Monday, September 14, 2015

Money Management – Cover your expenses

• BBR Productions Inc : Money Management – Cover your expenses

Figuring out a budget creates monthly caps which are based on a monthly average. Normally it is suggested to take 3 months and average them out. However, a full year gives a better overall example of an average monthly budget. By taking the Monthly Average and multiplying it by 3, it sets a cap total for covering expenses up to 3 months.

This money saved is known as a 'Safety Net'. Or total covered expenses. The best way to approach a Safety Net is by maintaining 3 months of capital into a designated account. Always maintain 3 months worth of capital within this account. While any money over expenses can now be placed in 3 other accounts known as the '3 Needs of Purpose' : Security, Growth, and Dream.

Continuing this process helps to grow strength in fueling a long lived company/life. Allow Security to protect calculated opportunities to risk chances. Growth is allocated moneys to place into investments. Stay aware of small investments; Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Intellectual Properties. Then move onto larger investments; Real estate, Businesses, I.O.U.'s, and Commodities.

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