Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Networking with Fans... 'Friends'

• BBR Productions Inc : Networking with Fans... 'Friends'

The word 'Fan' is actually short for 'Fanatic', but they are more than fanatics, they are friends. They can be friends of the 'Brand'. They want to be friends with the Brand. They paid to see, touch, listen, and be in the experience of said Brand. Friends, or rather, guests, of a Brand want to connect on any level with the history, present and future of where it is all going.

Connecting on a more personal level begins with interaction. If at an event, the Brand's event or another Brand's event, be approachable. That attitude gives the friendship an opportunity to connecting in a more personal way. If possible, have an item, or merchandise, to give them. This is so they leave with something to remember the meeting with.

(Free in a Brand's early stages / charge when that Brand earns the right to sell)

Networking is all about building and cultivating relationships, this includes with the following group of people; Friends, Family, Associates, and the audience of said Brand. Making fans feel like friends, without really going out of your way to hangout with them in a too personal way, builds that networking circle as well as a bond with them.

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