Larkin, Members of Martyrd and Tip the Truck assuming they say yes and perhaps the local zookeeper Plus a special appearance by Sock Man.

Tom's Notes
I want to thank our loyal listeners for MARLH TV. And A big thank you to Erin Chase and Martyrd for trusting in our wisdom. As they grow with their fan-base and careers. There have been a many ups since opening our office doors and I look forward to reaching the top of the mountain to continue helping people best we can. If you are interested in coming in to see what BBR Productions can do for you, it is free to sit and talk. Take advantage of it.

Ed's Notes
So another month and another slew of information. Working with Erin is a blast. The MARLH TV show is so much fun to do. Martyrd was a great deal of fun to sit down and talk with. We have 2 more commercial business's working with us now as well as new script sitting in the in-box. All in all a great month past and all signs point to another just starting.

The blog seems to have grown a bit of a following now so keep spreading the news. Thanks for reading! Since it is fundamental.

Next Month
Yet another free seminar as well as weekly MARLH TV shows. Look forward to seeing Erins song “Keep on Breathing” to be released in late October.

Today's Tip – Shows, shows, shows!!! and more shows;

Shows, shows, shows!!! and more shows; Show nothing... What is the value of a show? You must get many things out of a show or what's the point of the show? Practicing is not the most important thing. Remember there is also Networking and Marketing. Plan out your event before the event.

I have a show coming up; How many magazines, radio stations, managers, booking agents, casting directors, etc. did you get in touch with about your show? Zero... every time? No wonder no one has seen you perform and given you your one big chance. Be proactive.

Wow, nice show, great job. Who was that old guy in front? Oh grandpa huh good thing he came out or you would have been all alone in the musical mayhem there huh. So wasn't that a useful bit of your time and effort. You have to advertise what your doing and in order to do that you have to network. Did you do that? Who did you tell, please don't tell me the only thing you did was send up an event on Facebook, I think we had that conversation last week didn’t we? We did yes, I remember yes so time to start making some calls isn't it.

Call up people you've always wished would see you in your “if only” scenario. Have newspapers, radio stations, managers, and anyone else of importance in your business's growth. Remember, they might not come to this show, but now they heard of you. The more things you have going on that you invite them to, the more they will see you are out there getting things done. This will entice them to come out to you and finally see you because you've proven you are putting work into it!

Who to call though, everyone is always a good option. Everyone you know everyone you can everyone someone else knows everyone that is anyone that you could possibly get a hold of is who you should call. Yes I'm serious call and promote yourself. Send out emails and make some phone calls. This way you can have those people come to see you and your awesomeness on stage, screen or street corner. In that last case we don't want to know about it, well maybe someone does just not us. Call radio stations that know you and get a plug in, ask what type of promotional stuff the venue is doing maybe you can add on to that. Get the word out in the local community papers.